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Updated IRON PEGASUS List - October 2013
...From Hard 'n' Heavy to Blackest Black!!!  

New Arrivals from Hell's cauldron...

Updated IRON PEGASUS List - October 2013
...From Hard 'n' Heavy to Blackest Black!!! 
New Arrivals from Hell's cauldron...
Hello Brothers and Sisters, 
New IRON PEGASUS Releases are out: MORTEM/ PENTACLE Split EP including brandnew songs. Also, NEW official MORTEM and PENTACLE Shirts are avaiable now. 
For the Sabbatical Maniacs we have SABBAT's "Evoke" album released as a GATEFOLD LP (Gold Layout version), 15 years after the original Iron Pegasus Vinyl release on PIcture Disc.
Still ihot:
Another SABBAT rarity is made available again, "BLACK UP YOUR SOUL..."! Out on CD (with different layout) and on Gatefold LP and also some Sabbatical Shirts are out. 
"EVOKE", SABBAT's second heaviiiievil studio album, is also re-released on CD with Gold layout and lyrics. Shirts with a classic "Evoke" Design is available, too.
And last but not least, TYRUS on LP. It was the old band from Peter Hobbs before he created HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH. A piece of true Australian Metal history. for fans into early SLAYER, VENOM, METALLICA; etc. 
Additionally, the steamhammers are currently forging steel of finest quality from SADISTIC INTENT, PENTACLEMEGIDDO, UNHOLY LUST  etc... it will still take a while till those releases will be unleashed from hades (the label is currently reorganised and cannons are polished), expect some true killers that will hit you like a sledgehammer. Also, some nice surprises are coming up. More news soon.
Into the Battle..... 
Forever Death to False Metal!
Those who order for over ¬ 100 (excl. postage) can choose an IRON PEGASUS CD (of your choice, or the other ones marked with ***) for free, if you reach 200, then it's 2 CDs and for 300 it's 3 Cds, etc. 
SABBAT "Evoke" Gatefold LP (GOLD Layout Edition) 
(15 years after the original Iron Pegasus Vinyl edition on Picture Disc, now a real LP in beautiful Gatefold Sleeve with Golden Devil/Goat layout is out. SABBAT's second studio album, probably the darkest and most evil recording SABBAT ever did. Incl. "Total Necro...", "Metalucifer & Evilucifer", "Envenom into the Witches Hole",etc)
Blacking Vinyl €15,00
RED Vinyl + LP SIZE OBI (lim. 150) €18,00
ORANGE VINYL + LP SIZE OBI  (lim. 150)  €18,00
Coverdesign in Gold on Front, Logo + Bandphoto in Gold on Back
BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 18 only) GOLD PRINT  €30,00
(S, M, L, XL) 
LP (BLACK) + Shirt €27
LP (RED + OBI) + Shirt €28
LP (ORANGE + OBI) + Shirt €28 
CD + Shirt €23
MORTEM (Peru) /PENTACLE (Netherlands)  "Liquefied Blood of the Saints/ Five Candles Burning Red" Split 7"Inch
(Brandnew material from two of the most faithful and conservative Death Metal bands,  Peruvian Daemons MORTEM and Dutch Ancient Death Metal Panzer PENTACLE. Expect nothing but intense dark and heavy material, beyond the mainstream and without any compromises. High quality EP, incl. insert w/ lyrics)
Classic Black Vinyl €6,00
BLOODRED  (with black marble effect) VINYL:  SOLD OUT
AMBER  VINYL  (US Version)  €8,00 (LAST COPIES!)
MORTEM  "Liquefied Blood of the Saints"bothsided shirt
BLACK SHIRT, Coverdesign on front and woodcut artwork + "Liquefied..." on back  €15,00
BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 25 only)  €30,00
(S, M, L, XL) 
PENTACLE Special Logo-Artwork bothsided shirt
BLACK SHIRT, Special Logo artwork on front and Logo  + "Five Candles..." in Greek letters on back  €15,00
RED SHIRT, Special Logo artwork on front and Logo  + "Five Candles..." in Greek letters on back  €15,00
(lim. 30 only)
BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 20 only)  €28,00
(S, M, L, XL) 
EP (BLACK) + Shirt € 18
EP (AMBER) + Shirt €20 
and still Hot ('n' Heavy):
- SABBAT "Black Up Your Soul"
- SABBAT "Evoke"
- TYRUS (Pre-Hobbs' Angel of Death)
SABBAT "Black Up Your Soul..." Gatefold LP 
(The ultrarare 10th Anniversary Album, finally re-released on CD to make it available again at a fair price.... and released on VInyl format for the very first time. Recorded 1992, lots of old classics for the first time with Temis Omsond on guitar and Zorugelion on drums)
CD € 11,00 (New layout with rare photos, etc)
Blacking Vinyl €15,00
RED VINYL + LP SIZE OBI (lim. 150)  €18,00
YELLOW VINYL + LP SIZE OBI  (lim. 150)  €18,00
Old Logo and sitting Devil on Front, Vintage drawing with Reaper and "Blacking Metal Hell" on Back
BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 20 only) SILVER PRINT  €28,00
(M, L, XL)
BLACK SHIRT, SILVER Print on front, RED Print on back €15
BLACK SHIRT, SILVER Print on front, RED Print on back - Special SLEEVELESS Shirt €16,00
BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 20 only) SILVER PRINT  €28,00
(M, L, XL)
CD + Shirt  €20
LP (BLACK) + Shirt €27
LP (RED) + Shirt €28
LP (YELLOW + OBI) + Shirt €30 
SABBAT "Evoke" CD  
(Gold Layout)
(SABBAT's second full length studio album, the first with Temis Osmond has the lead guitarist. New layout with GOLD Print, new booklet with lyrics, photos, etc)
CD € 11,00
(A very rare old -Shirt design with an old Logo + "Evoke" coverdesign + "Evoke the Evil" on front, Line Up + Pentagram on back)
BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 20 only) RED PRINT  €28,00
(M, L, XL)
CD + Shirt  €22
CD + Jersey Shirt  €27
(A true piece of Australian Metal history! TYRUS was the old band of Peter Hobbs. Finally on Vinyl, on Side A the legendary 4-song Demo, the EP track "Liar" and on Side B raw but superrare Livesongs from 1986 incl. unreleased trax such as "Possessor", "Misled Fortune", etc.! This is for all Headbangers into ancient SLAYER, METALLICA, VENOM, etc. Evil Metal from Down Under)
Black Vinyl €13,50
RED Vinyl (lim. 150) €16,00
WHITE VINYL (lim. 100)  €17,00
SPECIAL COLOURED (lim. 50) €28,00
S, M, L, XL
LP (BLACK) + Shirt €26
LP (RED) + Shirt €28
LP (WHITE) + Shirt €28 
BLACK SABBATH: Martin Popoff "Black Sabbath - Hohepriester des Doom" 19,90
IRON MAIDEN "Run to The Hills" Official Biography (322 Seiten, Deutsch) 19,90
(From the very beginning in the band's "pub era" to the recent days, written by Metal encyclopedy Mick Wall. In German)
JUDAS PRIEST: Al Atkins "Dawn of the Metal Gods" 19,90
(in English, an early member tells his story! 224 pages!)
JUDAS PRIEST "Der stählerne Weg von Judas Priest" 19,90
(256 pages! the first-ever biography about Judas Priest in the German language. An independent look at the career of Heavy Metal's godfathers. Over the last 20 years, the author has done many interviews with various members of the band. The book consists of an in-depth biography from Judas Priest's humble Brummie beginnings in 1969 to 2007's epic »Nostradamus« album. Including a detailed discography of vinyl and CD releases as well as a gig guide to the 1,561 live gigs of the band.)
KISS "Demaskiert: Die offizielle Biographie" (356 Seiten, sehr professionelles Buch)  23,90
OVER THE TOP "Das Motorhead Fanbuch" (192 Seiten, sehr ausführlich, Pics, Bootlegs, etc.) 18.60
OZZY OSBOURNE "The Story of the Ozzy Osbourne Band" (English, 356 pages. lots of insider stories and cool pics) 26,00
RAINBOW "Zwischen Genie und Wahnsinn" ( 194 Seiten, Deutsch) 18,90
(If you are a RAINBOW/ Blackmore Fan, this is your Book. But in German only)
(Re-print of the very 1st issue of this legendary Metal Magazine. Comes with a DESTRUCTOR live 7'inch)
Videos (VHS)
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Live Cannibalism"    5,00
(Official Video, 16 fuckin' songs such as "A Skull Full of Maggots", "Hammer Smashed Face", etc.)
CORPSE GRINDER "20 Years Grinding Corpses" DVD (NTSC) + CD €16,00
(18 tracks on the DVD, including one entire show plus various clips. The Audio CD incl. 12 different trax. Comes with booklet. A true money for value release)
DESASTER "Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies" Brazilian DVD €15,00
(Full brazilian 16 song show from 2003 PLUS great bonus material, 12 songs from 1992 to 2003 with lots of rare tracks such as "As the Deadworld Calls","Hill of a Thousand Souls", "Burning Crosses" etc )
TRUE THRASH FEST 2009 Osaka Japan DVD (Japanese Import) ¬ 15,00
(29 Songs in total, with bands like ABIGAIL, VIOLATOR, FASTKILL, IMPALER, KING'S EVIL, HIRAX etc. Official release. 2 hours of total Thrashing Hell)
HOA Double-DVD 2010 (6 HOURS!) 22,00
HOA Double-DVD 2009 (7 HOURS!)  €22,00
(Official HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR DVD. Professionally filmed. 7 (!) hours of pure LIVE Metal mayhem with RAZOR, TANK, THE RODS, Q5, ANGEL WITCH, MANILLA ROAD, PILEDRIVER, PORTRAIT, CLOVEN HOOF. etc etc etc etc. True value for money).
HOA Double-DVD 2008 (5 HOURS!)  €21,00
(Official HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR DVD. Professionally filmed. 5 hours of pure LIVE Metal mayhem with DESTRUCTOR, PRAYING MANTIS, DEATH SS, BEEHLER, AT WAR, etc. Also includes footage from 2007 with GRIM REAPER, AVENGER etc etc).
IMPETIGO "Defiling The Stage" US-DVD €16,00
(The first official DVD from this cult grind band. Spanning the group’s 20+ year existence, Defiling the Stage features multiple live performances including the 20 year anniversary reunion show and never before seen bonus material!)
IMPIETY "Penang Abomination Tour 2011" DVD €15,00
(Malaysian Import., 12 songs of black Death barbarism, played Live in Malaysia) 
OCCULT "To be Thrashed" DVD €12,00
(The band before LEGION OF THE DAMNED: Rare DVD, with material from 1990 till 2003. With interviews, early 90s story from Dutch TV, clips, live, jams with PENTACLE and DESASTER. etc etc etc)
V/A "Just kill.... and Kill Again!" DVD (NTSC) €15,00
(With HIRAX, DEVIL ON EARTH, MORTAGE. 24 live trax in total, comes with booklet)
V/A NUCLEAR WAR NOW Fest Volume I DVD €13,00 
(Multi angle footage from the first NWN fest. With ARES KINGDOM, MIDNIGHT, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, BONE AWYL, DEAD CONGREGATION, ABIGAIL, PEST and tons mooooore) 
new CDs/ MCDs 
A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR "Towards a Constellation Vien" Mexico CD 7,00
ABADDON INCARNATE "Dark Crusade" CD 9,00***
(For worshippers old NAPALM DEATH stuff à la "Mentally Murdered" and old Death metal)
ABAZAGORATH "Sacraments of the Final Atrocity" US-CD 11,00
(Released by the band, a raging Black Death fest, but with good traditional riffing and know how) 
ABHORER/ BRAIN DEATH "Zygotical Ecstasy" Malaysian CD €11,50
(16 page booklet with lots of photos, etc. Incl. ABHORER's "Zygotical..." album + Demo 1989 and BRAIN DEATH's "from the Ecstacy" + Demo/ Live Bonus. Numbered to 1000)
(The classic split cd !!!!)
ABIGAIL "The Lord of Satan" US-CD €11,00
ABIGAIL/ MANTAK  "The Eastern Desekkatorz" US-Split CD  ¬ 11.50
ABIGAIL "Forever Street Metal Bitch" CD ¬ 11,50
ABIGAIL "The Early Black Years 1992- 1995" CD             ¬ 11,50
(Old Demo, Ep, Rehearsal and live recordings. Raw stuff!)
ABIGAIL "Alive .... In Thailand" Thai-CD           ¬ 11,00***
(Live in Thailand, numbered to 1000. 13 Black Alcoholic Kamakize Metal Attacks!)
ABIGAIL/ BARBATOS/ CUT THROAT " Satan's Revenge" (split album) Chile-CD  ¬ 11,50
ABOMINATTION "doutrine of false martyr" CD ¬ 11,50
(ultrabrutal Death Metal from Brasil, re-release with bonus tracks)
(Out of print for long time. ABOMINATOR crush in the vein of BLASPHEMY!)
ABOMINATOR "Eternal Conflagration" CD         ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album from this Aussie tornado!)
ABOMINATOR "Subversives for Lucifer" CD               ¬ 11,50
ABOMINATOR "Nuctemeron Descent" CD             ¬ 11,50
ABRAMIS BRAMA  "Nar tystnden lagt sig" CD   ¬ 11,50***
ABRAMIS BRAMA  "Live" CD      ¬ 11,50***
ABRAMIS BRAMA  "Dansa tokjavlens vals" CD ¬ 11,50***
ABSCESS "Boubon, Blood and Butchery" CD €11,50
(24 track collection with all the rare songs from various EPs, Splits and an unreleased rehearsal from 1999. 12 page booklet and a coverartwork by Dennis Dread)
ABSCESS / BONESAW  "Split" Mini CD ¬ 8,50
(All new studio material from both bands)
ABSCESS "Damned and Mummified" US-CD   ¬ 11,50
(aaaarghhhh!!!! Perverse and filthy as always!)
ABSU "V.I.T.R.O.L"       CD        ¬ 11,50
ABSU "The Sun of Tipareth"    CD        ¬ 11,50
ABSU "The Third Storm..."     CD ¬ 11,50
ABSU "Mythological occult metal" Double CD ¬ 13,00
ABSU "s/t" CD   ¬ 12,00
ABSU "Tara/ The Eyes  of...." Digipack (incl. thick booklet) ¬ 11,50
ABYSMAL GRIEF “feretri” CD € 11,50
(New 3rd album. Horror Italian Doom Metal. Darkened and Necromantical!)
ACCEPT "Stalingrad" CD/DVD (embossed) €15,00
(New album! Total Flying V Guitar-power in the typical ACCEPT style, with catchy melodies and great solos. Comes with Bonus DVD incl. livesongs and clips. The album itself includes a bonus track with "Never forget")
ACHERON "Rites of the Black Mass" Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Absolute essential album that has to be in every good Black Death Metal collection. With now members of SATHANAS, EQUINOX; etc. Comes with nice booklet and 5 bonus tracks from the demo.)
ACHERON "Those Who Have Risen" Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
ACHERON "Final Conflict" CD ¬ 11,50
(Vincent Crowley returns with his dark force of ACHERON! BRANDEW studio album)
ACHERONTAS "Amen Ti"" Foldout-Digipack €12,00
(Deluxe Digipack)
ACID "Maniac" CD    ¬ 14,00 (Back in Stock!) 
(Also deluxe HIGH VAULTAGE release, this time with three rare bonus tracks) 
ACID "Engine Beast" CD      ¬ 14,00 (Back in Stock!)
(one more great deluxe CD with bonus material)
ACID SPEECH     "Corrosive Riot  666"    MCD   ¬ 8,50  
(Brazil  Thrash Metal)
ACID STORM "Why?... Dirty War  (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
ACID WITCH "Stoned " US CD €11,50
ACID WITCH "Witchtanic Hallucinations" US CD €11,50
ADORIOR "Author of Incest" CD  ¬ 11,50
ADRAMELECH "Terror Of Thousand Faces" CD   ¬ 11,00
( 3rd album of these finish masters of nordic Death Metal. Always true to their sound, this album delivers 10 doses of fast, heavy and aggressive Death. Their most extreme offering to date!!)
ADVERSARIAL "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer" US-CD €11,50 
(Debut full-length from this filthy three-piece Canadian blackened metal of deathband)
AEVERON  (Ger) "The Ancient Realm" Digi.MCD   ¬ 9,00 
(Plays fast and raging Black Metal  from Hungary inspired by the old DISSECTION, TAAKE, TORMENTOR, etc)
AFTERMATH "25 Years of Chaos" 3-CDs + DVD €25,00
(80s Thrash from Chicago. Incl. all demos. Comes with 16 page booklet. Lim. 1500)
AGATHOCLES "Mince Core History 1996-1997" CD     ¬ 9,50***
(Collection of EPs by this old Belgian band)
AGATHOCLES "Mince Core History 1989-1993" CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
(41 (!) songs packed on one CD! Death Grind with a doze of Pogo-Power!)
AGATUS "The Weaving Fates" CD     7,50*** 
(Fast, heavy but still atmospheric Dark Greek Metal for fans of old ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, etc) 
AGENT STEEL "Omega Conspiracy" CD ¬ 7,50***
(Special price for a new album)
AGENT STEEL "Unstoppable Force" CD         ¬ 9,50
AHRIMAN "Ködkin Ösveny- Mistpain Death" CD ¬ 7,50***
(symphonic Epic Blackness in the raw but professional way from Hungary. Impressive artwork and layout)
AKTISA "La Greande Infamie" CD      ¬ 11,50
ALCOHOLIC FORCE "Alcoholic Force"  Chinese MCD ¬ 8,50
( Columbia Thrash in 80s style) 
ALASTOR "Infernal Lord" CD        ¬ 11,00 
(Brandnew album from the Portugal's raging Black thrash hell!)
ALASTOR "Demon Attack" CD €11,50
(includes the "Demon Attack" album and "Gates of Darkness" session from 1996. 19 trax in total)
ALEBRIJE "Alebrije" US-CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Speedy Heavy Metal with melodical Spanish vocals, very well done. For those who love traditional stuff with twin guitar melodies)
ALKATEYA "Lycanthropy" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Portuguese classic metallers from the 80's, strike back with a new album)
ALLFATHER (can) "Weapon of Ascension" CD        ¬ 9,50***
(Reminds a bit of ORDER FROM CHAOS with raging drums and sometimes blackened guitars)
ALLTHENIKO "We will Fight!" CD        ¬ 11,50
(Heavy Metal/Thrash in pure '80 style, played with total skill. Similar to old ANNIHILATOR, PRIEST and perhaps NOISEHUNTER etc! Contains bonus track and bonus video)
ALTAR OF OBLIVION "Sinews Of Anguish" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Epic Doom Attack)
AMESOUERS (FR) "Ruines Humaines" MCD    ¬ 9,00
AMMIT "Hammer of Darkness" CD    ¬ 11,50
ANAEL "From Arcane Fires" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(new album from German ANAEL!) 
ANAEL (Ger)/ LUST (Canada) Split CD        ¬ 9,00*** 
ANAL VOMIT "Sudamerica Brutal" Peru CD €11,50
(South American Black Death cult. The Demo from 1998 plus rare live trax. à la old SARCOFAGO/ HADEZ; etc)
ANAL VOMIT "Gathering the Putrid Demons" CD ¬ 11,50
(NEW ALBUM from this Peruvian Devil. For fans into old style South American wrath à la VULCANO, SARCOFAGO; etc)
ANAL VOMIT/ GOAT SEMEN  "Devotos Del Diablo" Colombia CD (lim. 666) ¬ 12,00
ANAL VOMIT "Demoniac Flagellations" CD      ¬ 11,50
(Debut album of those sheer South American Death Metal traditionalists behind ex-HADEZ madman Toni Destructor)
ANAL VOMIT "Depravation" CD       ¬ 11,50
ANATOMIA/ GRUDGE / COFFINS "Doomed tpo Death, Damned in Hell" CD 11,50
ANCIENT "Svathalvheim" Digipack CD €11,50
ANCIENT "Det Glemet Riket" CD €11,50
ANCIENT "Eerily Howling Winds - The Demos" CD €11,50
ANCIENT GODS (USA)  Mystic Lands  MCD ¬ 9,00
(pure death. Extreme , fast but yet melodic. Feat. THE CHASM member)
ANCIENT RITES "Rubicon" Digi-CD  ¬ 11,50
ANCIENT WISDOM (Swe)  Cometh doom, cometh death  CD         ¬ 11,50
ANGEL OF DAMNATION "Carnal Philosophy" CD ¬ 11,00
ANGATYR "Sejr" CD      ¬ 8,50***
ANGMAR "The Razorblade Redemption" CD    ¬ 11,00***
ANGMAR (fra) "Metamorphosis" CD ¬ 11,50
ANGEL CORPSE "Hammer of Gods" CD ¬ 11,50
(The crushing Debut, back in stock. For fans of old MORBID ANGEL)
ANGEL CORPSE "The Inexorable" Digipack CD        ¬ 11,50
ANGEL CORPSE "Of Lucifer and Lightning" CD  ¬ 11,50
ANGEL CORPSE "Iron, Blood and Blasphemy" CD    ¬ 11,50
(The band's finest moments, Ep-stuff, covers and rare recordings) 
ANGEL CORPSE "Exterminate" CD    ¬ 11,50
ANGEL WITCH  "Screamin' 'N' Bleedin'"  CD   ¬ 11,00
(Rare and  hard to find second album from the English NWoBHM legend ANGEL WITCH , with new artwork, photos and several great rare Live-bonussongs it is re-released.  Re-Mastered with more powerful and energetic sound. ANGEL WITCH still played their typical NWoBHM style in an updated Mid 80s Metal version and a touch of BLACK SABBATH's "Heaven and Hell")
ANGEL WITCH "'82 Revisited" CD ¬ 14,00
(A Live gig from 1982 plus three rare bonus studiotrax.)
ANGST SKVADRON (Nor) "Flukt" ¬ 11,50
ANIHILATED   "Path to Destruction" Chinese CD (+ OBI) ¬ 11,50
(Old thrash metal from UK with a raw punky edge. The old "Path to Destruction" Ep from 1986, the "Speedwell Sessions 1985" and 5 live attacks. Comes with thick booklet)       
ANIHILATED (UK) "Scorched Earth Policy" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album from this British 80s Thrash Metal band. And they still know to deliver the Thrashing goods!)
ANIHILATED "Created In Hate (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
(The debut album! One of the very few good Thrash forces in the 80s that came from the UK)
ANIHILATED  "The Ultimate Desecration (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
(One of the finest UK Thrash Metal releases ever. Originally released in 1989 this new remastered  version included liner notes, bio, pictures and lyrics. It also includes 3 bonus tracks)
ANIMA MORTE "Face the Sea of Darkness" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
ANNATHEMA  "Annathema"     Chinese  CD (+OBI)  ¬ 11,50    
(Serbian Cult Thrash Speed act in the 80s vein. Limited and numbered to 1000 copies. These recordings from 1989 for the first time on CD)
ANTACID / HATRED      "Metal Chaos Across The World" Chinese CD ¬ 11,50
(May/Col Heavy Speed Metal)
ANTAEUS "Cut Yourself..." CD €11,50
ANTAEUS "De Principii Evangelikum" CD €11,50
ANTAGONIZED "Intence Perversions" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(old school blaphemous death metal from Panima featuring ex-MALEVOLANT CREATION member on Drums)
ANTEDILUVIAN "Through the Crevix of Hawwah" €11,50
(Heavy and dark Canadian Death Metal with deeeep vocals)
ANTHRAX "Fistful of Metal" Brazil CD €11,50
(the 1st album when ANTHRAX still ruled. with original singer Neil Turbin, incl. "Metal Thrashing Mad" and "Soldiers of Metal ")
ANTI "The Insignificance Of Life" CD     ¬ 7,50*** 
(re-press of this depressive black metal album, again available in same layout!)
ANTI-CIMAX "Raw Live 1984 - 1986" Peru CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Total old Hardcore power with aggression)
ANTICHRIST (Swe)  "Forbidden World" CD €11,50
(Sweden's Thrash devils)
ANTICHRIST (Can) "Sacrament of Blood" US-CD €11,50
(Early 90s Canadian Black Metal in the BLASPHEMY vein)
(Total Grind attack with a Punk edge. Great if you wanna get rid off some aggression)
ANWYL"Postmortem Apocalypse" CD    ¬ 7,50*** 
(Blackened Death attack, bit like ANGEL CORPSE on DRAKKAR Productions)
APOLLYON "Diaboli Gratia" US-CD    ¬ 6,50 ***
APOKALYPTIC RAIDS "The Third Storm" Brazil CD    ¬ 11,50
(New album full of HELLHAMMER-ing aggression and heaviness)
AQUER (Chile) "Athanatos" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Southamerican Occult Deathrashing Black Metal Evil, in the old barbaric style)
ARCANUS TENEBRAE "Odium Homines" CD  ¬ 11,50
ARCHENEMY "Violent Harm" Chinese CD €11,50
(80s Thrash attack from L.A., this is not the Swedsh band!)
ARCTIC FLAME "Primeval Agressor" CD    ¬ 9,50
(Epic-Power-Metal from New Jersey, USA in the typical 80ties style like MANILLA ROAD, JUDAS PRIEST, JAG PANZER)
ARCTURUS "Sideshow Symphonies" Digipack CD    ¬ 9,50
ARES KINGDOM "Return to Dust" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Great looking new album from NWN! Ex-ORDER FROM CHAOS warrior strike again with full power and great riffing)
ARES KINGDOM "Incendiary" US-CD €11,00
(Second album of solid metal with Ex-ORDER FROM CHAOS veterans)
ARGAR "Grim March to Black Eternity" CD ¬ 11,00***
(Total abyssic grim Black Metal summoning)
ARGHOSLENT "The First 3 Demos"CD €11,50
(Official release. 16 tracks from the band's early days!)
ARGHOSLENT  "Hornets of the Pogrom"CD       ¬ 11,50
ARGHOLSENT "Galloping through the Battle Ruins" CD  ¬ 11,50
ARGUS "Boldly Strides the Doomed" CD €11,50
ARGUS "S/T" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(not to be confused with the classic ARGUS from Florida. This band here plays Heavy Metal/Doom. For fans of THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG )
ARKHAM "The Chapter from the Sea" CD        ¬ 8,50***
ARMAGEDDA (Swe) "The Final War Approaching" CD ¬ 11,50
ARMAGEDDA "Echoes in Eternity" CD   ¬ 11,50***
ARMAGEDDA "Only True Believers" CD €11,50
ARMENTAR (Bel) "Baptism by Hate" CD ¬ 11,50
(Devastating Black Metal)
ARMOROS "Piece By Piece" Brazil-3cd boxset   €25,00
(ARMOROS presents one of the best aggressive, RAW and excellent played Canadian Thrash Metal. Unfortunately they disbanded without releasing their debut album. Their history goes back to 1985 in Victoria, BC.! Sounds like a wild, more technical but still brutal version of old KREATOR and US Thrash. Their power still blows away 99% of the new bands)
ARMOUR "s/t" CD ¬ 11,50
(Finnish ARMOUR here with a brandnew Heavy Metal Attack!)
ARMOUR "Sonichouse Tape Siamese Invasion" Thailand CD €11,50
ARPHAXAT "Loudun la Maudite" US-CD ¬ 11,50 
(The long awaited full-length album. Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns of true primitive Black Metal- Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member))
ARS GOETIA (ITA) / OLD BONES (SWE)  Ancient Sorceries and Old Relics  Split CD  ¬ 11,50
(ARS GOETIA play early 90 s style Black Metal. OLD BONES are the bastard son of HELLHAMMER/ FROST and ST. VITUS. Raw Black Doom. Limited 666 copies) 
ASARTE "Demonized" CD  ¬ 8,50***
(Greek Female band with MAYHEM's Attila as guest vocalist)
ASCENSION "With Burning Tonques" Digipack CD €11,50
ASCENSION "With Burning Tonques" CD €11,50
ASCENSION "Consolamentum" Digipack CD €11,50
ASGARD "Dark Horizon" CD     ¬ 11,50
(This here is the 80s Metal band! Including 6 Demo rarities)
ASPHYX "Embrace the Death" Double CD €11,00
(The unofficial debut album with Theo Lomans on vokills. Includes the rare "Mutilating Proccess" EP, "Enter the Domain" and "Crush the Cenotaph demos PLUS five rare bonustrax on disc two. ASPHYX's darkest and heaviest period. Comes with nice booklet)
ASPHYX "Depths of Eternity" Double CD €11,00
(The two rare "GOD CRIES " and superheavy "ASPHYX" albums on two CDs with bonustracks and thick booklet)
ASPHYX "Death the Brutal Way" CD + Bonus DVD + Slipsleeve (Limited edition) ¬ 15,00
(Brandnew studioalbum with Martin Van Drunen back behind the microphone plus members of PENTACLE/ HAIL OF BULLETS/ SOULBURN)
ASPHYX "The Rack" CD     ¬ 9,50
(Great re-release with rare photos and tons of bonus songs)
ASPHYX "Last One on Earth" CD     ¬ 9,50
(Great re-release with rare photos and tons of bonus songs)
ASPHYX "On the Wings of Inferno" re-issue CD ¬ 9,50
(The last studio album with the deathly "SOULBURN" line up, this time again under the ASPHYX logo. New artwork and a whole live show as bonus.)
ASSAULTER "Boundless" CD ¬ 11,50
(ex-DESTRÖYER 666's Berserker and his iron gang attack with their second album) 
ASSAULTER "Salvation like Destruction" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
(Back in stock in SUPERJEWELCASE, new band from  Ex-DESTRÖYER 666 axeman Berserker)
ASSAULT (Chile) "Nuclear Deathrash" US-CD   ¬ 9,50***
(Raw Underground Deathrash from Chile, their sold out LP re-released on CD)
ASSAULT / VIOLENT ATTACK/ MAHDYHELL "Violent Hell Assault" Chile CD  ¬ 11,50
(Bestial Thrash Attack from South America. Full steam ahead, thrashing to the death with the typical, 80s South American rawness!)
ASSAULT (Chile) "Veneno De Sathanas" Japan CD  ¬ 9,50***
(Unknown demo from 2004, and unknown rehearsal tracks from 2003, now on CD! Limited 1000 copies)
ASSEDIUM "Rise of the Warlords" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Epic Metal with the special guest appearance of BATTLEROAR'S Singer.)
ASTROFAES (Ukr): "Idea. Form. Essence" CD ¬ 11,50
ASTROFAES (Ukr): "Those Whose Past is Immortal" CD ¬ 11,50
ASYLUM "The Earth Is The Insane Asylum Of The Universe"  US-CD ¬ 11,50
(ASYLUM (later baptized to  UNORTHODOX) here with their Demo 1985 on CD. Mighty Doom/Heavy riffs like PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, etc)
ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Golden Bough" CD €11,50
ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Pnakotic Demos" CD €11,50
ATOMIC AGGRESSOR "Rise of the Ancient Ones" Chile CD €11,50
(the demos from 1989 and 1990 plus three bonus trax. Raging dark Death-thrash attack with aggressive vocals from Chile)
ATOMIC ROAR "Atomic Freaks" CD €11,50
(Thrash 'n Punk'n Roll with power. MOTÖRHEAD vs EXPLOITED , VIRUS, WARFARE, etc)
ATOMKRAFT "Cold Sweat" MCD €9,00
(After many years of silence, England's ATOMKRAFT strikes again!)
AUTOPSY "Ridden with Disease" US CD €12,00
(The rare CD back in stock. Incl. the cult demos!)
ATROCITY (US) "Infected/ The Art of Death" CD ¬ 8,50
(two hard hitting early 90s albums on one CD. This is the US band, not the German one! 39 songs!)
ATARAXIA (Ita) "Il fantasma dell'opera" CD  ¬ 11,50                
ATHEIST "Piece of Time" US-CD     ¬ 12,00
(The debut album plus the "Beyond", "Hell Hath No Mercy" Demos AND the rare R.A.V.A.G.E "On They Slay" Demo. Thick Booklet, great! True value for money)
ATHEIST "Elements" US-CD     ¬ 12,00
(Including 6 Live Radio bonustracks from 1992.Thick Booklet, great! True value for money)
ATHEIST "Unquestionable Presence" US-CD ¬ 12,00
(The "U. P." session plus 6 songs from a Pre-production demo 1990 plus three more rare outtakes.Thick Booklet, great! True value for money)
ATLAIN "Guardians of Eternity" CD      ¬ 11,50
(Speedy 80s Heavy Metal from Germany  Incl. 3 bonus trax)
ATOMIC ROAR "Atomic Freaks" CD €11,50
(Thrash 'n Punk'n Roll with power. MOTÖRHEAD vs EXPLOITED , VIRUS, WARFARE, etc)
ATOMIC ROAR "Warfare Merchants" US-CD €11,50
(Brazilian Speed Metal Pogo Attack)
ATOMICIDE "Rawsouthamericanwarmetal" CD ¬ 11,50
ATOMIZER "The only weapon of choice" CD €11,50
(Back in stock)
ATOMIZER "Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(The bleakest, most powerful ATOMIZER offering, completely evolved and removed from the conjurations of any other thrash or black metal outputs of today. The band has stripped down their already well-known style and dejected the atomic metal power )
ATOMIZER "Death Mutation Desease Annihilation"SLIPCASE CD + 6 Unreleased Bonus Tracks ¬ 11,50
ATOMIZER "Death - Mutation-Disease-Annihilation" CD   ¬ 11,50
ATOMIZER "Songs Of Sacrifice... Songs Of Slaughter" US MCD- ¬ 9,50
(25 minutes of rocking Black Thrash mayhem from Australia!)
ATOMIZER "The Death of Forever" CD   ¬ 11,50
ATOMKRAFT "Cold Sweat" MCD €9,00
(After many years of silence, England's ATOMKRAFT strikes again!)
ATROPHY "Socialized Hate" CD  ¬ 11,50
ATTACKER "Second Attack" US-CD  ¬ 12,00
(Incl. 3 bonus tracks. Fat production, heavy axes! Great 'n' wild US Metal that reminds of old METAL CHURCH)
ATTACKER "Soul Taker" CD  ¬ 11,50
(From 2004 but still going strong with heavy guitars and typical US Metal vocals.)
ATTACKER "The Unknown + 3 bonus tracks" US-CD        9,50
AURA NOIR "Live Nightmare on Elm Street" Colombia CD   ¬ 9,50
(14 songs from 1996, live in Norway! With acceptable sound, thrash without end)
AUTOPSY TORMENT "7th Ritual for the Darkest Soul of Hell" Digipack CD  ¬ 11,00
(15 rare songs from AUTOPSY TORMENT, one of Sweden's oldest Black Death Metal bands! Singapore Import)
AUTUMNAL "Grey Universe" CD     ¬ 11,50
(1st album of this spanish band of true Doom/Death in the vein of the early works of MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA, CELESTIAL SEASON... Excellent production!)
AVENGER "Shadows of the Damned" CD        ¬ 9,00*** 
(Supreme Czech Black/ Death, a but like old Mayhem meets Master's hammer) 
AVENGER "Godless" US- CD            ¬ 9,00***
(The last opus!!)
AVULSED "Reanimations" CD    9,00
(New full CD of this spanish Death Metal legend!! Includes 2 brand new songs, a remake of a demo'92 song, three covers of EXODUS, WASP & GOREFEST and 9 AVULSED songs covered by other 9 different bands. Video-clip included as well!!)
AXEWITCH "Visions of the Past" CD   ¬ 15,00
(Great HIGH VAULTAGE Release with 7 rare bonus songs and great booklet)
AXEWITCH "Pray For Metal" CD ¬ 15,00
(Great HIGH VAULTAGE Release with 11 (!) songs of rare bonus material and great booklet)
AXEWITCH "The Lord of Flies" CD     ¬ 15,00
(Great HIGH VAULTAGE Release with 8 rare bonus songs and great booklet)
AXEWITCH "Hooked on High Heels" CD        ¬ 15,00
(Great HIGH VAULTAGE Release with 7 rare bonus songs and great booklet)
AXEHAMMER "Windrider" US-CD   ¬ 11,50
(Great comeback album, even better than the 80s stuff. Traditional US Metal with great guitarriffs and solos and a real good singer!)
AXEHAMMER "Marching on" CD €11,50
(Brandnew album, old style US Metal, very professional)
AXIS OF ADVANCE "Obey" CD        ¬ 11,50
AXIS POWERS "Marching Towards Destruction" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
AXXION "Wild Racer" CD €11,50
(Ex- SKULL FIST members. Trad. Heavy Metal in the vein of end 80s-90s RIOT and perhaps DOKKEN.)
AZAGHAL "Teraphim" US-CD ¬ 11,00***
(Finnish Black Metal!)
AZAGHAL "... of Beasts and Vultures" Brazil CD + Slipcase       ¬ 11,50
(Very deluxe version !)
AZAGHAL "Codex antitheus" CD  ¬ 9,50
AZAGHAL / BEHEADED LAMB "Split" CD   ¬ 8,50***
(Raw Finnish / Iberian Black Metal)
AZARATH "Praise the Beast" CD ¬ 11,50
AZARATH "Diabolous Impious Evil" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Machinegunfire Death Metal of the brutal kind from Poland. Like old MORBID ANGEL but even wilder)
AZARATH "Infernal Blasting" CD      ¬ 11,50
BAPTISM "Grim Art of Melancholy" CD ¬ 11,50
BAPTISM "Morbid Wings of Sathanas" CD        ¬ 11,50***
BARATHRUM "Infernal" CD €12,00
(the most destructive and "Infernal" album by BARATHRUM! Rare N.E.P. pressing!!)
BARATHRUM "Venomous" CD    ¬ 12,00 
BARBATOS "Live at Factory" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(full live set from Finland limited 666 copies) 
BASTARD PRIEST "Under the Hammer of Destruction" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50***
BASTARD PRIEST "Ghouls of the Endless Night" Singapore CD €11,50
BATTLE BRATT "The Anthology" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Unreleased first album of this  80s US-Metal act)
BATTLE BRATT "Same" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Reissue of the  debut album with 4 bonus tracks from the demo)
BAZOOKA "Toxic Warriors" CD ¬ 11,50
(Tawain 80s style Speed Thrash invasion with abyssic KREATOR style blackened vocals. Straight to the point, with songs such as "Raw Noise Attack", "Hell Commando", etc. Reminds a bit of PILEDRIVER, EXORCIST, 1st WIZ(Z)ARD, etc)
BAZZAH "Kingdom of the dead" CD           ¬ 11,50
(Primitive Malaysian black metal cult, like VON and BEHERIT)
BEASTCRAFT (Nor) Into the Burning Pit of Hell" CD        ¬ 9,50`***
(Norwegian black metal torment, new version made by BLACK SEED PROD.)  
BEASTCRAFT "Baptised by Blood and Goatsemen" CD        ¬ 9,50***
BEATRIK (ITA) "Requiem of December" CD  ¬ 11,50
BEDEMON "Child of Darkness" CD €12,00
(ORIGINAL Black Widow Rec. version. 70s recordings from the old PENTAGRAM line up incl. the great Randy Palmer. Sounds like a heavier version of 70s PENTAGRAM)
BEELZEB (Spa) "Misanthrope s aurora" CD ¬ 11,50
(Cold misanthropic Black Metal with hints from ARCTURUS and VED BUENS ENDE)
BEHEMOTH "The Return of the Northern Moon" Fold-out Digipack + booklet  €11,50
BEHEMOTH "From the Pagan Vastlands"Fold Out Digipack + Booklet €11,50
BEHERIT "At the Devil's Studio" CD €11,50
(The TRUE debut album that was never released but recorded anno 1990. The true dark face of BEHERIT, essential for all fans! )
BELIAL "Wisdom of Darkness + Live in Finland" CD ¬ 11,50
BELIAL "Never Again" CD ¬ 11.50
(Finally re-released after years of being unavailable)
BELIAL Gods of the pit II MCD ¬ 8,00
(Cult Black Death. Now IMPALED NAZARENE members!)
BELZEC/ DARK FAITH "Storm of Hatred and Anger" Ecuador CD ¬ 6,50***
(Two bands, one from Spain and one from Peru,  in the nordic style of Black Metal... fast and furious)
BENIGHTED IN SODOM "Plague Overlord" CD        ¬ 11,50*** 
(US black metal ala XASTHUR .includes a SARGEIST coversong)
BERGRAVEN "Fördärv" CD      ¬ 11,50***
BESATT "Hail Lucifer" Colombian CD    ¬ 9,50***
BESATT "in nomine satanas" digiCD     ¬ 11,00***
BESTIAL "Final Presage" Brazil CD ¬ 11,50***
(almost Swedish sounding Death/ Thrash metal. Very well played, with good sound)
BESTIAL MOCKERY "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw"    US- CD   ¬ 11,50
BESTIAL MOCKERY "Slaying the Life" CD         ¬ 11,50
BESTIAL MOCKERY "Evoke The Desecrator" CD   ¬ 11,50
BESTIAL MOCKERY / INQUISITOR "Bestial Satanic Sacrifice" CD ¬ 11,50
(Numbered to 500. Both the old demo of each band. INQUISITOR was an old Dutch hectic Thrash band, early 90s. Very aggressive)
BESTIAL MOCKERY "The Unholy Trinity" Thai-CD      ¬ 11,50
(Collection of the 3 old demos on one CD. 19 tracks in total! Numbered to 1000) 
BESTIAL MOCKERY / DESTRUKTOR "Metal Of Death" (M)CD  ¬ 9,00***
BESTIAL MOCKERY "Gospel of the Insane" CD  ¬ 11,50
BESTIAL MOCKERY / UNHOLY MASSACRE "Eve of the Bestial Massacre" Split CD  ¬ 11,50
BESTIAL RAIDS "Prime Evil Damnation" US-CD €11,00 
BESTIAL SUMMONING / HERETIC "Splitting Skulls for Satan" CD ¬ 11,00***
(New studio recordings from Dutch Black'n'Rollers HERETIC and a dirty recording of BESTIAL SUMMONING anno 1991)
BESTIAL WARLUST "Satan's Fist" US-Digipack MCD €8,50
(One of the rarest recordings unleashed, the demo from 1996, still with DESTRÖYER 666's KK Warslut and ABOMINATOR's Damon Bloodstorm delivering a wall of Sadistik Black Death)
BEWITCHED (Chile) "Somewhere beyond the Mist" CD ¬ 11,50
(Out of print for long time, now back in stock)
BEWITCHED (Chile) "Black Funeral (A Satanic Statement of Hate) " Chilean CD ¬ 9,50***
(self-released album with old recordings from 1996- 2002. Very obscure but dark. Lots of MERCYFUL FATE covers. Great that this band never surrendered!)
BEWITCHED (Chile):  Unveiling Zion (The Mother's Return)  CD ¬ 9,50***
(New album from this old unqiue band from Chile!)
BEWITCHED (Sweden) "At the Gates of Hell" Digipack CD €9,50
BEWITCHED (Sweden) “At the Gates of Hell” Brazilian CD €11,50
(MERCYFUL FATE versus METALUCIFER, RUNNING WILD, all combined with a dirty blackened voice)
BEWITCHED (Sweden) "Diabolcial Desecration / Encyclopedia of Evil" CD €9,50
BEWITCHED (Sweden) "Rise of the Antichrist" CD €9,50
(Old school assault in the vein of old RUNNING WILD, MERCYFUL FATE, VENOM, etc) 
BEYOND HELL "The Sleeper Awakens" US-CD  €11,50 
("The Sleeper Awakens" features Elektrokutioner (DECREPITAPH, FESTERED, etc) on drums and has guest appearances by Patrick of CRYPTICUS  and Sly of FONDLECORPSE. Nine new tracks and four tracks that were featured on the sold out EP "...And Evil Crept Through". In all, 13 tracks and 40+ minutes of face melting death metal)
BEYOND THE GRAVE "The Terror Beyond"  Brazilian CD €11,50
(Finally the debut album. Raging Brazilian Thrashing Death Metal)
BIG DAISY "s/t" CD €11,50
BIRDFLESH "Alive Autopsy/Trip to the Grave" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(debut album back in stock!)
BLACK ANGEL "From the Darkness" CD     ¬ 11,50 
(Ex band of now GOAT SEMEN warriors... SouthAmerican Black/death catastrophe)
BLACK BEAST  / BLOODHAMMER  "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union"-Split CD ¬ 9,50***
(total old school Black Metal attack from Finland)
BLACK CANDLE "Lead me to the Tombs" CD ¬ 8,50***
(Luxembourg's faithful Black Metal band strikes again, numbered to 500 copies)
BLACK DEATH RITUAL "Profound Echoes of the End" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Black Metal pounding without mercy!)
BLACK DRAUGWATH "Apocalyptic Songs" CD        ¬ 7,50***
(Total Black Metal grimness, recordings from '96, '97 and 2002. Numbered to 500 copies)
BLACK EMPIRE "Into the Jails of War" Mexico CD   ¬ 8,50***
(Black Attack from Mexico, incl. DESASTER cover)
BLACK FLAME "Conquering Purity" CD      ¬ 11,50***
(EX- MORTUARY DRAPE Members. Black Metal attack!)
BLACK FUNERAL "Waters of Weaping" CD     ¬ 11,50***
BLACK FUNERAL "Ordog" CD     ¬ 11,50***
BLACK FUNERAL "Belial Arisen" CD    ¬ 11,00*** 
(An unreleased album from 1996 from this old US Black Metal demon) 
BLACK GOD "The End Of Christian Utopia" CD ¬ 9,50***
(Ultrafast and brutal black metal from France with a absolute brilliant sound.With member of TEMPLE OF BAL/ GLORIOR BELLI)
BLACK OATH "Ov Qliphoth and Darkness" CD €11,50
BLACK PROPHECIES "Descent into Hell" CD €11,50
(Collection of the raw Demos from 1988 to 1991. Morbid Black Death Grind from Italia. Mix of CELTIC FROST, POISON and typical early 90s Death Metal)
BLACK ROSE "The Early Years + More" CD €11,50
(The NWoBHM band! Ultimate Compilation of the rare MLP, EP trax, Compilation trax and new songs)
BLACK WITCHERY "Inferno Of Sacred Destruction" Limited Edition DIGIBOOK CD+DVD ¬ 15,00
BLASFEMIA "Guerra Total + Live" Colombia CD €11,50
(CD version of this raw Latin American assault from 1988!) 
BLASPHEMIA  "El Indice de los Libros Prohibidos" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Dark blasting Death Metal like VITAL REMAINS. Hails from Honduras)
BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY "Devil's Mayhem" CD €11,50
(Back in stock. New band by ex-ANGEL CORPSE axemaster Gene Palubicki)
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER "Atomic Carnage in the Temple of Nuclear Hell" CD €11,50
(BACK IN STOCK. Atomic Black/Death Metal from Italy. The CD contain the first demo and live tape, all with new atomic remixed and new artwork by Chris Moyen)
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" US-CD €11,00
(Featuring nine exclusive tracks. Greek bestial black/death metal meets Italian war black/death Canadian oldschool deathrash(with members of BLASPHEMY and INFERNAL MAJESTY)
BLASPHERIAN "Allegiance To the Will of Damnation" US-CD €11,50
(Absolutely CRUSHING blasphemic death metal from Texas. Reissue version, featuring 4 bonus tracks and improved layout)
BLASPHERIAN "Infernal Warriors of Death" US-CD €11,50
(Sworn to death and evil, Houston, Texas' BLASPHERIAN have conjured a work of pure, crushing old school death metal. Heavy guitars, demonic vocals and ritualistic, pounding drumming create an atmosphere unmatched by BLASPHERIAN's contemporaries)
BLASTHRASH "No Traces left behind"  Brazil CD (back in stock) ¬ 11,50
BLEEDING FIST "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" MCD ¬ 8,50
(Chaos Goat-Rocking Holocaust Thrashing Black Metal!)
BLEEDING FIST "Devil's Ferox" Enchanced MCD €8.50
BLEEDING FIST "Bestial Kruzifix666ion"  US-CD ¬ 9,50***
(Chaos Goat-Rocking Holocaust Thrashing Black Metal!)
BLESSED OFFAL "s/t" CD €11,50
(US Death/Doom lawa with some fast parts here and then. Sometimes reminding a bit of WINTER)
BLIND ILLUSION "The Sane Asylum" CD ¬ 11,50
(With Ex-POSSESSED Guitarist)
BLIND LEGION "The Lost Tapes" CD ¬ 11,50
(12 songs of the band that later became LOST BREED! BLIND LEGION belong to the first wave of NEW YORK SPEED METAL bands (first incarnation of the band formed in 1983!) being heavilly influenced by the NWOBHM. If you like the early 80 s obscure private pressing Metal bands from the U.S., then this is the band missing in your collection!Early 80s material)
BLIZARO "City of the Living" US-CD €11,50
BLIZZARD "Rock'n' Roll Overkill" CD €11,50
(For motörheadbanging WARFARE and TANK freaks)
BLIZZARD (Ger)"Fuck the Universe" CD €11,50
(New album)
BLIZZARD (Ger) "Pure Flith and Mayhem (+ Bonus)" CD ¬ 9,50
(The debut LP on CD plus the old rare EP trax as bonus. Alcoholic Metal Mayhem)
BLIZZARD (Ger) "The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon" CD ¬ 11,50***
BLODARV (DK) "Linaria Amlech" CD   ¬ 11,50 
BLODSRIT "Hinterland" CD €11,50
(Their fifth album. Comes with a exclusive 24 (!) page booklet)
BLODULV (Sweden) "Diatribe" MCD ¬ 8,00
(4 new tracks of cold raw and harsch Black Metal !! 30 minutes of grim disturbance)
BLOOD CULT "Blood Cult "We Who Walk Behind the Rows" US- CD ¬ 9,50***
(Black 'n' Roll for fans of DEVIL LEE ROT and SABBAT)
BLOOD FEAST "Last Offering Before the Chopping Block" CD €11,50
(Demo recordings of the second BLOOD FEAST album + bonus trax)
BLOOD FREAK "Mindscraper"CD €11,50
BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" US-CD   ¬ 11,50
(Gore-Horror Death attack with trad. Metal riffs)
BLOOD FREAK "Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse!" US-CD ¬ 11,50
BLOOD FREAK "Sleaze Merchants" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
BLOODHAMMER "Monastery of thousand blackened lusts" MCD   ¬ 9,00
BLOODHAMMER "Post Apocalypse Triology" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Dirty rotten Black Death Metal with an old school touch from Finland!)
BLOODHAMMER "Passion of the Devil" MCD                ¬ 8,50***
BLOODLINE "Werewolf Training" CD    ¬ 8,50*** 
BLOODLINE Hate Procession" CD ¬ 11,00***
BLOOD OF KINGU (Ukr)  "The Occulta Philosophia" CD    ¬ 11,50
BLOOD OF THE SUN "Burning WIngs of Desire" CD €11,50
(70s Retro Hard Rock, like URIAH HEEP, VANDERBUYST, etc. Feat. members of SAINT VITUS)
BLOOD REVOLT "Indoctrine" CD ¬ 11,50
(featuring A.A Nemtheanga from PRIMDORDIAL + J Read/Vermin from AOA/REVENGE)
BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
BLOOD RITUAL "At the Mountains..." US-CD   ¬ 11,50***
BLOOD STAINED DUSK "Black Faith Inquisition" US-CD ¬ 11,00
(US Black Metal w/Pest (Ex-Gorgoroth) on Vox!)
BLOOD STORM "Sirian Storm" US -CD      ¬ 11,50
(Mezzadurus and his infernal followers again strike with no mercy. Pounding your skull with full force! Sometimes like old SODOM.)
BLOOD STORM "Pestilence of the Dragonstar" US-CD    ¬ 11,50 
BLOODTHIRST "Sanctity Denied" CD  ¬ 11,50
(This Polish crew fit exactly the legions of Desaster, Witchburner, Dissection, Destroyer666 combining classic thrash pounding with a blasphemous burden of black metal)
BLOODTHIRST "Let Him Die" CD         ¬ 11,50
(Pounding and wicked Thrash Metal from Poland, well -played and professional, with real solos. No stupid clone-band)
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Mortal Remains" CD   ¬ 11,50***
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "In the Grave" CD  ¬ 9,50***
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Let the War Begin" CD ¬ 8,50***
(Brandnew album from this Horror Metal outfit!)
BLOODTHORN (Nor) "Genocide" CD       ¬ 9,50***
BLOODULV (swe) "Diatribe" MCD     ¬ 9,00
BLOODWRITTEN "Iniquity Intensity Insanity" CD (lim. 666) ¬ 11,00
BLOODY SIGN "Chaos Echoes" CD ¬ 11,50
BLOODY SIGN "Explosion of Elements" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
(raw and crushing  old style death metal.)
BLOODY SIGN "Vana Vigala Loïts" US-CD      ¬ 11,50***
(raw and crushing oppressive death metal with the dark ambient vibe of black metal. In  tradition of bands like PESTILENCE , VITAL REMAINS  and ASPHYX.)
BOLT THROWER "Realm of Chaos" Brazil CD    ¬ 11,50
(Re-release of the second crusher, with nice booklet) 
BOMBARDER "Jma i Zuvota Prije Smrti" CD €11,50
BOMBARDER "Speed kill" CD     ¬ 11,50
(an old demo from 1989 on CD. Yoguslavian Speed Metal with slavonic vocals! Sometimes like a darker version of MOTÖRHEAD.Obscure but for sure with some charm.)
BOMBARDER "Ledena Krv" US-CD    ¬ 11,50***
(Total 80s Speed attack with raw voice, from Yugoslavia!) 
BOMB THREAT / M.A.C.E  “The Day of the Duel” SplitCD €11,50
(Brazilian Thrash/Crossover )
BOMBS OF HADES "The Serpent's Redemption" Singapore CD €11,50
BONESAW "Sawtopsy" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Old school Death from Scotland featuring guest vocals by members / ex members of AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER, MASSACER, ABCSESS, etc)
(Excellent old school Death from Scotand and Italy. Brand new material from both bands).
(Three new tracks from each band.BONE GNAWER  is the latest project of Kam Lee (ex MASSACRE/ MANTAS/DEATH). BONESAW return more even more twisted and raw than before.Classic old school Death Metal all round) 
BORKNAGAR "s/t" CD €11,50
BOUND FOR TOMB "Bloodspawn" CD  ¬ 7,50***
(Straight aggressive Death/ Black Metal with nasty vocals.  From  the SECRETS OF THE MOON/ MARTYRIUM area)
BRAIN DEAD  From the Ecsatsy (+ bonus) " Malaysia CD ¬ 11,50***
(The first and only album, originally from 1992, previously a cassette-only release. Most bestial death metal to have emerged from that era. This album vividly illustrates this and will at last preserve BRAIN DEAD s rightful place in the history of the underground. incl. the Live Bonus Trax from 1991)
BRIAR "Take on the World" CD €11,50
(a rare UK Hard'n Heavy album from 1986, incl. two bonus trax)
BROCAS HELM "Into Battle" CD ¬ 11,50
(The rare debut album., Incl. the 5 track demo from 1983 and a video as bonus) 
BROCAS HELM "Black death" CD        ¬ 11,50 
(Metal rarity on CD!! With  bonus 5 demo songs + live video of "Prepare for battle" from 1983)
BROKEN BONES "Fuck You & All You Stand For" CD €11,00
(Comeback album, raw and mean)
BRUMALIS "Furore Normannorum" CD     ¬ 11,00
BRUTALITY "The Demos"3CD+DVD €24,00
(limited to 500 only. Florida Death Metal Full Demo Discography. Asian import)
BUFFALO  "Ride the beast" CD ¬ 12,00
(unreleased NWoBHM-Album with Bonustracks)
BULLDOZER "Alive... in Poland 2011" Digipack CD €11,50
(16 trax such as "Whiskey Time", "Cut Throat", "The Derby", "Neurodeliri", etc)
BULLET "Speeding up the Night" MCD ¬ 9,50
(The band's debut strike, old school Metal with influences from ACCEPT, etc)
BULLET "Heading for the Top" CD ¬ 11,50
(The Full length album those Swedish Hard'n'Heavy Metal Rockers!)
BUNKUR "Nullify" CD ¬ 11,50
(total doooooooom depression from the low lands)
BURIAL HORDES (Greece) "War, Revenge and total Annihilation" Singapore-Digipack CD ¬ 12,00
BURIAL HORDES/ ESCHATON "Total gathering of Supermacy" Cd ¬ 11,50 
BURNING SAVIOURS "Nymphs and Weavers" CD       ¬ 11,50
(New album of these Stoner Rockers. For those who like WITCHCRAFT, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, 70 Rock, etc)
BURNING SAVIOURS "s/t" CD      ¬ 11,50
(Total 70s Doom like PENTAGRAM + WITCHCRAFT!)
BURNING SAVIOURS "Hundus" CD       ¬ 11,50
(The second PENTAGRAM praise!)
BURNING STARR "Blaze of Glory" CD ¬ 11,00
( Ex- VIRGIN STEELE/ DEVIL CHILDE's Jack Starr attacking with pure 80s US Metal)
BYWAR "Heretic Signs" Brazil CD      ¬ 11,50
(Back in stock. Brazilian Thrash attack!) 
CACODAEMON "Tales of Demoncy" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Total raw possessed Death Metal in the old DEMIGOD style, from the abyss of the Finnish underground!)
CALVARIO  "Ixoye"  CD with bonus tracks + bónus videoclip ¬ 11,50
(Brazilian Epic Heavy Metal from 1993)
CANCER "Death Shall Rise" Ecuador-CD        ¬ 11,50
(classic Death metal with Ex- DEATH member)
CANDLEMASS "King of the Grey Islands" CD ¬ 11,50
(Absolute Heavy Hammer of Doom)
CARDINAL SIN "Resurrection" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Bay Area type of Thrash with a touch of VIKING; etc. With nice booklet with story, lyrics, etc. Incl. Live and demo material as bonus)
CARNAGE "Dark Recollections" CD (sealed) €11,50
(Two very last copies back in stock. Incl. the demos as bonus)
CARPATHIAN FOREST "Fuck You All" CD      ¬ 11,50
(Still going very strong, Black Metal the way it should sound!) 
CARPATHIAN FOREST  "Strange Old Brew" Digipack  ¬ 11,50
CARPATHIAN FOREST "Through Chasm, Caves and then Woods" MCD (sealed)  ¬ 8,00 
(Cult Norwegian Black Metal, like CELTIC FROST meets old IMMORTAL)
CARPATHIAN FOREST "Morbid Fascination of Death" CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
CARPATHIAN FOREST "We're going to hell for this"  CD    ¬ 9,00*** 
(the new Black Metal Bulldozer.... long playing time, traditional as ever) 
CARPATHIAN FOREST "Defending the Throne of Evil"  CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
CARPTICON (Nor) "Master Morality" CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Debut of this Norwegian Black Metal band with a guest appearance of Tyr  of EMPEROR/ SATYRICON, etc.)
CARRIE "Secrets" Chile CD ¬ 11,50
(German Metal from 1985! 15 trax, incl. bonus traxxx)
(Compilation of the early 80s material. JUDAS PRIEST meets RUSH, DEEP PURPLE; etc)
CATACUMBA "Kratos" Mexico CD ¬ 11,50
(Morbid BlackThrash Death Metal from South America in the early 90s vein with a true Underground type of production) 
CAULDRON BLACK RAM "Slubberdegulion" Japan CD ¬ 11,50
(BRANDNEW album from this Australian force)
CEMETARY URN "Urn of Blood" Australian CD ¬ 11,50
(New hard hitting Australian Panzerfaust with ex-members ex- SADISTIK EXEKUTION/DESTRÖYER 666, etc members)
CEMETARY URN "The Conquered are Burned" Australian CD ¬ 11,50
CENTINEX "Diabolical Desolation" CD       ¬ 6,00
(Nice price for a piece of old style Swedish Death Metal history. à la first ENTOMBED with a bit more melody)
CENTINEX "Subsconcious Lobotomy" CD €11,50
(The long out of print album from  1992 re-released! Incl. the two demos as bonus. Comes with nice booklet and includes over one hour of Swedish Death!)
CENTURIOUS GHOST "A Sign of the Things to Come" CD   ¬ 11,50
(More Doom Metal from I HATE REC.!  Distorted Swedish Death Metal sound-style guitars)
CEREKLOTH "Pandemonium Prayers" US-MCD ¬ 9,00
CEREKLOTH "In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death" US-CD €11,50
CEREMONIAL EXECUTION "Death Shall Set Us Free" CD ¬ 11,50
CHAINSAW (chile) "The Announcement" Chile CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Very fast Thrashing Madness, like a mix of the first INCUBUS LP and typical 80s style South American Thrash Metal. Good production but still underground )
CHAINSAW (Ger) "Permanent Fire" CD €11,50
(The old German band)
CHAOS INVOCATION "Black Mirror Hours" CD €11,50
CHAOS INVOCATION "In Bloodline with the Snake" CD €11,50
CHAPEL "Satan's Rock 'n' Roll" CD €11,50
(Black 'n Roll, like motorheadish BATHORY meets GEHENNAH)
CHAPEL OF DISEASE "Summoning Black Gods" CD €11,50
CHARNEL VALLEY "The Dark Archives" US-CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Bit like old D'666 and GRAND BELIAL'S KEY)
CHARNEL VALLEY "The Igneous Race" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
(New album, primitive Black Metal with a slight trace of early Finnish Death Metal)
CHARON "Sulphur Seraph" CD €11,50
(Brandnew album from German CHARON. Hard as hell, on SEPULCHRAL VOICE RECORDS!)
CHEMIKILLER "Evilspeak" US -CD        ¬ 12,00
(fuckin' old Black Metal rock'n'roll-punk with touches of VENOM and BATHORY!)
CHRIST AGONY "Unholyunion/ Daemoonseth Act II" DoCD        ¬ 9,00***
(Two classic Polish Black Death orgies!)
CHURCH BIZARRE "Sinister Glorification" US-CD  ¬ 9,50***
(Debut album of this Danish band. Speed/Heavy/Black Metal. With fairytale-style of pop-up booklet!)
CHURCH OF MISERY (USA) "Minstrel of Mourning" US-CD €11,50 
(unreleased 1993 Doom Metal album w/Stevo from Impetigo)
CIANIDE "Gods of Death" US-CD €11,50
(Brandnew album!)
CIANIDE "A Descent into Hell" US CD €11,50
(the rare album from 1992 finally available again including the 1993's "kills" Demo + 2 unreleased trax as bonus. Almost 80 minutes playing time) 
CIRITH GORGOR "s/t" CD       ¬ 9,50
CIRRHOSIS "Alcoholic Death Noise" Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Brazilian Death Metal)
CIRRHOSIS "Drinks from Hell" Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Falling Monuments" CD ¬ 11,50
CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Church of Atrocity" CD      ¬ 9,50***
CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fist of the Northern Destroyer" CD ¬ 9,50***
CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Deliverers of Faith " CD  ¬ 9,50***
CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Night Of The Unholy Flames" CD ¬ ¬ 9,50***
CLENCHED FIST "Tribute To The Brave Ones (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
(Brazilian Metal, inspired by CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD; etc. Includes their demo as bonus)
CLITEATER "Clit 'em All" CD €11,50
CLITEATER "Eat Clit or Die" CD €11,50
CLOVEN HOOF "A Sultan's Ransom" CD + DVD €13,50
(One of the late NWoBHM perls. Essential if you love IRON MAIDEN. DVD comes with a bootleglive show and the clip "Highlander")
COBALT "War Metal" CD      ¬ 11,50
(... indeed!!!)
COBRA "Lethal Strike" Peru CD €11,50
(A new strong trdaitional Heavy Metal beast from Peru)
COBRA / SKULL "Poison in the Bones" Split CD €11,50
(Two south American new Heavy Metal gladiators share one allbum)
COBRA (UK) "Warriors of the Dead/ Back from the Dead" CD      ¬ 12,00
(Two album on one disc, from '85 + '86, and that's exactly the type of Metal what you can expect. Straight forward Metal power!)
COERCION "lifework" MCD       ¬ 9,00
(swedish Oldschool Death Metal)
COFFIN TEXTS "Gods of CReation, Death and Afterlife" CD €11,50
(Finally on CD, the dark sadistic sound debut)
COFFIN TEXTS "The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual" US CD €11,50
(Brandnew album. Total dark Death Metal reminding of mighty SADISTIC INTENT)
COFFINS "The Other Side of Blasphemy" CD ¬ 11,50
(back in stock. For fans of heavy Death Metal à la ASPHYX/ WINTER)
COFFINS "Buried Death" CD €11,50
COFFINS "March of Despair" MCD €9,00
COFFINS "Mortuary in Darkness" Digipack CD €12,00
(comes with bonus trax)
COFFINS "Sacrifice to Evil Spirit" Digipack CD €12,00
(comes with bonus trax)
COLD STEEL "Freakboy" CD €11,50
(Powerthrash from the USA, re-release with bonus tracks)
COMBAT NOISE "Frontline Offensive Force" US-CD €11,50
(Grinding Death poison from Cuba! Total bombardment!)
CONFESSOR "Unravelled" CD        ¬ 9,00***
CONQUEROR "War.Cult.Supremacy" Double CD €13,00
CONSPIRATOR "Exorcism" CD ¬ 11,00
(Ex-WITCHBURNER's Tankred Best returns with a new 80s style German Thrash band)
CORONER "No More Color" US-CD €11,50
CORPSESSED "The Dagger and the Chalice" US-MCD €8,50
(Six tracks, 24 minutes, "The Dagger and the Chalice" is pure death metal. No gimmicks, no keyboards, just rotten death metal the way it should be)
CORPSE GRINDER "Apocalyptic Terror"  Digipack CD  €11,50
(Ancient Brazilian death Metal assault)
CORPSE GRINDER  Hail to Death Metal legion  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50 
(Third álbum from brazilian total old school Death Metal warriors!! 20 years inside the  brazilian underground, the band iskeeping the allegiance and essence of its music)
CORPUS CHRISTI "Tormented Belief" CD        ¬ 9,50***
CORPUS CHRISTI "The Torment Continues" CD   ¬ 9,50***
CORPUS CHRISTI "In League with Black Metal" CD ¬ 9,50***
CORPUS CHRISTI "The Fire God" CD ¬ 9,50***
(Re-release of the long sold out second album plus bonus tracks  from the also long time sold out   master of&   7  EP ) 
COUNTESS "The Return of the Horned One" CD     ¬ 11,50
(the rare second album back in stock! Incl. "bloed in de Sneuw". Raw Black Metal, original and mean!)
COUNTESS "Blazing Flames Of War"CD €11,50
COUNTESS "Burning Scripture" CD €11,50
COUNTESS "On Wings Of Defiance" CD €11,50
COUNT RAVEN "Mammons War" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album from Sweden's COUNT RAVEN. Pure Heavy Metal Doom!)
COUNT RAVEN "Storm Warning " CD    ¬ 11,50
(Doom / old Heavy Metal for all fans into old OZZY, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, BLACK SABBATH!)
COUNT RAVEN "Destruction of the Void " CD   ¬ 11,50
COUNT RAVEN "High on Infinity " CD  ¬ 11,50
COUNT RAVEN "Messiah of Confusion" CD   ¬ 11,50
CRAFT "Terror Propaganda" CD €11,50 
CRAFT "Total Soul Rape" CD €11,50
CRIMSON GLORY "The Last Night In Japan" Colombia CD   ¬ 9,50***
(Live Club Monster Kawaguchi Saitama  23-12-89)
CRIMSON MASSACRE "The Luster of Pandemonium" US-CD ¬ 9.50***
CRITERION "The Dominant" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Old School Death Metal from Norge) 
CROSS "Metal From Above" CD ¬ 11,50
(Contains 5 tracks from the 1986 "Metal from Above" demo tape (a total of 35 minutes!) remastered for better quality plus 3 bonus tracks recorded live in 1988, presented to you raw but powerful. Epic Heavy Metal with good energy!)
CRUCIAMENTUM "Engulfed in Desolation" MCD €9,50
CRUCIAMENTUM "Convocation of Crawling Chaos" MCD €9,50
CRUCIFIED MORTALS "Converted by Decapitation" US-CD  ¬ 11,00***
(Cool new Thrash/Death force, sometimes with a voice like on 1st CARNIVORE!)
CRUCIFIED MORTALS" Crucified Mortals" US-CD €11,50
CRUCIFIER (Usa) / THRONEUM (Pol) / SATHANAS (Usa) / BESTIAL MOCKERY (Swe) "Deep Grave Dungeons" split CD ¬ 11,00
(Rehearsals - old but also brand new, exclusive tracks!)
CRUCIFIER "Stronger Than Passing Time" CD ¬ 11,50
CRUCIFYRE "Infernal Earthly Divine" Singapore Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
CRUEL FORCE " Rise of the Satanic Might" US-CD €11,50
(The debut album. Comes with thick booklet. Teutonic Thrash with a touch of BATHORY /DESTRUCTION)
CRUX "Rev Smrti" CD   ¬ 11,50
(CRUX was founded by ROOT's Petr  Blackosh  Hoaek between 1988-89.REV SMRTI is a total outburst of dark creativity and sheer aggression, a Thrashing Blackness in the vein of the first albums of  ROOT, MASTERS HAMMER and BATHORY s "The Return", etc. Incl. bonus tracks, 20 page booklet. etc)
CRYING STEEL "The Steel is back!" CD     ¬ 9,50***
(Return of one of the  most important italian band of the '80 after 20 years. Total 80s Metal attack! But like the old German Metal bands with good powerful riffs, double bass thunder and a good, melodical voice)
CRYPT OF KERBEROS "World of Myths"Singapore CD €11,50
CRYPTBORN "in the Grasp of the Starving Dead" US CD €11,50
(Death Metal in the early 90s Finnish /Swedish style. Dark and heavy)
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Convicted" US-CD (sealed)        ¬ 12,00
(the debut album, raw fast material. Plus the "Life in Grave" Demo and some live songsas bonus)
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Money Talks" US-CD (sealed)   ¬ 12,00
(the second album plus 5 Rehearsal Tracks from 1988 plus 4 live songs as bonus)
CRYPTICUS "They Called Me Mad" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(2nd album, cult oldschool death metal in the vein of Demigod, Demilich, Abhorrence(Finland), early-Dismember, etc.) 
(9 songs of pure Horror Death Metal, artwork by "Putrid")
CRYPTOPY "Blasphemy Made Flesh" CD €11,50
CRYPTOPY "None to Vile" CD €11,50
CUCHILLA GRANDE " Purificacion " Argentinian CD €11,50
(Heavy Metal with Spanish lyrics) 
CULPRIT "Guilty as Charged" CD     ¬ 11,50
(inkl. 3 bonustracks)
CULT OF DAATH "Under the Cover of the Triumphant Holocaust" US-CD ¬ 11,00
(Old recordings from 2000/2001. Raw stuff! Numbered to 1000 copies)
CULT OF DAATH "The Grand Torturers of Hell" US-CD  ¬ 9,50***
(purest black steel of the perverse kind!!)
CULT OF DAATH "Slit Throats and Ritual Nights" US-CD  ¬ 11,00***
(Great perverse and powerful Blackened Metal, primitive but efffective as hell. Becoming quite rare as the label is no more...)
CULTES DES GHOULES (POL) "Häxan"  ¬ 11,50
CULTUS SANGUINE "The Sum of All Fears" CD  ¬ 8,00***
(Spiritual brothers of MONUMENTUM but with a more fucked up voice)
CURSE "Cursed by thy Name" MCD    ¬ 5,00 
(Icelandic Black Metal coldness in the nordic tradition. Bit like old IMMORTAL mixed with melancholical touches) 
CUTTY SARK "Die Tonight" CD      ¬ 14,00
(German Hardrock Power on HIGH VAULTAGE. As always, very deluxe booklet and bonus material)
CYCLONE "Brutal Destruction" CD           ¬ 11,50
(Belgian Thrash from 1986. Like 1st EXODUS versus old SLAYER! Incl. "In the Grip of Evil")
CYPHER SEER "Awakening Day" US-CD     ¬ 11,50
DAEMONLORD (Spain) "Of War and Hate" CD  ¬ 11,50***
DAMIEN "Angel Juice" CD ¬ 11,50
DAMIEN THORNE "The Sign of the Jackal + Demos" CD €13,00
(Deluxe High Vaultage version. MId 80s US Metal with a touch of evil)
DAMIEN THORNE "Haunted Mind" US-CD    ¬ 11,00 
(the Damien returned with good dark Heavy Metal!)
DAMNATION (Canada) "Speed Anarchy" US-CD ¬ 11,50
DAMNATION (Poland) "Resurrection of Azarath" CD    ¬ 7,00***
DAMNATIONS HAMMER "Disciples of the Hex" CD + Patch €12,00
DANTESCO "De la Mano de la Muerte" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(A blend of CANDLEMASS, ROOT and MERCYFUL FATE, with Spanish lyrics)
DARKEST HATE WARFRONT (BRA) "The Aftermath" CD  ¬ 9,50***
(thrash/black metal
DARKEST HATE WARFRONT (BRA)" Satanic Annihilation Kommando" CD ¬ 9,50*** 
(brutal black metal)
DARK ANGEL "Darkness Descends" CD €9,50
(One of the heaviest Thrash explosions ever! )
DARK FORTRESS "Tales From Eternal Dusk" US- CD    ¬ 9,00*** 
DARK FORTRESS "Profane Genocidal Creations US - CD    ¬ 9,00*** 
DARK FUNERAL "In the Sign" MCD €8,50
(One of the best moments of old DARK FUNERAL. Incl. the two BATHORY coverversions as bonus trax)
DARK QUARTERER "War Tears" CD         ¬ 11,50
(Reissue for the 1993 album by prog/Epic gods from Italy Contains 2 bonus videoclip!)
DARKMOON WARRIOR "In Fundis Inferiorum" Digi M-CD     ¬ 9,00***
(German black metal in the old way.With members of ETERNITY, etc)
DARKNESS "Deathsquad + 7 Bonus Tracks" CD        ¬ 11,50
(The debut album, total German Thrash in the vein of KREATOR and other German cult acts, recorded 1987. Includes raw Demo "The Evil Curse" '85 and other bonus material)
DARKNESS "Defenders of Justice + 8 Bonus Tracks" CD ¬ 11,50
(Second album, Ruhrpott-Thrash attack. Incl. the "Titanic War" Demo + other rare bonus material) 
DARKNESS "Conclusion and revival + 9 Bonustracks" CD       ¬ 11,50
(the last album plus 9 bonus tracks)
DARKNESS "Live in Bocholt +  Bonustracks" CD     ¬ 11,50
DARKTHRONE "F.O.A.D." CD (Sealed) ¬ 13,00
(No words are needed, old school 80s Black Metal at its best) 
DARKTHRONE "The Cult is Alive + Too Old Too Cold" Brazil CD (+ extra slipcase)  ¬ 12,00
DARKTHRONE "Baptised in Blood" Ecuadorian CD        ¬ 12,00 
(Old demo recordings, 13 songs from their early period up to "Under a Funeral Moon". Good sound. Numbered to 300 copies)
DARKTHRONE "Total Death" CD  ¬ 12,00
DARKTHRONE "Sardonic Wrath" CD     ¬ 12,00
DARKTHRONE "Ravishing Grimness" CD        ¬ 13,00 
DARKTHRONE "Plaguewielder" Digipack CD        ¬ 12,00 
(Trad. Black Metal cult. Digipack + booklet!) 
DARVULIA "L'Alliance des Venins" CD      ¬ 9,50***
DARZAMAT (Pol)  Oniriad       CD ¬ 11,50
DAWNFALL (Ger) "Drei Räume" CD ¬ 11,50
(DAWNFALL was one of the first German Black Metal bands of the second Wave of Black Metal, early 90s) 
DAWN OF AZAZEL "The Law of the Strong" CD         ¬ 7,50***
(Extreme hardware from New Zealand!)
DAWNRIDER "Alpha Chapter" Digipack CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Doom Metal with a touch of CATHEDRAL, most of the time mid-tempo.) 
DAYMARES "Can't Get Us All" CD         ¬ 11,50
(This 11 song debut album bridges heavy and pissed off hardcore, punk rock and death'n'roll)
DEAD "Hardnaked...but Dead" CD €11,50
DEAD "In the Bondage of Vice" CD (back in stock) €11,50
DEAD (Ger) "Whorehouse of the Freaks" Japanese CD    ¬ 11,50***
(A new rotten sick strike!)
DEAD (Ger) "Les Stars Du Rock Porno" Japanese CD    ¬ 11,50***
(incl. all the Eps and rare compilation appearances! German Death!!)
DEAD CONGREGATION  "Graves of the Archangels" US-CD ¬ 11,50
DEAD CONGREGATION  "Purifying Consecrated Ground" MCD ¬ 9,50
DEAD CONSPIRACY "Gore Drenched Legacy [1987-1989]" US-CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Underground 80's Death Metal finally exhumed from the vaults!   Includes all 4 demos ('87-'89) and 2 live bonus tracks, with 18 page-booklet!)
DEAD HEAD "Kill Division" CD ¬ 11,50
DEAD HEAD "Depression Tank" CD ¬ 11,50
DEAD INFECTION "Human Slaughter..." CD ¬ 11,50 ***
DEAD TO THIS WORLD "Sacrifice" MCD €8,00
(Brandnew mini-album from Norway's crushing DEAD TO THIS WORLD. Professional and hard, grim and mean as hell)
DEADMASK "Under Luciferian Wings" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
(Melancholic old school, heavy doom rock, featuring doom maniac Dopi of Spanish MACHETAZO. With special covers added: COVEN, THE COFFINSHAKERS, ABSCESS and PENTAGRAM.)
DEALER "First Strike" CD €11,50
(NWoBHM. Come with two bonus trax)
DEALER "Bootlegged" CD €11,50
(NWoBHM. Rare recordings from 1983 - 1985. Official release)
DEATH BREATH "Stinking up the Night" Limited Gatefold Digipack CD ¬ 11,00
(Awesome old school Death band by old members of ENTOMBED. À la DEATHSTRIKE, AUTOPSY, early ENTOMBED, etc)
DEATH BREATH "Let it Stink" CD ¬ 11,00
(the total killer Mini Album plus two videos. If you love old AUTOPSY and DEATH STRIKE, then you'll worship DEATH BREATH) 
DEATHCON "Monotremata" CD ¬ 11,50***
DEATH FIST "Too Hot to Burn" CD ¬ 11,50
(German Thrash Metal in the late 80s style)
DEATHHAMMER "Onward to the Pits"    US-CD €11,50
(Norwegian Thrashers for those you love it old school and SABBAT-ical)
DEATH KARMA "A Life Not Worth Living" CD €8,50
(Numbered to 500 copies only)
DEATH SKULL  "Annihilation of the Pig" US-CD ¬ 11,50 
(Crushing Death War Metal from Chile featuring members of ATOMICIDE) 
DEATHMASK "Exhumation" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(US Metal from the 80s. Rare materials. Bit like EXCITER versus VENOM and mid 80s US Metal)
DEATH ROW (PENTAGRAM)"Alive in Death" Double CD € 15,00
(DEATH ROW was the cult Horror Doom Metal band that later was re-named PENTAGRAM. This Double CD is a piece of Doom Metal history. With rare unreleased songs such as "Committed to Vengeance", "Walk Through Shadows", etc. Live and Demo material from 1980 to 1982. Pricy essential release for maniacs into HEAVY Music in the BLACK SABBATH tradition! )
DEATHROW "Riders of Doom (Satan's Gift)" CD (+ Bonus)        ¬ 11,50
DEATHROW "Raging Steel" CD (+ Bonus)   ¬ 11,50
DEATH SEA "Imagination World" Digipack CD €11,50 
(from 1994 . DEATH SEA was a band inspired by DEATH, PESTILENCE, CYNIC, ATHEIST, NOCTURNUS; etc. Lim 500)
DEATH STRIKE "Fuckin' Death" CD w/bonus tracks €11,50
(Active from 1984 to 1985, Fuckin' Death represented one of death metal's earliest recordings. Comes with 4 additional never-before-released rehearsal bonus tracks to the mix. Additionally, the layout is comprised of an eight-page booklet featuring the intended original gold pantone color cover)
DEATHSPAWN DESTROYER "The First Bestial Butchery" CD ¬ 8,00***
DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Manifestations 2000-2001" CD ¬ 11,50
DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Manifestations 2002" CD  ¬ 11,50
(The rare Split LP on CD)
DEATHWITCH "Deathfuck Rituals" CD ¬ 11,50
DEATHWITCH "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy" Cd   ¬ 11,00***
DEATH YELL "Morbid Rites" US-CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Great collection from this old early 90s black infernal force!)
DEATH WARRANT "Time of Dying" US CD ¬ 11,50
DEBAUCHERY "Dead Scream Symphony" US-MCD    ¬ 7,00 
DECAYED "Blasphemic Offering - The Singles 1993-2011" DOUBLE CD €15,00
(Massive  45 Track (!!!)  collection with all rare EP,Split EP and compilation tracks alongside many  exclusive and unreleased recordings including 4 brand new tracks with DESASTER's Tormentor on drums.
Ancient Black Metal as it should be - BATHORY, VENOM, CELTIC FROST!!!!) 
DECAYED / DARKNESS "United in Blasphemy"  Split CD     ¬ 8,50 (SPECIAL PRICE)
(this is BLACK METAL! )
DECAYED " Resurrectionem Mortuorum" CD ¬ 11,50
(Reissue of this Black Metal classic from 1996.  This album is a mix of  BATHORY  classics such as "The Return" and "Under the Sign of the Black Mark". Many old rare recordings have been added to take the running time to over 70 minutes. Comes with 16 page booklet)
DECAYED "The Black Metal Flame" CD   ¬ 11,50
(New crushing and raging studio album from one of South Europe's most faithful Black Metal band!)
DECAYED (Por) / THUGNOR (Por) Split CD   ¬ 11,50***
DECAYED  Under Hecate's Spell  CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Originally meant to be a MCD, but filled up with lots of bonus material)
DECAYED "Hexagam" CD ¬ 11,50
(new CD from the Portuguese veterans. Purest Black Metal mayhem in the old true style)
DECAYED/XERIÓN Split CD        ¬ 9,50***
(DECAYED's sold out "Hymns to Satan" EP + bonus track and XERION's Black Thrash attack. Lim. 500 copies)
DECEASED "Supernatural Addiction" US-CD w/ Bonus Tracks €11,50
DECEASED "Surreal Overdose" Chinese CD €11,50
(One of the Death metal highlights from 2011 deluxe edition with poster) 
DECEASED "Fearless Undead Machine" DoCD (+ Patch) ¬ 13,00
DECEASED "Worship The Coffin Double" Chinese CD €15,00
DECEASED "Return to the Evil Side" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(Their fuckin' raw 1986 demo + an old live show from 1989. If you love the old 80s aggression of the underground, this is for you!!!)
DECEASED "As the Weird Travel On" US-CD ¬ 9,50***
(New Studio album after 5 years!!!)
DECEASED "The Blueprints For Madness" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(old school Death Metal from US! Re-Release with one Bonus Track)
DECEASED "Corpses, Souls + Other Strangeness" US-CD        ¬ 11,50*** 
(Incl. the rare "Luck of the Corpse" MLP, "The Thirteen Frightened Souls" and 4 bonus tracks)
DECEASED "Behind the Mourner's Veil" US-CD        ¬ 11,50 
DECEIVER "Thrashing Heavy Metal" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
DECEIVER "s/t" MCD  ¬ 7,00
(thrashing Metal with Black touches, all early 90s style and done in a serious way. 30 minutes playing time) 
DECEIVER "Riding with the reaper" CD ¬ 11,00***
(Black Speed mayhem)
DECEMBER FLOWER "When All Life Ends" LP + Poster €15,00
DECIMATOR "Bloodstained" Brazilian CD €11,50 
(New album from Brazilian artillery DECIMANTOR. Fast, Heavy and Thrash Metal assault)
DECIMATOR "Killing Tendency (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
(New brazilian band. Mix of 80s KREATOR, ATTOMICA and aggressive US Thrash . Very authentic and well played)
DECREPITAPH "Forgotten Scriptures - The Collection" CD €11,00
(Collection of all the EP/ Split EP/ Split LP trax plus one unreleased song. 13 songs in total)
DECREPITAPH "Profane Doctrines Unburied" US-CD €11,50 
(brand new 3rd album! heavier and more crushing than ever before!)
DEEP SWITCH "Nine Inches of God" US-CD   ¬ 9,50***
(Late NWoBHM with an obscure expression)
DEER CREEK/ RAWRADARWAR CD        ¬ 12,00***
DEFECATION "Intention Surpassed" CD ¬ 11,50
(Mitch Harris returns with another strike!)
DEGIAL "Death's Striking Wings" CD €11,50
(new Death Metal Hammer on SEPULCHRAL VOICE Records)
DEICIDE "In Torment Hell" CD    ¬ 11,00 
(Glen Benton defends the faith! Still first class) 
DEICIDE "Scars of he Crucifix" CD    ¬ 12,00 
(Brandnew album, DEICIDE strike with pure possession! Really awesome what those chieves have created here... 110% professional!)
DEIPHAGO "Satan Alpha Omega" US CD €11,50
DIOCLETIAN "Annihilation Rituals" CD €11,50
DEKAPITATOR "The Storm before the Calm" US-CD   ¬ 11,50
(Long awaited second album. Very well played, skilled 80s Thrash Metal like a mix of POSSESSED and EXODUS, on a great technical level)
DELIRIUM (NL) "Zzooouhh" CD (back in stock) €11,50 
(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! One of the hidden treasures of early 90s HEAVY Dutch Death Metal. DELIRIUM is a perfect mix of old ASPHYX (demo days and "Embrace the Death"), HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST and early SLAYER. 12 pages booklet)
DEMIGOD "Let Chaos Prevail"  CD       ¬ 11,50
(Long awaited 3rd album of finnish Death Metal legends!! Intense, crushing & technical Death with Thrash hints of the highest quality, setting new standards with their unique & original vision, this album will become an instant classic)
DEMILICH "Nespithe" CD €11,50
(Cult Death! Incl. bonus trax)
DEMOLITION HAMMER "Epidemic of Violence"  CD €11,50
(incl. 5 live bonus tracks)
DEMOLITION HAMMER "Tortured Existence" CD €11,50
(Incl. 4 live bonus tracks)
DEMON PACT "Released from Hell" CD €12,00
(19 tracks, NWoBHM. Comes with superthick booklet)
DEMONIAC "Prepare for War" CD €11,50
(New Zealand's Black Heavy Metal madmen. Comes with bonus songs)
DEMONCY  "Empire of the Fallen Angel" US-CD    ¬ 12,00 
(the return of one of USA's darkest infernal hordes) 
DEMONICAL (Swe) "Hellsworn" CD ¬ 11,50
DEMONICAL (Swe) "Death Infernal" CD €11,50
DEMONICAL (Swe) "Servants of the Unlight" CD   ¬ 11,50***
DEMON REALM " A legend of Power" CD ¬ 7,50***
(fast shrieky Black Metal with non-stop aggression. On BLAZING Prod.)
DEMONS GATE "same" MCD €8.50
(obscure heavy doom metal from Australia
DENEB (Pol)  "Exoriare Aliquis Nostris Ex Ossibus Ultor" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Death Metal from Poland)
DENIAL OF GOD "Death and the Beyond" US CD €11,50
DENIAL OF GOD "Horrors of Satan" CD + slipcase     ¬ 12,00
(Original first pressing with nice extra slipcase)
DENIAL OF GOD "Horrors of Satan" CD (re-issue)   ¬ 11,50***
DENIAL OF GOD "The Red Terror" CD €11,50
(Limited to 500. 40 minutes of Black Horror Metal. One brandnew song + unreleased versions of older songs)
DENIAL OF GOD "The Ghouls of D.O.G." MCD €9.00
(Rare out of print MCD)
DENIAL OF GOD "Klabautermanden" MCD €9.00
(Rare out of print MCD)
DENIM AND LEATHER   Watch out !!!  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(11 tracks of the purest Heavy Metal influenced for bands from  N.W.O.B.H.M, including to cover of Evil Games (ANGEL WITCH)
DEN SAAKALDTE "All Hail Pessimism" CD ¬ 11,50***
(the title says it all... Black Metal hammering)
DENIAL FIEND  "They Rise" US-Digipack CD with bonus DVD ¬ 14,00
(MASSACRE's Kam Lee with his new Horror Death Punk assault) 
DENIAL FIEND "Horror Holocaust" CD €11,50
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE "Almighty Arcanum" US-CD €11,50
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE (Australia) "Hells Infantry " MCD ¬ 9,00
(Oztralian War Metal in the vein of DESTROYER 666, BESTIAL WARLUST, etc)
DESASTER "The Arts of Destruction" Brazilian CD+ DVD (liveshows)  €13,50
DESASTER "Tyrants of the Netherworld" CD ¬ 11,00 
(The Crownjewel of the period with old singer Okkulto!)
DESASTER "Angelwhore" CD        ¬ 8,50
DESCEREBRATION (Bra) "The Crusaders 666" CD ¬ 11,50
(Old death metal, keeping the tradition of bands as SARCOFAGO, SEX TRASH & EXPULSER) 
DESCEREBRATION (Bra) "Underground Victory" Brazilian CD        ¬ 12,00
(Old Death Metal that keeps the tradition of SARCOFAGO, SEXTRASH, EXPULSER, etc. alive!)
DESTRÖYER 666 "Violence is the Prince of the World" Australian CD ¬ 11,50
(The very first attack of DESTRÖYER 666... incl."The Eternal Glory of War". Includes 5 bonus tracks)
DESTRÖYER 666 "Cold Steel for an Iron Age" CD €11,50
DESTRÖYER 666 "Phoenix Rising" CD €11,50
DESTRÖYER 666 "Defiance" lim. DIGIPACK CD ¬ 9,50 
(The brandnew studio album at a very special price!!!)
DESTRÖYER 666 "Terror Abraxas" MCD ¬ 8,50
(Incl. the übersong "Trialed by Fire")
DESULTORY "Counting Our Scars" CD + extra Slipcase ¬ 11,50
(Singapore Import. The return of Swedish Death Metal legends DESULTORY!)
DEVASTACION  " Maquinarias/ decadencia (demos) " CD Argentinian CD €11,50 
(The raw demos! Essential for fans of old /early  SEPULTURA, VULCANO, etc! Aggressive Argentinian Thrash Hammers) 
DEVASTACION  " Resistiendo al engaño" Argentinian CD €11,50
(One of Argentinia's most popular Thrash/ Death forces, Sung in Spanish)
DEVASTACION "...Qué Lo Pario" Argentinian CD  ¬ 12,00
(Great professional Death-Thrash from this Argentinian band from the  80s, reminding of SODOM and old ROOT!!!)
DEVASTATION (Chicago)   "Total Fucking Ripping Death" US-CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Chicagoland 80's Death Metal available on CD for the very first time!! A piece of metal history that must NOT be ignored! Features their previously unreleased "Untitled 1987 LP" along with their 2 cult demos "A Creation of My Ripping Death -1986" and "A Re-Creation of My Ripping Death -1987"! Great metal sound with liner notes, band pics, and 14 tracks total from Hell's Headbangers)
DEVASTATION (CHICAGO) "Dispensible Bloodshed" Brazil-3cd boxset   €25,00
(Together with POSSESSED and DEATH, here we have the forefathers of thrashing Death Metal from 1986. This 3 CD box contains ALL songs ever recorded by this band, including some that were only played live, but have never been recorded. Inside the box extensive liner notes with bio, pictures, flyers and also a sticker. A definite MUST HAVE for all 80s DEATH THRASHERS!)
DEVASTATION "Complete Devastation 1978`1989"  Chinese CD (+ OBI) ¬ 11,50
(Cult Thrash metal from ex-Yugoslavia. Comes with MEGA-thick booklet)
DEVASTATION "Signs of Life" CD €11,00
DEVASTATOR "The End" US-CD €11,50
(Re-issue! If you love dirty Black Thrash in the vein of SODOM's "Obsessed By Cruelty" and old KREATOR, check out this band! Incl. bonus track. 80 minutes of aaaargh!)
DEVASTATOR "The Summoning" US CD ¬ 11,50
(Total old school dirty Black Thrash Speed attack in the vein of old SODOM, 1st KREATOR, NECROMANTIA,etc)
DEVASTATOR "Nocturnal Slut" US-CD ¬ 11,50 
(brand new full length black thrash ritual in vein of VENOM, SABBAT, RAZOR; SODOM, etc)
DEVASTATOR "Conjuring Evil" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(Total Underground Black Thrash attack. Like SODOM's "Obsessed by Cruelty" versus old Greek Black Metal à la NECROMANTIA, etc! )
DEVASTATOR "Nuclear Profilation" US-CD  ¬ 11,00
(One hour of serious aggressive and raw Thrash Metal from the USA. Well,played, with sharp speed-riffs and a nasty voice. Thrashers, check it out!)
DEVASTATOR / BLASPHEMER "Nuclear War/ Race of the Cursed Seed" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
DEVIANT (Swe) -"Apathyphus" MCD (Brutal Death Metal) ¬ 8,00
DEVIL (Nor) "Time To Repent" CD €11,50
DEVIL LEE ROT "A Little Devil Ain't Enough/ Hellscraper" CD    ¬ 11,00 
DEVIL LEE ROT "Metal Dictator/ Soldiers of Hell" CD    ¬ 11,00 
("Two in One" album, Blackened Heavy Metal with NWoBHM influences) 
DEVIL LEE ROT "Metalizer" CD   ¬ 11,00 
(Very NWoBHM -influenced music with touches of very old IRON MAIDEN, mixed with DEVIL LEE's unique voice)
DEVIL LEE ROT "The Devil Has Landed" Colombian CD        6,50***
(Live + 2 special studio songs, numbered to 1.000)
DEVIL ON EARTH  Hunting, Shooting, Slashing and Thrashing  Brazil CD  ¬ 11,50
(fast Thrash Metal influenced for the old school of the style. Are nine tracks including a cover version for the classic "Possessed by Fire"(EXUMER). Bonus: "Cold Reality" Demo)
DEVILYN "Anger" CD    ¬ 11,00 ***
(Ultraprofessional dark brutal Death from Poland) 
DEVILYN "Reborn in Pain" CD    ¬ 9,50 ***
(Old VADER get competition with this ripping band) 
DEVISER "Unspeakable Cults" CD €11,50
(Black Metal from 1996/1997 from one of Greece's oldest bands. Like old ROTTING CHRIST/ NECROMANTIA/ KAWIR, etc )
DHAK " Se decide justicia " Argentinian CD €11,50
(Traditional Heavy Metal with Spanish lyrics. Reminds a bit of JUDAS PRIEST. feat. member of TREN LOCO)
DHAK  " Furia demencial " Argentinian CD €11,50
DIABOLI "Invocation" CD ¬ 11,50
DIABOLI "Mesmerized by Darkness" CD        ¬ 11,00 
(The Finnish Grim 'n' fast Black Metal horde. Deluxe Cd-version with extra paper-cover packing) 
DIABOLIC "Chaos In Hell/Possessed By Death" US-CD €11,50
(The return of Florida’s DIABOLIC!  Features 9 new tracks, plus a CD-Rom video track.  Supreme Satanic death metal! 
DIABOLIC "Excisions of Exorcisms" CD €11,50
(The 5th full-length album from Florida's death metal legends DIABOLIC! Satanic death metal at blasphemous speeds!)
DIABOLIC "Vengeance Ascending" CD      ¬ 11,00
DIABOLIC FORCE "March to Calvary" CD ¬ 11,50
DIABOLIC FORCE "Old School Attack" CD ¬ 11,50
(Total 80s Thrash, influences from SODOM, etc. straight from Brazil)
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE "Death's Design" CD (soundtrack!) ¬ 11,50***
DIAMOND HEAD "Lightning to the Nations" CD   ¬ 14,00
(NWoBHM masters, the source where METALLICA secretly got their riffs from,  with 7 rare bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
DIAMOND HEAD "Borrowed Time" Japanese CD      ¬ 13,00
DIAMOND HEAD "Canterbury" CD ¬ 12,50
(NWoBHM and DIAMOND HEAD at its best)
DIE HARD "Conjure the Legions" CD €11,50
DIE HARD "Nihilistic Vision" CD ¬ 11,50
DIOCLETIAN "Contra Omne" CD (back in stock) €11,50
DIOCLETIAN "War of All Against All" CD €11,50
(Long awaited new album!)
DISGORGE (Mex) "Gorelics" Mexico CD €11,50
(Demo/ rare trax compilation which show the roots of this vomit machine. Comes with nice booklet)
DISGORGE (mex) "Gore Blessed To The Worms"        CD ¬ 11,50
(The mexicans leaders of the most brutal, filthy and merciless Gore Death/Grind on planet earth are back with their 4th opus!! Most probably their best album to date!! Lovers of their previous albums will praise this masterpiece!!)
DISHAMMER "Vintage Addiction" US -CD ¬ 11,50
DISINCARNATE "Dreams of the Carrion Kind" CD ¬ 11,50
(Dark technical Death Metal with James Murphy of Ex-DEATH/ OBITUARY/ CANCER. Incl. 3 demo bonustracks)
DISINTER "As We Burn" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Demonic Death Metal killer from USA)
DISINTER (Peru) "Hell-Gate" Peru-CD        ¬ 12,00 
DISINTER (Peru) "Laments of the Unborn" Peru-CD        ¬ 8,00 
(Brutal dark Death Metal from the Peruvian deserts, old material from late 80s, etc....... Import) 
DISMANTLE "Enter the Forbidden" Chinese CD €11,50
(The second album. Bay area style thrash à la EXODUS, FORBIDDEN and a bit of SLAYER)
DISMEMBER "Like an Everflowing Stream" CD €11,50
(The 1st album when Swedish Death Metal was at its zenith! Incl. binus material)
DISMEMBER "Where Ironcrosses Grow" CD €11,50
DISSIMULATION [LTU) "Prakeikimas" CD  ¬ 11,50
DISSIMULATION [LTU) "MaRaS" Digipack CD    ¬ 11,50
DISSECTION "Reinkaos" CD      ¬ 11,50
DISSECTION "The Past is Alive (the early Mischief)" CD (sealed) €11,50
(Early material from the band before their debut album)
DISTRAUGHT "Behind The Veil"  Brazil CD €11,50
(Brazilian Thrash)
DIVINA INFERIS "Aura Damnation" CD ¬ 11,50
(Abyssic Black Metal with an instrumental touch of old BURZUM)
DIVINE EVE "Vengeful and Obstinate" US-MCD  ¬ 9,00***
(Great old type Doomy Death attack. An absolute "MUST HAVE" for fans of WINTER/ old SAMAEL, CIANIDE, etc etc.)
DIVINE EVE "Upon these Ashes Scorn the World" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(Founded early 90s, this old style US Death Metal band offers a CD with a collection of their material. Bloody heavy stuff in the old style)
DODSFERD "Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey  US- CD ¬ 9,50***
(Dirty & Diseased Black & Roll)
DODSFERD "Cursing Your Will To Live" US-CD ¬ 9,50***
(Grim Black & Roll )
DODSFERD/MORTOVATIS Until Your World Go Down  Split US- CD ¬ 11,00***
(Greek Black Metal despair Meets Anti-cosmic Black Metal Drone!)
DOLORIAN "Voidwards" Digipack CD        ¬ 11,50
DOM DRACUL (Se) "Attack On The Crucified" Ltd. Digipack CD       ¬ 11,50
DOOMED (USA) "Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(DOOMED consisted of Chris and Danny from AUTOPSY. The CD contains both 7" EP's  plus bonus track. Fans of AUTOPSY/ABSCESS should not miss this great collection of filthy punk fuelled death!)
DOOMED (Germany) "The Ancient Path" Digipack CD €11,50
(German Death Dooooom. Very promising band. For those who love EVOKEN, THERGOTHON, SPECTICISM, etc. Handnumbered to 1000, includes bonus track)
DOOMRAISER "Lords of Mercy" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Italian heavy but melodical Doom Metal with Danzig-style of Vocals. They call their music "Heavy drunken Doom")
DOOMSTONE "Satanavoice" CD             ¬ 9,50 
(Black Heavy Metal) 
DRAGONSLAYER "s/t" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(This long-forgotten band from the N.W.O.B.H.M. is finally un-earthed for the first time ever since the 80 s. There s a huge early JUDAS PRIEST influence here, also the usual SCORPIONS, UFO, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH influence as well.) 
DRAUGAR "Weathering the Curse" US-CD        ¬ 11,50
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Merciless Hammer of Lucifer" Double-CD ¬ 13,00
(w/ "Crusaders of Blasphemy" CD as bonus)
DRAWN AND QUARTERED To Kill Is Human  US-CD ¬ 11,00***
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Assault Of Evil" DVD ¬ 16,00
(Total dark F*cking Death Metal Storm !!! The first official DVD from Northwest Death Metal Icons Drawn And Quartered. Filmed in Seattle and Tacoma WA on their 2008 headlining US Tour, "Assault of Evil" is certain to bludgeon the most discerning Death-head! Bonus features include 3 music videos, 4 "bootleg" shows, photo gallery, discography and more.)
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Feeding Hell's Furnace" CD €11,50
DRAWN AND QUARTERED SUMMON "Return of the Black Death" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
DRAWN AND QUARTERED SUMMON "Hail Infernal Darkness" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
DRAWN AND QUARTERED SUMMON "Extermination Revelry" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(Death Metal all the way!  morbid, mean, brutal and arrrghh)
DREAM DEATH "Pittsburgh Sludge Metal" US-Digipack CD (sealed) ¬ 12,00
(Live Show from 1986)
DREAMHUNTER "The Hunt is on" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Hard 'n' Heavy with strong guitar and powerful vocals! In the vein of R.J.Dio, Rainbow and Maiden!)
DREAMING "II"  CD       ¬ 11,50
(Old School Doom Metal, well played with good vocals and guitarwork. For fans into SAINT VITUS,  WITCHFINDER GENERAL etc)
DREPHJARD (Nor)      "Sorgsvart" MCD       ¬ 9,00
DRIFTER "The Demos: 1985 + 1986" US-CD 7,50***
(Swiss Speed/Thrash Metal attack. Two demos on one CD, 53 minutes of good quality with sung vocals. Nice layout)
DRILLER KILLER "And the Winner is..." CD ¬ 11,50
DRILLER KILLER "The Fuck Humangrenade" CD ¬ 11,50
DRILLER KILLER "Total Fuckin' Brutalized" Digipack    ¬ 11,50
DRILLER KILLER "Cold, Cheap and Disconnected" Digipack  ¬ 11,50
DRILLER KILLER "The 4Q Mangrenade" CD   ¬ 11,50
DRILLER KILLER "Reality Bites" CD    ¬ 11,50
DRIPPING "Bring the Suffering" US-CD ¬ 9,50***
(Demos , Promos , and Unreleased Studio Session contains two demos of DRIPPING and as well as two pre- band CADAVERMENT , cover by Mike Majewski)
DROWNED "Viscera Terrae" MCD ¬ 9,00
(Germany's best new band after NECROS CHRISTOS! Total dark Death Metal) 
DROWNED "Butchery Age" Brazil CD    ¬ 11,50*** 
DROWNING THE LIGHT (Australia) "Of Celtic Blood And Satanic Pride" CD ¬ 11,50
DRUDKH (Ukr) "Microcosmos" Digipack CD ¬ 12,00
DRUDKH (Ukr) "Estrangement" CD ¬ 11,50
DRUDKH (Ukr) "Songs of Grief and Solitude" CD ¬ 11,50
DRUDKH (Ukr) "Autumn Aurora" CD    ¬ 11,00
(Hymnic Pagan Metal with strong atmosphere, bit like GRAVELAND)
DRUDKH (Ukr) "Blood in our Wells" CD  ¬ 11,50
DRUDKH (Ukr) "Forgotten Legends" CD    ¬ 11,50
DUSK (Hun) "Deathgate" CD     ¬ 11,50
EARTHRIDE "Something Wicked" Digipack CD €11,50
EGZEKUTHOR "Czas Sumienia"1988 CD €11,50
(Thrash with SLAYER and old KAT feeling. 9 technical songs plus unreleased stuff like "demo 1987" + 1 live track from Thrash Metal Camp 1988. THICK booklet!)
EGZEKUTHOR-"Hateful Subconsciousness " 1991 CD  €11,50
(18 murderous tracks straight from Thrash Metal Hell. Classic aggressive Polish Thrash. THICK booklet!)
EJECUTOR/ ATOMICIDE  in 7"inch size Sleeve (Chile Import) ¬ 11,00
(Two South American hordes sharing one album. Total South American wrath and Speed Death Metal hell. Primitive, raw and arrrghhh)
EKRON CULT "Queen of the Luxury" in 7"inch Gatefold Sleeve (Chile Import) ¬ 11,00
(Dark Black Speed Metal from Paraguay, typical South American wrath mixed with Greek bands à la PIRANHA, etc)
ELITE "Bifrost" CD       ¬ 11,50
ELITE "Kampen" CD      ¬ 11,50
ELITE "Bifrost" Digi CD ¬ 12,00
ELIXIR (UK) "Live" CD (17 songs!)   ¬ 11,50
ELIXIR (UK) "Sovereign Remedy" CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Back in stock! Second album, finished in 1988 but first released in 1990 by Sonic records under the name "Lethal potion".
Here's finally a cd version under the original name "Sovereign remedy". ltd 500 copies)
EMBALMED "Exalt The Imperial Beast" US-CD €11,00
(Total barbaric Black Death hammering from Mexico for fans of BESTIAL WARLUST, MYSTIFIER, etc)
EMBRACE OF THORNS "Atonement Ritual" US-CD €11,00
(Greek bestial black metal with doomy passages)
EMBRACE OF THORNS "Praying for Absolution" US-CD €11,50
(New Album)
EMPHERIS "Regain Heavens" CD    ¬ 11,50
(Blackened Thrash from Poland)
ENCOFFINATION "O' Hell, Shine in thy Whited Sepulchres" CD €11,50
(low-end funeral doom wrapped in the pure stench of death. In the vein of INCANTATION, MOPRHEUS DESCENDS, etc)
ENCOFFINATION "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" CD 
(reissue w/ bonus tracks)
END "II" CD   ¬ 7,00***
(ISO 666 release, agonising Nordic Blackness, incl. CARPATHIAN FOREST cover)
ENERGY VAMPIRES "s/t" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
(15 songs of pure powerful 80s U.S. Metal with good axe-cutioning!!! Energetic and straight in your face. With thick booklet. Nice release! Sounds like old EXCITER versus RUNNING WILD , played by skilled musicians and definitely no wanna-be's!)
ENFORCER "Violent Speed Assault" US-CD €11,50
(This is the Chilean ENFORCER! Raging Thrash with a typical South American touch)
ELIMI (Swe) "Summoned From Ashes" CD      ¬ 11,50
(True Northern Black Metal)
EMBRACE OF THORNS "Prevalence" CD ¬ 11,50
ENSHADOWED "Magic Chaos Psychedelia"Singapore CD €11,50
(New album)
ENSLAVED "Below the Light" CD   ¬ 11,50 
ENSLAVED "Eld" CD   ¬ 11,50
ENSLAVED "Bloodhemn" CD      ¬ 11,50
ENTOMBED "Left Hand Path" CD ¬ 11,50
ENTRAILS "The Tomb Awaits" CD €11,50
(BACK IN STOCK. Swedish Death Metal highlight in the early ENTOMBED vein) 
ENTRAILS "Tales From The Morgue" CD ¬ 11,50
(You'll feel 20 years back in swedish death metal time ! Morbid and bloody...for fans of NIHILST, CARNAGE, NIRVANA 2002, etc)
ENTRAILS "Tales from the Morgue" Digipack CD €11,50
EPILEPSIA "Human Race Extermination" Peru CD €11,50
(Fast Thrash Attack from Peru. This band is no retro band but already thrashing their path since 15 years. à la SODOM, EXODUS, SLAYER, KREATOR, etc)
EPILEPSIA "Thrash Again" Peruvian CD ¬ 7,50***
(Old Thrash band from Peru. Released on GOAT SEMEN's label ASTRAL HOLOCAUST!))
EQUINOX "Journey into Oblivion" CD ¬ 11,00***
(Finally back in stock. Dark old US Death Metal with Ex-ACHERON/ INCUBUS veteran Pete Slate) 
EQUINOX “As the Moon Swallows the Sun" US-CD €11,50
EQUITANT "Zeit" US-Digipack CD  ¬ 9,50
(Ex-ABSU/ DOLMEN axeman with his non Metal project)
ERAZOR "s/t" CD ¬ 11,50
(Black-Thrash Metal from the Ruhrpott area.)
EREB ALTOR "Fire Meets Ice" CD €11,50
ESOTERIC "Subconscious Dissolution Into the Continuum" CD        9,50
ESOTERIC "The Maniacal Vale" DoCD    ¬ 13,50
ETERNAL DEVASTATION- Slaughterhouse  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50 
(Eight tracks of aggressive, fast  old school Thrash/Death Metal from Brazil)
(The old superare spllt album from two ancient Ducth Death Metal bands, finally re-released again)
ETERNITY "Funeral Mass" CD        ¬ 11,50***
ETHEREAL WOODS (GB)  Thickthorn  cd    ¬ 11,50
ERESHKIGAL "Shadow's Land" Mexico CD      ¬ 11,50***
(mexican black metal with shrieky vocals)
ESTUARY "To Exist and Endure" US-CD      ¬ 11,50
(Very well played Death Metal with thrashing riffs, on IBEX MOON Rec.) 
ETHEREAL WOODS (GBr): "In the Forest of Arden" ¬ 11,50
ETHEREAL WOOD (GBr): "Kenilworth" CD ¬ 11,50
EVIL ANGEL (Fin) "Unholy Fight for Metal" CD ¬ 9,50
(bestial Finnish black thrash in the vein of SARCOFAGO, URN, CARPATHIAN FOREST, etc)   
EVIL ARMY "s/t" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(the rare debut album, re-released!) 
EVIL INCARNATE 'Waiting For His Return'  US-CD      ¬ 11,50***
EVIL INCARNATE "Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace" US-CD       ¬ 6,00*** 
EVIL MADNESS "Maze of Souls" CD €11,50
EVIL MADNESS "Rites of Blasphemy" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 300 copies. The old demos. 16 songs of Speed Metal Hell à la 1st KREATOR)
EVOCATION "s/t" Digipack CD ¬ 12,00
EVOCATION "Tales from the Tomb "CD       ¬ 11,50
EVOCATION "Apocalyptic" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album of this old Swedish Death Metal force!)
EVOKEN "Shades of Night Descending" CD ¬ 11,50
(the rare first release now available again!)
EVOKEN "Embrace the Emptiness" CD ¬ 11,50
EVOKEN "Antithesis of Light" CD        ¬ 11,50
EVOKEN "Quietus"CD        ¬ 11,50
EVOKEN "A Caress of the Void" CD ¬ 11,50
EVOKED CURSE "Merciless Revenge" Japan CD ¬ 11,50
(Ex-PAGAN RITES' axeman Sadoharri strikes back with his new force EVOKED CURSE!) 
EXCITER "Unveiling of the Wicked" CD €11,50
(Absolute masterpiece of mid 80s Metal. This is the most "metal" album  by EXCITER. Screaming vocals and pounding furious drums versus guitarriffs à la JUDAS PRIEST/ OZZY's Jake E Lee. Incl. "Invasion/ Waiting in the Dark". Comes with nice booklet with lyrics, photos, etc)
EXCITER "Long Live the Loud / Feel The Knife" CD €11,50
(The last album with the classic line up, back in 1985. Incl. the rare "Feel the Knife" Maxi as bonus. Comes with nice booklet with lyrics, photos, etc)
EXCITER "New Testament" CD      ¬ 9,50***
EXCORIATE "On Pestilent Winds" CD ¬ 11,00
(GREAT German band , total Death like ASPHYX, PESTILENCE, DEATH, etc.... best new German band since NECROS CHRISTOS)
EXECUTER  Welcome to Your Hell" Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Third Attack from this old school Thrash monster from Brazil)
EXEKRATOR  "Ordo Bestiae" CD      ¬ 11,50*** 
(Unique Black / Heavy Metal from Denmark. Includes members of VICTIMIZER)
EXPLOSICUM  "Conflict" Chinese  CD ¬ 11,50                
(In the 80s Thrash vein. Chinese band)
EXODUS (USA) "Impact is Imminent" Ecuador CD        ¬ 11,50 
(legendary thrashing death metal from 1990, Amarillo)              
EXXPLORER "Symphonies Of Steel "  CD  ¬ 11,50
(US Metal classic)
EXXPLORER "Vengeance Rides an Angry Horse" CD €11,50
EXMORTIS  “Darkened Path Revealed“  US-CD €11,50
(Maryland’s 1st Death metal  band ‘s demo Discography  release. Contains the classic  Demo and 7  ep recordings.. “ Descent  into Chaos “ Demo 1988 ,  “Immortality’s  End “ Demo 1989 , “Fade from Reality“ 7 “ ep , Rare Compilation  tracks and an Unreleased track from 1991….20 Page booklet explores  the bands material and cult artwork from Drew Elliott …)
EXORDIUM "s/t" MCD (Northern Heritage) ¬ 9,00
EXUMER "Possessed by Fire" CD ¬ 14,00
(Back in stock. HIGH VAULTAGE version with the demo as bonus)
EXUMER "Rising from the Sea" CD ¬ 14,00
(Back in stock. HIGH VAULTAGE version with three demotrax as bonus)
EZGAROTH (GRE)  "D.C.L.X.V.I.: The order" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
(Total Black Metal from this Greek band that started early 90s)
EVIL DAMN  / ABIGAIL "Apocalyptic Necroholocaust" Peru-CD         ¬ 11,50
FAAL "Abhorrence - Salvation" Digisleeve CD ¬ 12,00
(Death/ Doom Metal)
FACEBREAKER (Swe) "Bloodred Hell" CD ¬ 11,50
FACEBREAKER (Swe) "Dead, Rotten and Hungry" Singapore CD  ¬ 11,50
FAFNER/ NOMICON "Daemons of the Past" SplitCD     ¬ 8,50***
(Black Metal from 1993 - 1996!)
FALKENBACH "Heralding - The Fireblade" CD        ¬ 11,50
FALL OF THE IDOLS  "Seancé" CD ¬ 11,50 
("Séance" is Finnish Doom in its bleakest, most despairing shape)
FALL OF THE IDOLS "Womb of the Earth" CD       ¬ 11,50
(80s style old school underground CD. FANTOM is like a thrash version of TORMENTOR, while EVOKED CURSE thrash dirty and TERROR STRIKE are more like raw US Thrash!)
FARSCAPE "Killers on the Loose" CD        ¬ 11,50
(New studio album. 80s kind of Thrash Metal in the German style)
FARSCAPE "For Those Who love to Kill" CD      ¬ 11,50
FESTERED "Flesh Perversion" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(death metal in the vein of early-DEATH, AUTOPSY, MASTER, etc. features the singer from Father Befouled!)
FIEND "Black Abhorrent Metal" CD    ¬ 7,50***
FINGERNAILS "Destroy Western World" US-CD ¬ 11.50***
(FINGERNAILS return in a more heavy rockin' and more rock'n'rolly way than before!)
FINGERNAILS "Fingernails/ Hell 'N' Back" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
(Italian 80s Speed /Thrash with a motörish RAZOR sound. 69 minutes of old school Rock'n Thrash power! Cool!!!)
FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE "Impressionable sounds of the subsonic" CD ¬ 9,50***
( A band that is totally influenced by HAWKWIND, so this is something for the Space Rockers among you)
FLAME (FIN) "March into the Firelands" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Finland's secret deadly weapon FLAME with a brandnew album. Furious, harsh Black Thrash aggression, by the ex-members of URN and old BARATHRUM. Sounds like old URN collide with SARCOFAGO)
FLAMES "Merciless Slaughter" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Total furious Greek 80s Thrash Metal with megabrutal coverartwork. Includes "Cocksuckin' slave")
FLASHOVER  Superior  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Finally the second album unleashed!)
FLESH (Swe) "Worship the Soul of Disgust" Digipack CD     ¬ 12,00
FLESH "Temple of Whores" CD    ¬ 11,50
FLESH "Dodsangest" CD ¬ 11,50
(Old school Swedish Death attack, really cool. Vocals á la old CARNAGE) 
FLESH MADE SIN "Dawn of the Stillborn" CD      ¬ 4,00
(Dutch Thrashers, now for a "check out" price)
FLEURETY "Min Tid Skal Komme" CD    ¬ 5,00
(Avantgarde Black Metal from Norway anno 95!)
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "Doomsday for the Deceiver" 2CD + DVD-Boset ¬ 16,00
(The great debut album in two different versions PLUS the "Metal Shock" Demo 1985 , "Iron Tears" Demo and a DVD with an old show from 1985, interviews from 1983/1984, with many unreleased tracks. Essential for 80s-bangers!!!) 
FLUISTERWOUD "Langs Galg en Rad" US-CD ¬ 8,50***
(Finally repressed after being unavailable for several years. Comparable at times to (old) MAYHEM, ARCKANUM, DARKTHRONE, (old) SATYRICON and GORGOROTH, and includes a cover song of the drunken Belgian lunatics, LUGUBRUM)
FOETICIDE (MEX)  War, Domian & Torment" US CD      ¬ 7,50***
(Brutal but yet medolic old school Death metal with old CENOTAPH member! Incl. 2 demotrax as bonus)
FOR RUIN "December" Digipack  CD     ¬ 11,50
(Straight ahead Black/Death with touches of Thrash. Well-played!)
FÖRGJORD "Henkeen JaVereen" CD      ¬ 11,50
FORGOTTEN WOODS "Forgotten Woods/ Through the Woods" CD  ¬ 11,50
FORSAKEN "After the Fall" CD ¬ 11,50
(The fourth full length album finally unleashed upon the Doom society)
FORSAKEN "After the Fall" CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50 
FORTRESS "Modern Days Society" CD €11,50
(Debut album of thrash metal band FORTESS - combining the thrashing spirits of DEATH ANGEL / RAZOR, etc.)
FRAGILE HOLLOW (Fin)  Effete Mind  CD       ¬ 11,50
FROM BEYOND "All Thrash Breaks Loose" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Finally the first Full length full of technical aggressive Thrash aggression)
FRONT BEAST "Demon Ways Of Sorcery" US-CD €11,50
FRONT BEAST/ MEPHISTO "In League with Evil Metal" CD      ¬ 9,50*** 
FROSTRGRAVE "Hymn of the Dead" CD €11,50
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Dead and Forever Gone" CD    ¬ 7,50*** 
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Death is coming" CD    ¬ 7,50*** 
FROZEN TEARS "Nights of violence" CD      ¬ 11,50
(4th album for this Italian Metal band in traditional way of MAIDEN, PRIEST and ACCEPT)
FUNEBRE "Children of the Scorn" CD €11,50
(Total Finnish Death Metal classic from 1991, including the demo as bonus)
FUNERAL "s/t" CD ¬ 11,50*** 
(With AUTOPSY member! The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable" with Eric's trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout.Includes booklet with lyrics,liner notes by Eric Cutler etc.)
FUNEBRARUM "The Sleep of Morbid Dreams" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album, an infernal storm of true dark Death Metal!)
FUNERAL FEAST "Genocide ad Nauseam" CD ¬ 11,50***
FUNERAL WINDS  "Nexion Xul - The Cursed Bloodline" CD ¬ 11,50***
(The old Dutch Black Metal band strikes again!)
FUNERAL WINDS  "Koude Haat"  CD       ¬ 11,50***
FUNERARIUM "Nocthule"  CD ¬ 9,50***
(Second album by this strong Black Metal band from Luxembourg)
FUNERARIUM "Valley of Darkness" CD   ¬ 9,50***
(Strong and well thought Black Metal from Luxembourg!)
(Great music behind this strange name! Norwegian Black Thrash, old school, bit like a DARKTHONE/ BURZUM Mix)
FUTURE TENSE "The Final Cut" Digipack CD €12,00
(A total fave band by the NIFELHEIM twins of evil. Classic 80s material from Dutch FUTURE TENSE. Satanic Heavy Metal straight from the old days.)
GALGERAS (NL)  Booswichterij" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Debut album, recorded with Pro-studio sound and Real drummers but without lose the old true Black Metal essence. Strong vocals and atmosphere)
GALLOWS POLE "We wanna come home" CD     ¬ 12,00
(austrian Metal-classic from 1989) + 6 Bonustracks CD
GAMA BOMB "Survival of the Fastest" CD €11,50
(Fast Speed Thrash attack in the vein of 1st EXODUS and DESTRUCTOR)
GARDEN OF WORM "s/t" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Heavy Progressive Doom Metal that will satisfy fans of REVELATION/ AGAINST NATURE)
GASKIN "Edge of Madness" CD €11,50
(New album from Paul GASKIN. NWoBHM at its finest for fans of BLITZKRIEG, etc)
GENOCIDE (NIPPON) "Black Sanctuary" US-Double CD (sealed) ¬ 13,50
( A classic from 1988. Includes a second CD full of demo trax)
GHOLGOTH "Somnus Mortis Imago"  CD (limited to 1000)  ¬ 11,00
GHOST "Opus Eponymous" CD (in slipcase) 12,50
GHOSTRIDER "The Return of the Ghost" CD ¬ 11,50
(Comeback album of the Italian GHOSTRIDER!)
GOAT HORNS "Magicians of Black Chaos" MCD ¬ 6,00***
(England's contribution to old Black Metal mayhem, like old BEHERIT meets old SODOM and a dose of Blackened punk!)
GOATLORD "the Last Sodomy of Mary" US-CD        ¬ 11,50
(high quality, with a poster ! Excellent NWN release!)
GOAT SEMEN  "En Vivo en Lima hell"  CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Grim SARCOFAGO-ish attack from those Peruvian bandits!)
GOAT SEMEN / ANAL VOMIT "Devotos Del Diablo" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
GOAT SEMEN / ANAL VOMIT "Devotos Del Diablo" Colombia CD ¬ 11,50
GOATSNAKE "s/t" US-CD    ¬ 12,00
GODLESS RISING "Trumpet Of Triumph" US-CD ¬ 11,00
(Black / Death Metal. Ex-VITAL REMAINS Members!)
GODLESS RISING "Rising Hatred" +2 bonus CD  ¬ 11,00
GODLESS RISING "Battle Lords" US-CD ¬ 11,00
GODÜS "Hell Fuck Demon Sound"CD     ¬ 8,50***
(Megafast Black Metal with a deathly voice and cold sharp guitarsound. Incl. cool DARKTHRONE cover)
GOREAPHOBIA "Mortal Repulsion" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(raw, wicked, dark and arrrrghh! Black Thrashing attack the old way) 
GOREAPHOBIA "Apocalyptic Necromancy" US CD €11,50
(Brandnew album)
GORELORD/ WURULAK "Creature Feature" US-MCD    ¬ 9,00***
(WURDULAK plays dark Black Metal that is an alluring blend of creepy riffs and demonic possession. Featuring the cruel return of Maniac's Black Metal screams and Killjoy's ever-sick growls, the band also includes Iscariah from IMMORTAL and Jehmod from BLOODTHORN)
GORELORD/ WURULAK "Creature Feature II" US-MCD    ¬ 9,00***  
(This violent group of creative individuals express their ahred passion for horror, gore and demonic possession. This exclusive mCD release features 2 upcoming album tracks by each band and 3 tracks that will not be on the full length albums!)
GORGON (France) "The Spectral Voices" CD (SEALED)  ¬ 8.50
GORGUTS "From Wisdom to Hate" CD ¬ 9,50
(The force that supported BLASPHEMY on their first European Tour!)
GOREPHILIA –"Embodiment of Death" US-CD €11,50
(After two demos and a impressive EP, Finland's Gorephilia land a deadly strike with their debut album "Embodiment of Death". With influences such as SADISTIC INTENT, early MORBID ANGEL , etc)
GOREPHILIA "Ascend to Chaos" US-MCD  €8,50
(Twenty-eight minutes from these new Finnish masters of brutality. Six putrid slabs of Death Metal owe as much to old Finnish death legends as they do to prime-time MORBID ANGEL, ASPHYX and SADISTIC INTENT)
GORTAL "Deamonolith" CD €11,50
(An infernal storm à la MORBID ANGEL meets old VADER/ IMMOLATION. Very professional)
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "Ceremonial Conjuration" MCD €8,50
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "A Call to Arms" CD  ¬ 11,50
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "Realm of the Damned" CD        ¬ 11,50
(BRANDNEW studio album in the typical harsh GOSPEL style!)
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "Sinners/ Monuments..." CD          ¬ 11,00
(The rare EP and the "Sinners" Demo on CD. Limited to 1000 copies, sold out at the label.)
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "Eve of the Conqueror" MCD ¬ 9,00
(The sold out Mini album re-issued on CD)
GRAND BELIAL´S KEY "Kosherat" CD        ¬ 11,50 
GRANICUS "s/t + Live 1973" Slipcase CD        ¬ 11,50
(Stoner Rock versus LED ZEPPELIN. On "White Stallion Records". 73 Minutes! For those who love the true 70s style and sound) 
GRAVE  "Into The Grave/ Tremendeous Pain" CD    ¬ 11,00 
(Great re-release of the brutal debut + 7 bonus songs from the EP and demo + one video clip) 
GRAVE "You'll Never See (+ bonus)" CD     ¬ 9,50
GRAVE DESECRATOR  "Sign of Doom" CD ¬ 11,50
Finally some new material from this unholy Brazilian horde!! Their previous releases, a demo in 2001 and the blasphemous 7" EP "Cult of Warfare and Darkness", from 2003, were both splendid! Here's the debut full length! Prepare the massacre!! Black death in the old South American tradition!!!
GRAVE DESECRATOR "Deathspells Rising" CD €11,50
(Including Demo 2001, Cult of Warfare and Darkness 7ep, Rehearsals, Bathory cover, live track. Recommended for diehards of VULCANO, early SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, and early MYSTIFIER.)
GRAVEHILL "When All Roads Lead to Hell" US-CD  €11,50
(Hailing from the urban wasteland of Southern California, GRAVEHILL combines Death Metal sensibilities with thrash metal madness)
GRAVE MIASMA "Realm Of Evoked Doom'"MCD ¬ 8,50
(A total of five songs plus intro, clocking at more than 31 minutes. Prepare yourself for true occult darkness and obscurity!)
GRAVE MIASMA "Exalted Emanation" Digipack MCD ¬ 9,00
(Finally out! The long awaited strike of English GRAVE MIASMA!)
GRAVE RITUAL "Euphoric" US-CD €11,50
GRAVFERD (Nor) "Demonized" CD      ¬ 11,50
GRAVESTONE  "Victim Of Chains" CD     ¬ 11,00
(The first Heavy Metal release from those Germans! Great booklet & 3 bonus songs. For those who love the riffs of early 80s SCORPIONS, ACCEPT, etc)
GRAVESTONE  "Creating A Monster" CD    ¬ 11,00
(pure Teutonic steel, originally released in 1985. 4 bonus songs! Like old JUDAS PRIEST versus ACCEPT)
GRAVESTONE  "Back To Attack" CD      ¬ 11,00
(Legendary heavy metal album feat. STORMWITCH members as special guests!)
GRAVEWÜRM (US) "Infernal Minions" US-CD €11,50
GRAVEWÜRM (US) "Into Battle" CD ¬ 11,00
(this is the dark US GRAVEWÜRM!)
GRAVEWÜRM (US)  "Black Fire" CD €11,50
(6th studio album filled with primitive Black/Death Metal!) 
GRAVEWÜRM (US)  "Funeral Empire" CD €11,50
(Back in stock) 
GRAVEYARD (Spain) "One with the Dead" CD ¬ 11,50
(The debut album of this dark Death Metal band!)
GRAVEYARD "s/t" Gatefold cardbox ¬ 11,50
(Another Swedish band in the 70s Rock / stoner Rock style. Quite serious, for fans of WITCHCRAFT!) 
GREAT VAST FOREST "Battletales and Songs of Steel" Brazil CD        ¬ 11,00*** 
GRENADE "The Howling Damned" US CD ¬ 8,50***
(The Ep trax plus some new attacks from this Australian Black/Thrash outfit. Bit like D'666)
GRIM FUNERAL / SPECTRE SplitCD      ¬ 9,50***
GRIMM "Heksengringen" CD ¬ 9,50***
(Harsh Dutch Black Metal attack)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH "Horror Rises From The Tomb" US-CD (new 2nd album!) ¬ 11,50
GUILLOTINE (Sweden) "Blood Money" Singapore CD ¬ 9,50*** 
(Brandnew album after years of silence! Speed Metal attack. Great coverartwork by Mr. "Scream Bloody Gore" Ed Repka)
GUILLOTINE (Brazil) "Metal in the Veins" Brazil CD  ¬ 11,50
(Brazilian Thrash Metal in the 80s style. Musically a bit like old TANKARD, DESTRUCTION, etc. and also typical 80s Metal riffs)
GUNFIRE "Thunder of War" CD        ¬ 9,50***
GUT "Cumback" Japanese CD ¬ 9,50***
(the porn sickos are back with cumloaded songs!)
HAATSTRIJD "Cacodeamony" CD       ¬ 11,50
HADES (USA) "Resisting Success" CD €11,50
(the US Power Metal HADES here, re-issue of their classic album)
HADES "Again Shall Be" CD ¬ 11,50
(Superb re-issue of a forgotten classic. Includes the demo as bonus)
HADES ALMIGHTY "The Pulse of Decay" CD        ¬ 11,50
HADES ARCHER “The Curse Over Mankind” US- CD €11,50  
(Six new tracks and a seventh hidden. Bestial Black Metal Ritual protected under the dark path of astral witchery and luciferianism! From Chile)
HAEMOTH "Vice, suffering and destruction" CD   ¬ 7,50***
(Raw French Black Metal madness, with shrap guitars and a nordic breeze of frost)
HALLOWS EVE "Evil Never Dies"       ¬ 9,50*** 
(The return of the Thrash Metal legends!! 4th album of this classic band with a more brutal & extreme style. A unique mixture of old school Thrash Metal with Death Metal hints)
HAMMER "Contract with hell" CD €11,50
(late NWoBHM)
HAMMERHEAD "Will to Survive" CD     ¬ 11,00
(NWoBHM-classic, incl. bonus video-clip)
HAMMERWHORE "Hammerwhore" CD           ¬ 11,50
(BACK IN STOCK !insane US Speed Thrash Metal. For HIRAX or NUCLEAR ASSAULT fans)
HARBINGER "Doom On You" US- CD ¬ 11,50
(HARBINGER blasts out its anthemic speed metal with all of the zeal and wildness)
(Three rare and osbcure 80s Metal releases on one CD!) 
(Three rare and osbcure 80s Metal releases on one CD!) 
(Three rare and osbcure 80s Metal releases on one CD!) 
HARDLINE "s/t" CD €11,50
HARMONY "Summoning The Past" SingaporeanMCD       ¬ 8,50
(Good old school Death Metal with vocals that remind of SEMPITERNAL DEATHREIGN!)
HARMONY DIES "Impact" CD  ¬ 11,50
HARMS WAY "Oxytocin" CD     ¬ 11,50
HATE FOREST (Ukr): "The Most Ancient One" CD ¬ 11,50
HATE FOREST (Ukr) "Blood and Fire Ritual" US- CD        ¬ 9,50
(3 songs of dark Death)
HATEWORK "Madbent For Disaster" CD    ¬ 11,00 
(Old school Thrash from Italy in the vein of TANKARD or BULLDOZER !) 
HAVE MERCY  "The Years of Mercy" Brazil CD     ¬ 11,50
(This is an old almost unknown US band from the 80´s!!!Only for those really into Metallic Possession. Features 4 Demos, from 1984 to 1988, 18 bloody tracks in total. Thick great booklet)
HAWG JAW "Don't Trust Nobody" CD    ¬ 11,50***
HAWK "s/t" US-CD €11,50
(Back in stock. US Metal with a voice that sounds very much like DIO)
HEADHUNTER DC “the darkest archives 1987- 2007” DCD € 13,00
(collection of rare material)
HEADHUNTER DC "....In Unholy Morning" Brazil CD €11,50
HEADHUNTER D.C. "God's Spreading Cancer" CD ¬ 11.50
(Brandnew album, a total Death Metal bulldozer! Extreme, powerful and highly professional)
HEKTOR "The Inner Dementia 1989" CD €11,50
( Thrash Metal history of the late '80s Polish Metal scene! The CD contains 20 pages booklet including the band's biography and a fair fistfull of never-before shown photos! )
HELHEIM "The Journeys and the Experiences of Death"  CD   ¬ 9,50***
HELHEIM "Av Norron Aett" Digipack CD   ¬ 9,50***
HELHEIM "The Journeys and the Experiences of Death" DoCD ¬ 13,00
(Includes bonus CD. With guest vocals of ROOT's Big Boss)
HELLACOPTERS "Head Off" CD ¬ 9,50***
HELLBASTARD "Sons of Bitches" MCD €8,50
(New songs and re-recorded classic)
HELLBRINGER "s/t" CD €9,50
(First strike is deadliest. Powerful Thrash for fans of old SODOM, HOBBS and ARMOURED ANGEL)
HELLBRINGER "Dominion of Darkness" CD €11,50
HELLHOUND "Tokyo Flying V Massacre" CD ¬ 11,50
(Pure 80s style heavy Metal. The "Gates to Purgatory"-style coverartwork says it all)
HELLIAS -"A.D. Darkness" CD €11,00
( Long-awaited new material fom Thrash Metal Masters consisting of 12 brand new blasters + bonuses in Polish)
HELLSAW "Phantasm" CD ¬ 11,50
HELLISH CROSSFIRE "Bloodrust Scythe" CD €11,50
(second album in the vein old German Speed/Thrash like for instance IRON ANGEL, VIOLENT FORCE,  old SODOM, POISON; etc. Back in stock)
HELLISH CROSSFIRE/ VIOLENT ATTACK CD  in 7"inch size Sleeve (Chile Import) ¬ 12,00
(the raw demos of both bands in deluxe 7'inch format sleeve!)
HELLVETO "Kry" CD ¬ 11,50
(For fans of SUMMONIG, early LIMBONIC ART, EMPEROR, DRUDKH; etc . Varied, deep and complex work of arcane art)
HELLWITCH "Syzygial miscreancy" CD ¬ 11,50
(the debut album, finally re-released on CD. Technical, harsh US Thrash from the 80s! Incl. Demos as bonus)
HELLWITCH "Omnipotent Convocation" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew attack from this legendary US band from the 80s)
HELLWITCH/ STORMING STEELS Split CD (Malaysian import) ¬ 11,50***
(HELLWITCH Need no introduction... while STORMING STEELS is fast thrashing aggression)
HELL TORMENT "Opening the gates of hell" US-CD      ¬ 11,50
(Barbarian South American Black Death pounding with a bit of old BLASPHEMY)
HELLWELL "Beyond the Boundaries of Sin" CD €11,50
HEMLOCK "Bleed the Dream" CD ¬ 5,00
HERESI (SWE) "Psalm I" MCD ¬ 8,00
HERETIC "Black Metal Holocaust" CD               ¬ 11,50
(Re-release of a rare album. Very primitive but strong Black Metal for maniacs who worship the unholiness of old BARATHRUM)
HETROERTZEN "A Crimson Terrible Vision" Colombian CD       ¬ 5,50***
(Cold grim black metal, this  is the second strike)
HETZER (POL) "The Rise Of Abaddon" CD ¬ 11,50
HEXEN "Being and Nothingness" Singapore CD €11,50
HIDDEN "Spectral Magnitude"    US-CD        ¬ 9,50***
(A progressive and dismal astral Metal style locking in on Death, Doom, and Black Metal along with blasting speed styles) 
HIDDEN "Alexisstar Morphalite" US-CD  ¬ 9,50***
(Fast, heavy old school metal mix with horrid and disgusting Black/DeathMetal vocals for a scientifically sick album)
HIEMS "Cold Void Journey" CD    ¬ 11,50
HIGH SPIRITS "s/t" US Digipack CD €11,50
HILDEROG (Iceland) "66,6° Nord " Digipack CD ¬ 11,00
(Cold, raw and disincarnated Black Metal from the far North)
HILLS OF SEFIROTH "The Neglected Ancestry" CD ¬ 11,50
HIRAX “Assassins of War/The New Age of Terror” Brazilian CD €11,50
(Two in one! Many reunions failed, HIRAX's Thrash pervailed!)
HIRAX "El Rotro De La Muerte" CD €11,50
(the Speed/Thrash veterans. Great riffs, sometimes reminding of old SLAYER)
HIRAX  "Not Dead Yet" US-CD     ¬ 9,50***
(the 80s Thrash Metal attack!! two albums on one CD!) 
HIRAX "Assassins of War" MCD   ¬ 8,00
(5 songs from the Californian Thrashers. Recorded 2006!)
HIRAX "Thrash and Destroy" DVD + CD   ¬ 15,00
(6 camera angles filmed this show plus one bonus CD with 74 minutes of Thrashing Metal Madness)
HJARNIDAUDI "pain noise march" CD ¬ 11,50
HOATH "Codex II:Kether" Digipack CD ¬ 11,00***
HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH "House of Death" Australian CD €12,00
(the legendary Debut album, thick booklet with lyrics. Comes with two exclusive studio bonustrax. For fans of old SODOM/ satanic SLAYER)
HOD  "Serpent" US-CD ¬ 11,50
HOLDER "Merciful Scourge" Brazilian CD  ¬ 9,50***
(Extreme Death à la KRISIUN, REBAELLION, etc)
HOLOCAUST "Live (Hot Curry & Wine)"  CD     ¬ 9,50***
(This is HOLOCAUST's only live album, first released in 1983. 2 extra tracks have been added from their Raw, Loud, Live EP 1981)
HOLY BATTALION "Cosmic War 89/Breaking the Face 90" CD €11,50
(Technical Thrash)  
HOLY DEATH  "The Knight, Death and the Devil"  CD    ¬ 9,50***
(New album, evil pounding Black Metal with great atmospheres. Bit like TORMENTOR, especially the vocals)
HOLY DEATH "Forever Burning Ashes" CD    ¬ 11,00*** 
(Old Polish Black Metal band, new stuff from 2001 + Demo material 1999/ 1997 / 1994) 
HOLY DEATH "Triumph of Evil" CD    ¬ 9,50 ***
(from 1996, numbered to 666 copies, old Polish Black Metal horde. Evil sound with bombastic drumming) 
HOLY DEATH / CHAINS OF FIRE Split CD        ¬ 11,00***
(Unique dark but still melodic Black magical Metal is CHAINS OF FIRE's music while HOLY DEATH play a monumental style here: Numbered to 500 copies)
HOODED MENACE "Fulfill the Curse" US-CD ¬ 11,50 
(back in stock! debut death/doom from Finland)
HORDE OF HEL "Blodskam II" US- CD ¬ 11,00
(EPIC Black /Viking Metal. New Swedish Super-group)
HORNA "Askel Lähemänä Saatanaa" CD €11,50
(Brandnew album)
HORNA  / BEHEXEN (Fi) "Split" CD       ¬ 11,50
HORNA  "Ääniä Yössä" CD      ¬ 11.50
HORNA "Haudankylmyyden Mailla" CD        ¬ 9,50***
HORRID "Rising From The Hidden Spheres" CD 9,50***
(2nd album of this veteran italian Death Metal band in the purest old school swedish tradition of bands like CARNAGE, DISMEMBER, GOD MACABRE, ENTOMBED..)
HORRID "Evil's Birth 1989- 2002" CD    ¬ 9,50
HOTH "Rites of the Black Goddess" CD  ¬ 9,50***
(Great project by Jose of DECAYED. Reminds a lot of OLD Greek Black Metal like VARATHRON, THOU ART LORD etc because of the typical mystical synth sound,   comnined with the evilness of DECAYED. Really a nice but still quite unknown release)
HOUR OF 13 "The Ritualist" CD €12,00
(Brandnew album!)
HOUWITSER "Rage inside the Womb" CD              ¬ 5,00
(Total Brutal Death Metal for mega-great price!)
HUDREFOLK   Eeuwenhout  CD ¬ 7,50***                
HYADES "And the worst is Yet to Come" Brazil CD       ¬ 11,50
(Very well played and professional Thrash Metal sounding like mix of old NUCLEAR ASSAULT/ TANKARD and EXODUS)
HYPNOSIA "Horror Infernal" CD €11,50
HYPONIC "Noise of Time" Chinese CD ¬ 11,50
(From Hong Kong strikes this Funeral doom act) 
IGNIVOMOUS "Blood and Mercury" US-CD €11,00 
(Collection of old rare material)
IMMOLATION "Failure for Gods" CD       ¬ 12,00
IMMOLATION "Close to a World Below" CD  ¬ 12,00
IMMOLATION "Here in After" CD    ¬ 12,00
IMMOLATION "Harnessing Ruin" Digipack CD    ¬ 11,50
IMMORTAL RITES "Art of Devolution" CD ¬ 8,00
IMPALED "Death after Life" CD ¬ 5,00
IMPALED NAZARENE "Road To The Octagon" CD ¬ 11,50
IMPALED NAZARENE "Manifest" CD     ¬ 11,50
IMPALED NAZARENE "Tol Tormpt Norz Norz Norz" CD ¬ 11,50
IMPALED NAZARENE "Absence of War does not mean Peace" CD  ¬ 11,50
IMPALED NAZARENE "Suomi Finland Perkele + Motörpenis" Digipack  ¬ 11,50
IMPALED NAZARENE "Rapture" Digipack     ¬ 11,50
IMPALED NAZARENE "Pro Patria Finlandia" Digipack   ¬ 11,50
IMPALER (USA) "Chronicles of Terror "Chinese -3CD Digipack ¬ 18,00
(Cult Horror Speed Heavy Metal early demos compilation. Comes with nice booklet)
IMPALER "One Nation Underground" US-CD   ¬ 9,50
IMPALER "Wake up Screaming" US-CD    ¬ 9,50
IMPALER "If We had Brains..." CD  ¬ 7,50
(Special price CD for an old classic of 80s Horror Metal with a punky edge)
INCANTATION "Primordial Domination" US-CD ¬ 11,50
IMPALER (Japan) "Nightmare Attack" Japanese CD + OBI ¬ 11,50
(Total 80s style Thrash, like DARK ANGEL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, EXUMER, etc, with Japanese maniac-vocals) 
IMPETIGO "Live Total Zombie Holocaust" CD €11,50
(22 blood'n goredripping trax)
IMPIETY "impious crusade" US-MCD-Digipack €11,50
IMPIETY "Kaos Command 696" CD €11,50
IMPIETY "Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny"CD ¬ 11,50
IMPIETY "Advent of...." Superjewelcase CD (SIngapore import) ¬ 9,50
(BRANDNEW, Very deluxe version. 22 minutes of skullfuckin' War Metal)
IMPIETY "Terrorreign" CD ¬ 11,50
IMPIETY "Dominator"  Singapore CD        ¬ 12,00
IMPIETY "Formidonis Hex Cultus" CD (+ slipcase) ¬ 12,00
(Very noble new studio album with thick booklet. Back to the days of "Skullfucking Armageddon")
IMPIETY / ABHORRENCE "Two Barbarians" CD     ¬ 11,50
(Two hurricanes on one CD!)
IMPIOUS BAPTISM (Nocturnal Graves) "Wrath Of The Apex Predator" US-CD €11,50
IMPIOUS HAVOC  "The Great Day of Wrath" CD      ¬ 8,50***
(Limited to 500 copies. Finnish Black Metal.The debut from 2002)
IMPIOUS HAVOC (FIN) "At the Ruins..." CD ¬ 8,50***
(Over 40min of that old branded Black METAL. Close comparisions is definetly CRAFT)
IMPURITY "Necro Infamists of Tumulus Return" Brazil CD     ¬ 12,00***
IMPURITY "Satanic Metal Kingdom" Brazil CD ¬ 11,00***
(Old style Black Heavy Metal with grim vocals)
IN AETERNUM "No Salvation" MCD Digipack ¬ 9,00
IN AETERNUM "Dawn of the New Aeon" CD       ¬ 11,50
(New album!)
IN SOLITUDE "s/t" CD €11,50
(back in stock, the debut album)
IN THA UMBRA "N.N.N." CD      ¬ 11,50
IN AETERNUM "Nuclear Armageddon" CD       ¬ 11,00***
(The Swedish Thrash/ Death outfit) 
INCANTATION "Blasphemous Cremation" US-CD ¬ 11,50  
(Finally released after 17 years !! The Original Unreleased ROUGH MIX of ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA !!    one of the most classic Death Metal albums ever !! This release contains an alternate recording of the album with 6 tracks  in their original form !! 
INCANTATION "Vanguish in Vengeance" CD €11,50
INCANTATION "Primordial Domination" US-CD ¬ 11,50
INCANTATION "Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish" US-CD  ¬ 12,00
INCANTATION  "Infernal Storm" US-Cd              ¬ 12,00
INCARNATED "Some Old Stories" CD ¬ 11,50 
(Poland's INCARNATED unveil "Some Old Stories" - a collection of early recordings including "Atrocious Vermin" (demo 1995), "Empire Of Rot" (demo 1993) as well as promo split from 1994 with the 
legendary Dead Infection on one CD)
INCRIMINATED "Death Noize" MCD ¬ 9,00
INCRIMINATED (Fin) "Hypocricide"MCD       ¬ 9,00
INCRIMINATED "The Promise of Worse to Come" CD    ¬ 11,50 
INCRIMINATED "Miracle Of Purity" CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
(Debut full lenght of Finland´s filthiest old school death metal, influenced by the likes of CELTIC FROST, DEATH STRIKE, etc... on Northern Heritage) 
INFERNAL MAJESTY "One Who Points to Death" CD       ¬ 9,50*** 
(LAST COPIES! The masters of infernal Thrash. Although the general sound and production may have changed, the riffs and arrangements are still 110% INFERNAL MAJESTY, total disharmonic powerful Thrash wickedness)
INFERNAL (Col) "The Deepest Emptiness"  Colombian CD ¬ 11,50
(new album by Colombian INFERNAL from METAL KING's Ruben Restrepo)
INFERNAL (Col) "A Tragedy Called Existence" Colombian CD ¬ 7,00***
(Colombia's shrill Black Thrash force with a brandnew album)
INFERNAL (Col)/  EXCELSIS DIABOLI "Reapers of God" CD  ¬ 7,50***
INFERNAL WAR "Redesekration" CD     ¬ 11,50
INFERNÖ "Metal Commando Attack" CD €11,50
INFERNO (CZ) "Uctivani Temné Zurivosti" CD   ¬ 9,50***
INFERNO (CZ) "Nikdy Nepokrteni" CD    ¬ 9,50***
INFERNO (CZ) "Fucking Funeral Attack" CD ¬ 11,00***
(All rare recordings, like EPs, lim. to 500 copies)
INFERNO (CZ) "V Navratu Pohanstvi" CD   ¬ 11,00***
INFERNUM (Poland) "The curse"  CD (new album!)   ¬ 11,50***
INFINITY (NL) "The Birth of Death" CD ¬ 7,50***
(Ancient sounding Black Metal with FUNERAL WINDS member)
INFINITUM OBSCURE "Sub Atris Caelis" US-CD €11,50
(Death Metal Darkness! The newest full-length from Tijuana Mexico's INFINITUM OBSCURE has finally been unleashed!)
INFUNERAL "Sepulchral Monument" CD      ¬ 11,00***
(Swedish Black Metal, fast and mean!)
IGNIOMOUS "Death Transmutation" US-CD (in 7'inch sleeve) ¬ 11,50
INHUMAN HATE "Propagation Of Chaos" CD      ¬ 6,50***
(Depressive black metal from Germany with intensive melodic parts and a nice keyboards) 
INKISITOR "s/t" CD ¬ 11,50
(for maniacs into REVENGE, ANGEL CORPSE, etc)
INQUISIÇÃO  “Reborn” CD €11,50
(11 brandnew trax and 6 bonustrax from 1985-1987, recorded live in the studio)
INQUISICAO "One More Battle"  Brazil CD €11,50
(New album by this legendary band from Rio!)
INQUISICION "Metal Genocide" Chilean CD ¬ 11,50
(Reissue/ New Design. Classic Heavy Metal with great guitars and a skilled singer, really professional)
INQUISICION "Opus Dei" Chilean CD ¬ 11,50
(BACK IN STOCK!!! Brandnew album!!!)
INQUISITION "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album from one of the truest Black Metal bands on this planet)
INQUISITION "Nefarious Dismal Orations" CD  ¬ 11,50
INQUISITION "Magnificient Glorification of Lucifer" CD   ¬ 11,50
INSAINTFICATION  Diseased  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Debut CD from this brazilian Thrash Metal band. 10 destructive tracks)
INSANE "Wait and Pray" CD      ¬ 11,50
(Italo Thrash Attack in the vein of SLAYER's "Show No Mercy" and 1st METALLICA)
INSAINTFICATION  Diseased  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Debut CD from this brazilian Thrash Metal band. 10 destructive tracks)
INSANITY "From The Grave" US-CD      ¬ 11,50
(Aggressive, raging  U.S.Thrash , the way it has to sound! No alcoholised pseudo Thrash here but the real thing. Incl. the "Death after Death" Album + three fuckin' raw Demo trax from 1985 that will split your brain) 
INSEMINATOR / EXCIDIUM "Collector" CD ¬ 11,50
(Two raging Polish Death/Thrash bands share one CD)
INTERMENT "Into the Crypts of Blasphemy" Singapore CD (superjewel case) ¬ 11,50
INTERMENT "Where Death Will Increase 1991 - 1994 " US-CD  €11,50
(Discography.  Brutal old school Swedish Death Metal from the Sunlight Studios Heyday. CD version includes rare remastered tracks and bonus material including photos, lyrics, flyers, liner notes, pro-printed 16 page booklet and bonus video clip - only available with this release)
INTOXICATED "Rock 'N Roll Hellpatrol" US-CD €11,50
INTRUDER "Escape From Pain" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(Speedy US Metal, professional and typical in its sound for mid-end 80s)
INTRUDER "Live to Die- Relived" CD        ¬ 11,50
INVADER / HEADSTONE "Children of War/ Excalibur" CD ¬ 11,00
(two albums in one. Rare 80s Metal obscurities)
INVADER "s/t" CD €11,50
IPERYT "Totalitarian Love Pulse" CD     ¬ 9,50
IRON ANGEL "Hellish Crossfire + bonus" Brazil CD €11,50
(Milestone of mid 80s German Black Speed Metal! Like early SLAYER versus JUDAS PRIEST)
IRON ANGEL "Winds of War + bonus" Brazil CD €11,50
IRON ANGEL "The Tapes" CD €11,50
(Great mid 80s Live and unreleased recordings from the German Black Speed force IRON ANGEL. Sounds like 1st SLAYER versus JUDAS PRIEST)
IRON FIST (Sin)  "Fistial  Destruction" Mexican CD    ¬ 12,00
IRON FIST  (CZ) "Metal Ages" US-MCD ¬ 7,00
(Total MOTORHEADbanging attack with almost INQUISITION-like vocals. Really cool! band from MANIAC BUTCHER members) 
IRON CLAD/ LION'S PRIDE Split CD      ¬ 9,50
(New Heavy Metal bands with Gunther of ANCIENT RITES singing about his homeland. Especially IRON CLAD is really awesome, lots of Traditional Heavy Metal riffs, sometimes like IRON MAIDEN)
IRON CURTAIN "Road to Hell" CD €11,00
IRON DOGS "Cold Bitch" CD €11,00
IRON HEARSE "s/t" (+  Bonus) CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Finally coming out the debut album release with bonus live songs. Groove-laden doom done . Fans of Wino, ORANGE GOBLIN and SABBATH will most likely love this. Highly recommended)
IRON KOBRA "Battlesword" CD €11,50
(A new band in the mid 80s German Metal vein. Incl. the rare EP and the demo)
IRON KOBRA "Dungeon Masters" CD €11,00
IRON MAN "I Have Returned"  US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(A classic US Doom band returns! If you like SABBATH/ DEATH ROW, etc... check it out!)
IRON MAN "Black Night" US CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50
IRONSWORD "Overlords of Chaos" US- CD    ¬ 11.50***
(New album from these Portugese MANILLA ROAD worshippers!)
ISENGARD "Hostmorke" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Fenriz' solo band with some real kick ass material such as "Total Death")
ISOLE "Forevermore" CD       ¬ 11,50
ISOLE "Throne of Void" CD    ¬ 11,50
ISTEN TORR "Mighty and Superior" US-MCD ¬ 9,00
(A clash of British Heavy Metal)
JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR "No Turning Back" CD €11,50
(ex- VIRGIN STEELE and DEVIL CHILDE axeman Jack Starr with his solo band)
JACK STARR's BURNING STARR "Blaze of Glory" US CD ¬ 11,50
(Ex- VIRGIN STEELE/ DEVIL CHILD axeman Jack Starr with a healthy doze of classic US Metal)
JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR "Rock the American Way" CD €11,50
(Ex- VIRGIN STEELE/ DEVIL CHILDE axeman's solo band)
JAG PANZER "Tyrants" CD €11,50
(The legendary "tyrants" MLP plus 8 (!) previously unreleased trax)
JAG PANZER "Ample Destruction" CD €11,50
(The debut album. Incl. the awesome "The Crucifix", "Generally Hostil", etc  plus "Black Sunday" as bonus track)
JAG PANZER "Shadow Thief" CD €11,50
(Includes the records that were circulating on various bootlegs. NOw finally officially released. Incl. "Viper", "Lustful and Free", etc)
JAG PANZER "The Age of Mastery" CD     ¬ 11,50
(One of JAG PANZER's finest albums for sure!)
JAG PANZER "Casting the stones" CD ¬ 7,50
JAG PANZER "Decade of the Nailed Spiked  Bat" DoCD ¬  9,50 
JAG PANZER "Mechanized Warfare" CD ¬ 7,50
JAG PANZER "Thane to the Throne" CD  ¬ 7,50
JAMESON RAID "Just As The Dust Had Settled" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(NWoBHM from 1978-1981, with very thick booklet, lyrics, story, etc. Very well done) 
JEX THOTH "Blood Moon Rise" CD €11,50
(Brandnew album)
JEX THOTH "Witness" MCD ¬ 8,50
JUDAS ISCARIOT "Heaven in Flames"  US-CD       ¬ 11,00***
JUDAS ISCARIOT "The Cold Earth..."  US-CD       ¬ 11,00***
JUDAS ISCARIOT "Distant in Solitary Night"  US-CD   ¬ 11,00***
JUGGERNAUT "Baptism under Fire" CD ¬ 15,00
(Great HIGH VAULTAGE Release. the debut album + 7 rare bonus tracks, thick booklet, etc. value for money)
JUVENES "Riddle of Steel" CD    ¬ 6,00 
(Epic heroic Black Metal that reminds of old battles) 
JUVENES / LEVIATHAN SplitCD    ¬ 11,00 
(JUVENES rage like old  BATHORY on "The Return" while LEVIATHAN bring dark depression!)
KAAMOS "Lucifer Rising " CD ¬ 11,50
(This Death Metal Hammer back in stock) 
KAAMOS (Swe) "Scales of Leviathan" MCD 9,00
(This is their last recording, 5 songs of utter Darkness and Death. Sold out at the label!) 
KADOTUS "Sevcen Glorifications of Evil" CD ¬ 11,00
KAMPFAR "s/t" MCD  ¬ 7,00
KAMPFAR (nor) "Mellom Skogledde Aaser" CD   ¬ 11,50
KAMPFAR (nor) "Fra Underverdenen"  CD (ReRelease incl. "Norse" mini-album) ¬ 11,50
KAPEIN "Eons of Rust" Digi-CD    ¬ 11,50
KARBONIZED TRAITOR "Hell, Fire, Sex" CD €11,50
(Dirty distorted  Black 'n Roll attack in the vein of old BARATHRUM/ MEGIDDO, etc mixed with a good doze of Rock'n' Roll. Cool stuff for sure!)
KARBONIZED TRAITOR  "Take it in the Ass" CD  ¬ 11,50 
(Sado Cyber Punk Metal.  Black n'Roll, full of blasphemies, sex and bad taste. With covers of Impaled Nazarene, Loudpipes, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin)
KARNARIUM "Otapamo Pralaja" CD €11,50
KARNARIUM "Tank Pa Doden" Mexico CD     ¬ 9,50***
(Collection of rare 7"EP and demo songs plus unreleased material. Swedish Death Metal of the darkest kind!)
KATATONIA (Swe) "Brave murder day"    CD   ¬ 11,50*** 
KATATONIA (Swe) "Discouraged ones"    CD       ¬ 11,50*** 
KATATONIA (Swe)  "Brave Yester Days" DoCD         ¬ 13,00 
(ORIGINAL PRESSING! Super price for a piece of purest Hellenic Pagan Black Metal)
KAWIR "Ophiolatreia" Digipack CD      ¬ 11,00***
(Brandnew album from the Hellenic Fathers of Pagan Metal)
KAWIR "Dei Kabeiroi" CD ¬ 11,50
(collection of old rare materials like the sold out rare MLP, EP, etc!)
KAWIR "Epoptia" CD     ¬ 9,50*** 
(ORIGINAL PRESSING! Traditional Greek Black Metal for the Glory of Zeus) 
KEEL "The Right to Rock" CD        ¬ 11,50
KERASPHORUS "Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn" US-CD €9,00
KETZER "Satan's Boundaries Unchained" CD (sealed) €11,50
(Back in stock. German KETZER with their debut album. For fans into Australian Steel à la DESTRÖYER 666)
KHARON (Nor) "Raised by hellish demons" MCD  ¬ 8,50 
KILL "No Catharsis" CD €11,50
KILL "Horned Holocaust" CD ¬ 11,50
(Back in stock)
KILL "The Necro Files" CD €11,50
KING BIRD (Brazil)  "Sunshine" CD €11,50
(18 songs of 70s styled Hard Rock and Stoner material. Very professional band)
KING DIAMOND / BLACK ROSE "A Night of Rehearsal"CD ¬ 9,50
(CD version of the "rare as hell" LP version of KING's old band BLACK ROSE. Like RAINBOW versus DEEP PURPLE, hard rockin' mania)
KINGDOM (Pol) "Unholy Graveyard" CD ¬ 7,50 (Special Price!)
(this is the polish morbid Death force! Incl. an ANGEL CORPSE cover)
KING'S EVIL "Deletion Of Humanoise" Japanese CD   ¬ 11,00***  
(Powerful Thrash Metal from this old band. Fuckin' well executed. Like DARK ANGEL and NECRODEATH  meets SLAYER!)
KING'S RANSOM "Purators of the Realm" DoCD ¬ 15,00
(lim. 1000 copies, US Metal for fans of old JAG PANZER and 80s US Metal, recorded 1989. Incl. DVD) 
KISS "Solo album CD-Box"     ¬ 35,00
(the 4 solo albums on 4 seperate Picture-Cds, packed in a special box with limited "Detroit Rock City" bottleopener)
KOLDBORN "The Devil in all Deals" MCD     ¬ 8,50
(Skullpounding Death Metal in the old style from this Danish band!)
KOLDBRANN "Nekrostik Inkvisition" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Norse Black Metal in theb old tradition. Voice sounds a bit like Satyr during "The Shadowthrone" era)
KOMMANDANT "Stormlegion" US -CD ¬ 11,50
(Hard hitting militant stuff from CIANIDE warriors!)
KORGÜLL THE EXTERMINATOR "War of the Voivods" CD €11,50
(Old school Thrash invasion from the heart of Spain!)
(KORGÜLL is a new old school force from Spain, highly praised by Fenriz. Sounds like MOTÖRHEAD versus new DARKTHRONE)
(Old school blackened Thrash Metal with blending elements from SODOM, MORBID, early BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, early VOIVOD, DARKTHRONE, BULLDOZER... Recommended by Fenriz)
KORIHOR / MANIAK "From Death... Rising! "(split) Japan CD ¬ 11,50
(Two exotic typhoons on one CD)
KORPSE (Scotland)  "Mirror Distance" CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Like a bastard hybrid of AUTOPSY "Mental Funeral" and classic era VOIVOD! 18 tracks in total with their 3 rare demos,EP and studio out-take)
KORZUS "Korzus Ao Vivo 1985" Brazil CD     ¬ 12,00
(The ultrarare old MLP from 1985 + 17 (!) bonus tracks. Old straight ahead US-styled Thrash Metal with Portuguese vocals!)
KRANIUM (Per)  Sociedad o Suciedad   CD  ¬ 11,50
(The first official demo of classic peruvian thrash metal band Kranium. This first official recording was released on 1991 and features Raul Necronomicon (Satanas) on vocals , the cd has the raw sound and energy of this peruvian thrash metal pionners along with rare pictures and info)
KRIEG "The Black House" US-CD      ¬ 11,50***
KRIEG "The Church" US-MCD     ¬ 8,00
KRIEG "Blue Miasma" CD     ¬ 12,00
KRIEGSMASCHINE (Pol) "Altered States of Divinity" CD ¬ 11,50
KRV "Ukleta Zemljo" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Early 90s style Black Metal with Slavonic vocals)
KULT "Winds Of War" CD     ¬ 11,50
LAAZ ROCKIT "No Stranger to Danger" CD  ¬ 11,50
LAAZ ROCKIT "City's Gonna Burn" CD   ¬ 11,50
LAAZ ROCKIT "Nothing Sacred" CD    ¬ 11,50
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR "Carnage" US-CD ¬ 12,50
LASTWAR "Skazani Na Zagładę 1991" CD €11,50
(Polish thrash/death metal. This album was recorded back in 1990 and comes with additional rare promo from 1991 including SLAYER's "Die By The Sword" and some live tracks. THICK booklet!)
LASTWAR "Darkness Of Eden 1992" CD 
(second album from  1992,  includes bonus demo 1994 and 3 news tracks demo 2010 For all maniacs of SEPULTURA,  PESTILENCE, etc. THICK booklet!)
LEATHER NUN (US) "Absene of Light"CD ¬ 11,50***  
(Brand new album. Doom rock from California! Like PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS; etc.)
LEATHER NUN (US) "All Your kin" CD  ¬ 11,50 
(Traditional doom rock from the US with influences of PENTAGRAM, TROUBLE and Wino's previous bands plus VOODOO SHOCK, etc.  Recommended for riff rock maniacs!)
LEGEND "From the Fjords" CD      ¬ 13,00
(Very rare US Epic Hard Rock)
LEGION OF THE DAMNED "Sons of the jackal" CD + DVD ¬ 15,00
LETHAL "Annihilation Agenda" CD (special offer) ¬ 9,50***
(total Death-Thrash attack, bit like old KREATOR)
LETHAL AGGRESSION (usa) "Life Is Hard..." (+20 bonus!) CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Official re-issue of the '89 classic debut of this legendary Thrashcore band from New Jersey. Includes the 23-song album plus two 7"EP's, demo'06 & live'85. MUNICIPAL WASTE are the current trend. L.A. were the originators!!)
LEVIATHAN/ JUVENES  The Speed of Darkness / Live in Eternal Sin  Split CD    ¬ 11,50 
(Old BATHORY Black Metal is the game JUVENES play while LEVIATHAN bring dark depressive sounds) 
LIE IN RUINS "Architecture of the Dead"        MCD ¬ 8,50
(Old school Death Metal for fans of CARNAGE, MACABRRE END, etc)
LIGHTNING "Filthy Human Beings" CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Debut of this veteran spanish band that plays a tight / technical Death Metal influences by bands like MORBID ANGEL, DEATH, CARCASS, GRAVE, HYPOCRISY... Powerful & crystal-clear production!)
LIK "Lekamen Illusionen Kallet" CD ¬ 11,50 
LIK "Besvärtade Strofer" CD     ¬ 11,50
LÖNNDOM (SWE) "Fälen Från Norr" CD ¬ 11,50
LONG  VOYAGE BACK "I" CD       ¬ 8,50***
LONG  VOYAGE BACK "II" CD     ¬ 8,50***
LONG  VOYAGE BACK "Close to Animal" CD ¬ 8,50***
(New band from Ex- HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH/ DESTRÖYER 666 bassplayer)
LORD "Hell's Fucking Metal" Japanese CD ¬ 11,50***
(French black/thrash band. They are mixing pounding thrashy riffs ás la DESTRUCTION and black metalic fast blast beat.)
LORD BLASPHEMER  Tales of Misanthropy  US - Digi-Pack        ¬ 12,00
LORD OF THE GRAVE "Raunacht" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Total heaviness that will bring you to hell and back)
LORD VICAR "Fear No Pain" CD ¬ 11,50
LORDIAN GUARD "s/t" CD ¬ 12,00
(... For all WARLORD fans! Tsamis' return in his very own style!)
LOUDNESS "Thunder in the East" CD ¬ 12,00
(One of THE most successful classic 80s Heavy Metal albums from Japan!)
LUCERA "Blackzuco" CD 
(Speed Black Punk Thrash..and cocaine! In vein of CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY and TOXIC HOLOCAUST)
LUCIFERIAN (col) "Supreme Infernal Legion" Colombian CD   ¬ 11,50***
(typical great South American Full speed desecration with blackened vocals. Well-played, no amateur shit)
LUCIFUGUM "Invade" Digi-CD ¬ 6,50
(Special price for a dark piece of music)
LUGUBRE (Hol) "Anti Human Black Metal" CD   7,50***
LUGUBRUM "De Totem" US -CD ¬ 11,50
(Back in stock. Sick Boersk Black Metal madness from Belgium. Bit like fucked up DARKTHRONE when they still played pure Black Metal)
LUGUBRUM "De Waare Hond" CD          ¬ 11,00
(BRANDNEW album from those Belgian Black Metal Boren! Again, a very unique sacrifice that trendy ears should not dare to listen to. Cool!)
LUGUBRUM "Heilige Dwazen" CD               ¬ 11,00
(Original Black Metal as always, beyond the standard sound!)
LUGUBRUM "Bruyne Troon" CD     ¬ 11,00
(This fuckin' raw Black Metal crusher, back in stock! For those who like a perverse version of early 90s Black Metal!)
LUGUBRUM " De Vette Cuecken" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
LUNAR AURORA "Ars Moriendi"CD ¬ 11,50
THE LURKING CORPSES "Smells like the dead" CD €11,50
(Horror Speed Death Metal with a Punk vibe)
LUST "We'll never Die "CD ¬ 12,00
(French Metal rarity with 7 bonus tracks)
LUTOMYSL (UKR): "De Profundis" CD      ¬ 9,50***
LUTOMYSL (UKR) "I'mquintessence" CD ¬ 9,50***
(From the Ukraine comes this fully armoured beast of misanthropy and hate) 
LUX FERRE (por) "Antichristian War propaganda" CD ¬ 9,50*** 
(Fast and brutal black metal)
MACABRE OMEN (Gr) "The Ancient Returns" CD        ¬ 8,50***
(Professional release of a epic Greek Black Metal crossed old nordic BATHORY / BURZUM sounds and both sung , hymnic and shrieky vocals)
MACHETAZO "Mundo Cripta" Mexico CD €11,50
(High quality booklet. Their latest album, incl. 15 devastating trax, old school as it can be)
MADE OF IRON "s/t" CD  ¬ 9,50
(German MAIDEN fans strike!)
MAGNESIUM "Buried 'N Live" Digipack + Booklet €12,00
(Very nice digipack version on raw paper + CD booklet. The Demo from 1994, 3 trax from 1996 and Live 1997. NWoJHM in its purest NWoBHM from)
MAGNUS "Scarlet Slaughterer" US-CD €11,50
(last copies back in stock. Raw 80sThrashfest in the vein of old SEPULTURA from behind the iron curtain)
MAGNUS "Alcoholic Suicide" US CD ¬ 11,50
(The third album from Polish hard Thrashers MAGNUS. Originally released 1993, total Thrash!)
MAGNUS "Acceptance of Death" CD €11,50
(New album after years of silence. Death attack, a bit like ANTAEUS)
MALAS "Path to Holocaust" US-CD €11,50
(BRANDNEW album)
MALAS (USA) "Conquest" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(Deathrash of the purest, late 80s, kind. With Ex-members of DEVASTATION, LORD BLASPHEMER, etc.)
MALEFICIA "Songs of the Nighbird" CD              ¬ 5,50***
(Blackend Metal  from Finland,mid tempo with dark emotions and slower parts and melodies)
MALEVOLENT CREATION "Retrospective" US-CD €11,50
MALFEITOR "Incubus" CD ¬ 11,50
MALICE "License to Kill" CD      ¬ 11,00
(The second strike, "Big-Hall" Heavy Metal in its most professional form, 6 bonus tracks. Supported SLAYER during their "Reign in Blood" tour)
MALTEZE FALCON "Metal Rush" US-CD       ¬ 11,50
(80 Metal attack in the vein of old IRON MAIDEN, METAL CHURCH, etc.)
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM "Taedium Vitae" Cd    ¬ 11,00 
(Grim Black Metal with a sound like on the INFERNUM/ VLAD TEPES demos)
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM "Des bibles, des hymnes, des icones..." CD ¬ 11,50
MANES "Under Ein Blodravd Maane" CD €11,50
MANGLED TORSOS "Drawings of the Dead" CD €11,50
(Official reissue of the debut album from 1994 plus their rare "Anatomia Reformata" EP as bonus.  Old style Death Metal à la DEMILICH, PUNGENT STENCH, etc etc. 12 page booklet)
MANIAC BUTCHER "Invaze" CD  (+ slipcase)  €11,50
("No keyboard, no female vocals - only the dark storm")
MANILLA ROAD "Playground of the Damned" US-CD €11,50***
(BRANDNEW studio album!)
MANILLA ROAD "The Deluge" US-CD €11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Courts of Chaos" CD ¬ 11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Crystal Logic" CD ¬ 11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Spiral Castle" CD ¬ 11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Circus Maximus" CD ¬ 11,50
MANILLA ROAD  "Voyager" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album from this legendary Epic Metal band!)
MANILLA ROAD "Gates of Fire" CD    ¬ 12,00 
(Another new album that won't disappoint the fans. Great!)
MANILLA ROAD "Atlantis Rising" CD    ¬ 11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Crystal Logic" US CD €11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Open the Gates" US CD €11,50
MANILLA ROAD "Courts of Chaos" US CD €11,50
MANINNYA BLADE "Undead, Unborn, Alive" DoCD (Brazil)        ¬ 15,00
(Very rare recordings from '87, 86, '84, etc and some new material spread on 2 CDs. Swedish HM!!)
MANTAK (Malaysia) "Sabbahell Blasphemer"CD ¬ 11,50***
MANTAK "Polymorphous Perversion" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Black Metal in vein of early Impiety from the Jungles of Boreno last copies)
MANTAK "Diabolical Psycholust" US-CD ¬ 11,50 
(brand new full length )
MANTICORE "Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated" US-CD €11,50 
(Brand new 2012 full-length release from Cleveland's masters of bestial black/death metal!)
MANTICORE "Bowels Of The Holy Anoint Us In Evil" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Long out-of-print debut full-length album re-issued on CD with improved artwork and layout)
MANTICORE   "For Rats And Plague"  US-CD        ¬ 11,50
(Too brutal to be called "Black Metal", too Satanic to be called "Death Metal"!   For fans of ARCHGOAT, BLASPHEMY, PROFANATICA, REVENGE, old BEHERIT,  etc.) 
MANTICORE "Ritual Cleansing of the Whore" CD        ¬ 9,50
MANTUS "Deep Hypnosis Trance" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 300 copies. Total shredding Black Metal in the MUTIILATION style)
MARAUDER "Sense of Metal" CD ¬ 11,50 
(reissue with 4 demo bonus tracks + live video)
MARDUK "Plagueangel" CD      ¬ 11,00
MARDUK "Dark Endless" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
(Great re-issue of MARDUK's dark debut. Old Swedish Death Metal meets Blackness!)
MARKIZ DE SADE "Judasz demo 1985" CD €11,50
(from 1985. If you like IRON ANGEL-''Hellish Crossfire'', EGZEKUTHOR-'' Czas Sumienia'' or CROSSFIRE - "Second Attack'' them MARKIZ DE SADE is for you. THICK booklet!)
MARTIRE/ THRONEUM  United in Hell  Australian Split CD      11,00***
MARTYR "For the Universe" CD ¬ 14,00
(HIGH VAULTAGE release with 8 rare bonus songs, purest Heavy Metal dynamite)
MARTYR "Darkness at Time's Edge" CD        ¬ 14,00
(HIGH VAULTAGE jewel with 6 rare bonus songs, Dutch Heavy Metal thunders from the golden ages)
MASACRE "Requiem" CD €11,50
MASACRE (Col) "Sacro" Japanese CD        ¬ 11,50*** 
(Recording from 1995/1996 + 4 bonus tracks. Barbaric South American Death Metal, played with wrath and anger) 
MASACRE (Col) "Imperio Del Terror/ Cancer De Nuestros Dias" Japanese CD        ¬ 9,50***
(Their old demos from 1989, violent as hell , total South American wrath and boiling blood. Japanese Import, 23 hymns of cruelty)
MASOKISMI  "Häpeällinen Siveysoppi" CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Primitive and raw Necro Metal / Black Core assault,  for those into VON, PROFANATICA, early BEHERIT, etc.)
MASSACRA "Final holocaust" CD €11,50
(Incl. 3 demotracks from 1989 and two livetracks from 1990 as bonus)
MASSACRA "Enjoy the violence" CD €11,50
(Incl. 5 rehearsaltracks from 1991 and 2 live trax from 1995 as bonus)
MASSACRE "The Second Coming" US-CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50
(RARE! An unreleased album, with WHIPLASH's incredible Tony Scaglione on drums)
MASSACRE (US) "From Beyond/ Inhuman Conditions" CD       ¬ 11,50
(The debut album and  the MLP... now on one disc! Death Metal all the way, brutal and old style!)
MASSACRE (US) "Europe and beyond - live in germany 1991" South American CD ¬ 9,50***
(Live CD, limited a 999 copies. Cult Death Metal from the men behind DEATH/ MANTAS' legendary and original singer Kam Lee. Comes with cool old rare Photos and professional coverartwork)
MASS OBLITERATION "Detestation" CD   ¬ 9,00
(Old School Death Metal. Incl. the demo as Bonus. 37 minutes but sells for a  MCD price)
MASTER "Human Machine" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
(Paul Speckmann and his deathly boys strike again!)
MASTER "The Witchhunt" CD €11,50
(Brandnew album, in the typical powerful MASTER-style) 
MASTER  "Slaves To Society" US-CD (plus Bonus tracks) ¬ 11,50
MASTER "Collection of souls" CD ¬ 11,50
(Re-release with two rare demos as bonus) 
MASTER'S HAMMER "Ritual" CD ¬ 11,50
MASTER'S HAMMER "Jilemnice Occultist" CD ¬ 11,50
MASTICATION / EXHUMED ( SWE ) “ Wicked Material Sanity “   US-CD €11,50
(1st Generation of Swedish Death Metal ..From 1990 + 1991 "  Cd Contains The Demo Recordings of eachband includes members who also made the darkness known as EXCRUCIATE, UNANIMATED , NECROPHOBIC , DISMEMBER and NIFELHEIM ....EXHUMED formed in 1990 and made a single Demo "Obscurity " , Later band members formed MASTICATION with the intent to finish the mission of Death Metal !!! This release contains bonus tracks from side band EGYPT who were the final chapter before members concentrated on their next ( main) acts...Such as MORPHEUS  ( swe)  and later GRAVE...)
MATHYR "Mandraenken" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(unholy raw atmospheric Black / Death Metal like SATYRICON)
MAUSOLEUM "Back from the Funeral" US-CD €11,50
(Definite must for all fans of old Death Metal à la AUTOPSY)
MAUSOLEUM "Cadaveric Displays of Ghoulish Ghastliness" US-CD €11,50
(The rare debut back in stock. Total AUTOPSY style gorey funeral Death Metal)
MAVETH (Fin/USA) "Breath Of An Abomination" CD  €11,50
(Blasphemous Death Metal. This release features their 'Of Serpent and Shadow' and 'Impious Servant' MLPs (8 songs, 38 minutes playing time) with all new artwork from Daniel Selfdesecrato)
MAYHEM "Live in Leipzig '91" Digipack CD  ¬ 11,50
MAYHEM "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" CD   ¬ 12,00
MAZE OF TORMENT "Hammers of Mayhem" CD  ¬ 11,50
MAZE OF TORMENT "Hidden Cruely" CD ¬ 11,50
MAZE OF TORMENT "Unmarked Graves" CD ¬ 11,50
MAZE OF TORMENT "The Force" CD ¬ 8,50***
MAZE OF TORMENT "Faster Disaster" CD   ¬ 8,50***
MEDIEVAL SCREAM "s/t" CD     ¬ 7,50***
MEGIDDO "Subterranean Empire .... (with us Omniscient Monarch)" Colombian CD ¬ 5,50***
( Violent black metal recorded in true los Andes mountains with impressive atmosphere and wrath- This is the South American MEGIDDO!!)
MELECHESH "Sphynx" CD        ¬ 11,50 
MELECHESH "Dijnn" CD        ¬ 11,50
MELECHESH "Emissaries" CD ¬ 11,50
(For those who like unique oriental Black Metal with a strong influence from ABSU)
MEMORIAL "Enter My Megaron" US-CD       ¬ 11,50
(Brutal and sinister raw black metal in the vein of early IMMORTAL. Intense studio-recorded Black Metal from The Netherlands) 
MEMORY DRIVEN "Relative Obscurity" CD ¬ 11,50
(Soulful  Doom Metal made by musicians with a desire to create what they always wanted to hear. Led by well-known doom veteran Dennis Cornelius (REVELATIOn, PLACE OF SKULLS, DWELL WITHIN)
MENTORS "You Axed for it" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Great re-release on HIGH VAULTAGE with thick booklet! Heavy Metal for sexual maniacs!Includes 4 rare bonus songs. Pricy but great) 
MENTORS "Up the Dose" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Includes 4 rare bonus songs, thick booklet. Sounds sometimes like MOTÖRHEAD meets VENOM and old Punk/ US Metal)
MEPHISTO (Italy) "Metal of Death" CD        ¬ 11,50***
(old style "Metal of Death", as the title says)
MERCA "Chup Amela" CD     ¬ 8,50***
(Dutch MERCA emerges from the ashes of SHYLOCK. Old-school doomsters heavily influenced by SAINT VITUS, THE OBSESSED, etc)
MERCILESS "The Awakening" CD ¬ 11,50
(No words needed for this ultimate raging Death/Thrash classic. Comes with 4 bonus trax)
MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION (Gre) 'Aipesis' Mini CD     ¬ 6,00***
(Massive assault of bestial warlike Black / Death Metal in the vein of bands like CONQUEROR, SARCOFAGO, IMPIETY, ...)
MERCILESS DEATH "Eternal Condemnation demo 87" CD €11,50
(almost 70 minutes of pure Infernal Thrashing from behind the iron curtain anno 1987. THICK booklet!)
MERCILESS DEATH "Holocaust 1992" CD  €11,50
(Second demo  from 1992! Special collectors' treat bonuses included, such as live tracks from the '90s festivals. THICK booklet!)
MERCILESS DEATH "Sick Sanctities"93" CD €11,50 
(The thrird and final recording. Nine tracks merging the raw power of early SLAYER, massive sound of MORBID ANGEL from "Blessed Are The Sick" era and diabolic vocals. THICK booklet!)
MERCILESS DEATH "From Hell" CD €11,50
(The comeback album! THICK booklet!)
MERCY (Swe) "Victory March" CD    ¬ 11,00 
MERCY (Swe) "Underground" CD    ¬ 11,00 
(the NEW studio album!! Great Doom/ Heavy Metal, dark, heavy and pure.  PLUS  four old bonus tracks with CANDLEMASS' Messiah on vocals.) 
MERCYFUL FATE "In the Shadows" CD (sealed)  ¬ 11,00
MERCYLESS "In Memory of Agrazabeth" (France) Double CD €15,00  
(MERCYLESS from Alsace was one of the best Death Metal bands in France, along with LOUDBLAST, AGRESSOR, MASSACRA, CATACOMB, etc... On double CD format : the first CD gathers the first 3 demos of the band (1988, 1989, 1990). The second CD presents live and rehearsal tracks. Thick 32 pages booklet with photos and articles)
MESSIAH "Final Warning" CD ¬ 13,00
(An absolute Metal obscurity from the US. Early 80s Metal with touches from LORDIAN GUARD, early OZZY,etc etc with melodic vocals and a  strange production)
MESSIAH FORCE "The Last Day" CD ¬ 12,00
(80s Canadian Metal rarity on CD!)
METAL KING "The Beginnings of this Metal War" Mexico CD €11,50
(Collection of the rare "Metal King" Eps and other trax. Very cool and unique Heavy Metal from Colombia) 
METAL KING "Any Warrior Dies With Honour" Ecuador CD        ¬ 9,50***
(The new METAL KING album. Still in the same style)
METAL KING "Arrival of the Iron Army" colombian CD               ¬ 9,50***
(the first full length album of Colombia's reigning METAL KING!)
(Two albums one on CD. Metal in the Neal Tanaka vein!!!)
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Japanese Line Up and lyrics)" US-CD €11,50
(This is the US version with Japanese line up and lyrics sung in Japanese. The classic line up: Gezolucifer, Elizaveat and Elizabigore!)
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Drill"  CD ¬ 11,00***
(The very first IRON PEGASUS release from 1998 now available again on CD. NWoBHM à la 1st IRON MAIDEN with Japanese style vocals. This CD comes with 4 bonus songs!! A  total playing time of 74 minutes!!!)
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Drill" US-CD €11,50
(Different artwork + coverdesign plus different tracks)
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" CD       ¬ 9,50*** 
(HM sound like in the old glorious days of NWoBHM. The King in Heavy Metal hell finally returned... Euro version with  "Heavy Metal Revolution" and "Northern Heroes" that are only on this version) 
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" US-CD       ¬ 11,50 
(Different coverartwork/ layout, different tracklist)
METAL INQUISITOR "The Apparition" US CD €12,00
(Rare debut album from German METAL INQUISITOR, incl. Elizablumi of METALUCIFER swinging the axe)
METAL INQUISITOR "Doomsday for the Heretic" US CD €11,50
(Comes with live bonus track "Take Revenge")
METAL INQUISITOR "Unconditional Absolution" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album and a milestone in traditional German Metal thanks to (Eliza)blumi's perfect axe-treatment)
METAL INQUISITOR "Doomsday for the heretic" CD    ¬ 11,50
(pure trad. Heavy Metal power with class and the incredible guitars from Elizabumi of METALUCIFER)
METAL INQUISITOR "Doomsday at the H.O.A." CD  ¬ 11,50
(CD version of the Live album!)
METALMORPHOSE  “Nossa Droga é o Heavy Metal" CD €11,50
(Classic Heavy Metal from Rio with Portuguese vocals. This release contains 14 trax from 1984-1988 and one bonus track from 2008)
MGLA (Pol) "Mdlosci and Further Down the Nest" MCD ¬ 9,00
MGLA "Presence" MCD 9,50
MGLA "With Hearts Toward None"  CD €11,50
MIASMAL "Miasmal" US-CD €11,50
(debut full-length of Swedish Death force features eight brand new hymns. Also contains the sold out 2008 demo tracks and the two tracks from the 2010 7" EP as bonus)
MIDIAN "Thrashology" Double CD (chinese import) + OBI  ¬ 15,00
(Thrash metal history from the USA. fast and well played, with high type of vocals. 5 demos, rehearsal and live. Comes with thick booklet ) 
MIDNIGHT "Complete and Total Hell" US-CD €11,50
MIDNIGHT "Satanic Royalty" US-CD + DVD €13,50
(Brandnew Studio album! Incl. a LIve DVD as bonus)
MINOTAUR "Power of Darkness" CD ¬ 11,50
(Official re-issue of the hard to find German Thrash Attck back from the 80s. For fans of old KREATOR!)
MINOTAUR "God Will Show You Mercy, We Will Not" CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50
(The German Thrashers are back with a brandnew album in the typical MINOTAUR/ old KREATOR style)
MIRROR OF DECEPTION "Foregone" CD ¬ 11,50
MIRROR OF DECEPTION "Shards" CD    ¬ 11,50
(Doom Metal with vocals like a mix of MANILLA ROAD and COUNT RAVEN)
MISERY'S OMEN "Hope Dies" CD ¬ 9,50***
(Australian Steel!)
MISVITA (Nor) "Misanthropic Aura" CD    ¬ 5,00*** 
(Total Black Metal Necrosound! CRYPTIA PROD./ Greece) 
MJÖLNER  "The Pagan Tribute" Chile CD         ¬ 9,50***
(Majestic pagan darkwave with lots of Black Metal elements. With BEWITCHED and DHAROHG members)
MOCK "Mock" CD ¬ 11,50
("Vinterlandet" MCD and split w/ Tulus on one CD. Pre-KAMPFAR)       
MONOLITH "Compilation" CD €11,50
MONUMENTUM "In Absentia Christi" CD ¬ 11,50
(the album that Euronymous was supposed to release. Real atmospheric gothic type Dark Metal from Italy) 
MONUMENTUM "Metastasi" CD  ¬ 11,50
MOONBLOOD "Supreme Black forces of German Steel" CD ¬ 9,50
(The rare "Taste Our German Steel" and "We are at War" recordings on one CD)
MOONTOWER "Praise the apocalypse" CD      ¬ 7,50
(Polish blackness, hateful with an obscure freezing production. Only for people into of extreme and monotonous sounds)
MORBID "Live in Stockholm" Mexico CD   ¬ 8,50***
(Old live mayhem with Dead on vokills! 9 songs from 1987 and three tracks from 1988)
MORBID ANGEL "Blessed are the Sick" Cd  ¬ 11,50
MORBID ANGEL "Gateways to Annihilation" CD   ¬ 11,50
MORBID ANGEL "Formulars Fatal to the Flesh" Cd ¬ 11,50
MORBID ANGEL "Entangled in Chaos" Cd   ¬ 12,00
MORBID CARNAGE "Night Assassins" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
MORBID EXECUTION "Total Devotion" US- MCD ¬ 7,00***
(old school death/thrash from Poland)
MORBID FLESH "Reborn in Death" CD €11,50
(Debut album of one of Espana's strongest new Death Metal forces. Sounds like a mix of ASPHYX, DISMEMBER, DEATH, etc. Incl. the demo "Impaled Ratzinger" as bonus. 60 minutes playing time) 
MORBID GOAT FORNICATOR  "Nuclear Vaticano" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Kult Von/Blasphemy Worship from Chile)    (new)
MORBID SCREAM "The Signal to Attack: 1986-1990" US-CD €11,50
(A band that ABSU used to love and cover. Deathrash from the USA with great catchy riffing, well played)
MORBOSIDAD / PERVERSOR "Invocationes Demoniacas" US-CD ¬ 11,50
MORBOSIDAD "Cojete A Dios Por El Cul" US- CD  ¬ 11,50***
MORBOSIDAD "Profana la Cruz del Nazareno" US-CD ¬ 11,00
MORD "Necrosodomic Abyss" CD ¬ 11,50
MORDANT "Momento Mori" CD  ¬ 11,00
(the first album filled with Black Speed, bit like NIFELHEIM at times)
MORDBRAND "Necropsychotic" MCD €8,50 
(Culled from a shallow grave, MORDBRAND, featuring GOD MACABRE vocalist P. Boder, embodies the true spirit of the old days. 6-song MCD)
MORFEUS "Disbelieved World" Brazil CD   ¬ 11,50
(80s US style Thrash from 1988-1993. Brazlian band, techincally well done. Especially the 7 bonus trax pretty much rip, fast and furious aggression! Good sound)
MORGOTH "Resurrection Absurd/ The Eternal Fall" CD €9,50
(Ultimate German Death Metal classic for all maniacs into early DEATH/ POSSESSED)
MÖRKER (Swe) "Skuggornas Rike" CD    ¬ 11,50
MORNINGSTAR "Finnish Metal" CD  ¬ 9,50*** 
MORTAGE "Trench For Evolution" Brazil CD   ¬ 9,50***
(well-produced aggressive Death/Thrash, sometimes a bit like old KREATOR)
MORT "Godless Dominion" CD     ¬ 6,00***
(Ex- UNGOD warrior now casting black Metal spells in MORT,  traditional summoning)
MORTAL SIN "Mayhemic Destruction" Ecuador CD €11,50
(The great Debut album, bit like METALLICA on their 1st album. Comes with 7 live bonus trax from 1988)
MORTAL SLAUGHTER "Destiny / Roots Of Evil" CD €11,50
(polish thrash/death underground from 1991 and "Roots of evil "from 1990 shows how great polish underground was. For the first time on cd)
MORTAL SLAUGHTER "Lepers 93" CD €11,50
(1993 Oldschool Thrash /death metal in the vein old SEPULTURA/SLAYER and DEATH)
MORTEM "Demons Atacan Los Angeles" Peru-CD      ¬ 11,50
(Numbered to 1000 copies. MORTEM crushing L.A.! With nice booklet!)
MORTE INCANDESCENTE "Ultimatum" MCD    ¬ 9,00
(Black Metal madness, limited to 500 copies on SADOLUST)
MORTUARY DRAPE "Buried in Time" CD ¬ 11,00***
(Last album from one of the darkest and most faithful Underground bands EVER!)
MORTUARY DRAPE "Secret Sudaria" US CD €11,50
(one of MORTUARY DRAPE's finest albums. incl. 12 page booklet + bonus track)
MOURNFUL GONGREGATION "The June Frost" Japan CD ¬ 11,50
(New album, total doooom mania)
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "Mournful Congregation - the monad of creation"  Japanese CD ¬ 12,00***
(Long awaited their 2nd album is finally unleashed to this world of the hopeless! Extreme slowness and heaviness bring depression to the depth of your mind)
MURDER RAPE "Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever" Brazilian CD        ¬ 9,00*** 
(New album by this Brazilian Black Metal band) 
MUTILATOR "Grave Desecration" Peru CD          9,50***
(Old demo 85 and three live gigs from 1986, 22 trax in total! Old Brazilian blackened Thrash attack)
MR. DEATH "Detached from Life "CD ¬ 11,50
(ex- TREBLINKA members. Total old school Swedish Death Metal)
MR DEATH "Descending through Ashes" CD €11,50
MYKORRHIZA "s/t"  Singapore-MCD        ¬ 5,00***
MYKORRHIZA  "Shattered Dreams" Singapore CD ¬ 7,50*** 
(Very professional Death Metal with a bit of Swedish expression and at parts Black Metal kind of riffing)
MYRK (Iceland) "Icons of the Dark" CD         ¬ 9,50
(fast black metal)
MYSTICUM "Demons Never Sleep" CD  ¬ 9,50***
(rare old recordings from this Norse band)
MYSTIFIER "Wicca" Colombian CD €11,50
(The demonic first album! Brazilian Black Death cult. Nice 8 page fold out booklet with lyrics, old photos, etc)
MYSTIFIER "Goetia" Colombian CD €11,50
(The second strike! Nice 8 page fold out booklet with lyrics, old photos, etc)
(New album!)
MX "Simoniacal (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
(harsh Brazilian Thrash Attack right from the 80s!)
NACHTMYSTICUM "Demise" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
NACHTMYSTICUM "Eulogy IV" US-CD     ¬ 11,50***
NAE'BLIS (Swe) / DOMINION (Swe) "Death of Mankind" CD        ¬ 11,50
NAER MATARON "Praetorians" CD ¬ 11,50
NAER MATARON "Awaken in Oblivion" DoCD ¬ 11,50***
(Two albums! "Skotos Aenaon" and "Up from the Ashes")
NAER MATARON "Discipline Manifesto" CD    ¬ 9,50***
NAER MATARON "River at Dash Scalding" CD  ¬ 9,50***
NAILGUNNER / WOUNDS split CD ¬ 11,50***
(Finnish Thrash Metal warfare)
NAPALM DEATH "Leader, Not Follower" US-CD        ¬ 7,50***
NARTHEX (Bel) "Flatness of Life"  CD ¬ 11,50
(A War Panzer that is loaded with Death / Thrash dynamite)
NASTROND "Conquering the Ages" CD    ¬ 9,50 
NASTY SAVAGE "Cleveland '87" Brazil CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
(Great gig from Florida's armed and dangerous Metal Force!)
NASTY SAVAGE "Psycho Psycho" Brazil-CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
(new album in the traditional manner!!)
NATTAS "At Ease with the Beast" CD     ¬ 11,50
NATTSMYG "Fylgja" CD €11,50
(back in stock)
NATTVINDENS GRAT "A Bard's Tale" CD   ¬ 11,50***
N.C.O. "Pure Black Disease" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
(Recorded at Abyss studio (Tommy Tägtgren) and Endarker studios (Magnus Devo Andersson)and the results will satisfy any hardcore fan of Swedish Black/Death Metal)
NEBEL "s/t" CD        ¬ 9,50
NEBIROS (GER) "Kommando666" ¬ 11,50
NEBIROS "Kurwa Satana" CD ¬ 11,50
(Strong Black Death Metal hailing BEHERIT!)
NECROBLASPHEME (Fra) "Destination : Nulle Part" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
NECROCURSE "Grip of the Dead" Singapore CD €11,50
(New old style Black Metal monster, feat. the NIFELHEIM twins of Evil)
NECROCURSE "Grip of the Dead" Singapore Digipack CD €13,00
(Limited, high quality Digipack Version)
NECRODEAD "The Last Trauma" Chilean CD ¬ 11,50   
(Raw Death /Thrash with good sound from Chile. The Demos "Trauma" (1991)/ "The Last Flower" (1992) (+ Bonus - Ep. "Rust").... pure South american Underground feeling of the early 90s!)
NECRODEATH/ SCHIZO "Mondocane" Digipack CD (sealed) €11,50
(The ultra rare LP on nice digipack version)
NECRODEATH "Into the Macabre" CD + DVD €13,50
(Fold-out digipack plus nice booklet, includes a show from 1988 and a clip as bonus on a separrate DVD)
NECRODEATH "Into the Macabre" CD ¬ 11,50
(Re-issue of an ultrarrare classic. Total raw mid 80s Thrash Metal dynamite that blows away 95% of the new Thrash Metal bands. Don't believe this? Check it out and get blown away yourself)
NECRODEATH "Old skull" CD  ¬ 11,50
(an undisputed THRASHER to rip your guts out! Italy's lords of Black/Thrash metal celebrate their 25 year anniversary with an all covers album powered by an incredible production! If you dig 80s Thrash/Death/Speed metal you can hear them perform covers of SLAYER, VENOM, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM etc with that unique dose of aggressivity and intensity that made them an outstanding outfit since the mid 80s.)
NECRODEATH/GHOSTRIDER "back to the abyss" CD €11,50
(84-85 demos+ unreleased from Italy's hardest 80s Thrash demons)
NECROMANCIA "Necromancia (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
NECROMANTIA "Scarlet Evil Witching Black"  CD     ¬ 11,50
(BLACK LOTUS Rec. version from Hellas, includes one Bonus track. Includes booklet)
NECROMANTIA "Crossing the Fiery Path" Digipack        ¬ 11,00
(A true classic of Greek Black/ Occult Metal. Includes one bonus track!)
NECROMANTIA "Covering Evil" DoCD  ¬ 11,00
(Collection of cool cover songs and old NECROMANTIA Classics and rarities!)
NECROMANTIA "Ancient Pride " MCD (Digipack) ¬ 7,00
(The Greek version. A true Classic of Hellenic Black Heavy Metal from THE first occult Greek band. Includes two Bonus trax)
NECROMASS "Myszeria Mystica Zothyriana/ His Eyes/Bhoma" CD €11,50
(the Debut album plus two Demos as Bonus.  16 trax total)
NECROMASS "Abyss Calles Life" CD €11,50
(Incl. two unreleased demo bonus trax from 1995)
NECROMASS "Calix Utero Babalon" CD €11,50
NECRONOMICON "Revenge of the Beast" DoCD ¬ 13,50
(6th album, the return of the legendary german Thrashers formed in '83 along with KREATOR, DESTRUCTION & SODOM!! Aggressive old school Thrash in the vein of the mentioned bands. Pure NECRONOMICON!! 1st limited ed. to 1000 copies on Double-CD)*
NECRONOMICON "s/t" CD        ¬ 11,50
(The great debut album from 1985. Like a nasty version of old DESTRUCTION! Incl. "Possessed by Evil". For fans of German wickedness!)
NECRONOMICON "Apocalyptic Nightmare" CD        ¬ 11,50
(The follow up album.  Still DESTRUCTION-style, but also with hints to EXUMER!)
NECRONOMICON "Escalation" CD    ¬ 11,50
(The third rare album, finally on CD!)
NECRONOMICON BEAST"Hell Thrash War" Thailand CD ¬ 9,50 ***
(The rare MLP on CD incl. rare bonus trax. Brazilian Thrash)
NECROPHAGIA "Harvest Ritual" US-CD-Digibook       ¬ 11,00***
(Very special Digibook edition with booklet!!! )
NECROPHAGIA "Goblins be Thine" US-Digipack        ¬ 11,50 
NECROPHILE "Mementos in the Misting Woods" US CD €11,50
(The definite collection from this Japanese band such as the demo, the EP and the songs from the ABHORER Split LP. Incl. ex-members of TRANSGRESSOR; MESSIAH DEATH, etc)
NECROPHOBIC "Satanic Blasphemies" CD €11,50
NECROPHOBIC "Spawned by Evil" CD €11,50
NECROPHOBIC "The Third Antichrist" CD   ¬ 9,50***
(Sunlight Death Metal Storm in the old true vein!)
NECROPHOBIC "The Nocturnal Silence" CD €11,50
NECROPHOBIC "Darkside" CD €11,50
NECROPHOBIC "Bloodhymns"" CD €11,50
NECROPLASMA "Gospels of Antichristian Terror" CD   ¬ 9,50***
(This CD includes all their excellent demo material and the 2 tracks from their  Obscurial Death  7 EP. Total Thrash/Death mayhem from Sweden) 
NECROS CHRISTOS "Doom of the Occult" CD ¬ 11,50
(BRANDNEW album, will be shipped on 13th March!)
NECROS CHRISTOS "Grave Damnation" MCD €9,50
(The rare MCD with the early recordings, some copies back in stock)
NECROSIS "The Search + Kingdom of Hate" Chile CD €11,50
(South American Thrash Metal from the 80s. The debut album + the "Kingdom of Hate" Demo 1987 on one disc. Comes with nice booklet.)
NECROTIC CHAOS "Regime Grotesque" Malaysian CD   ¬ 11,50
(Raw pounding and blasting Death metal attack from Malaysia)
NECROVEN "Worship of Humiliation" CD €11,50
(A smelly and solid piece of rotten art in the vein of early IMMOLATION, DETERIOROT, GOREAPHOBIA, INCANTATION, etc).
NECROVORE "The Abysmal Plains of Hell" US-CD €11,50
(Features the cult demo from 1987, the demo 1988 and a live show from 13th November 1987 + one studio song!)
NEFARIUM (Italy) "Heretichristus" CD ¬ 11,50
NEGATIVE PLANE "Stained Glass Revelations" CD  €11,50
NEGATIVE PLANE "Et In Saecula Saeculorum" US CD ¬ 11,50
(Awesome occult Black/Death metal attack. Very dark and abyssic, sometimes reminding of AFTER DEATH/ NOCTURNUS)
(WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS  present a violent hybrid sort of doom metal and  trance. NEGATIVE REACTION provide a sound that is uncompromising, raw and primal. A lighting of  for the heaviest sludgfied doom metal )
NEKROMANTHEON "Divinity Of Death" CD €11,00
NERGAL "The Wizard of Nerath" CD 9,50***
(Greek Black Metal mysticism from the 90s!!)
NERVOCHAOS "Quarrel In Hell" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
(Brazilian Death Metal on IBEX MOON Rec.)
NEKROPOL "Messenger Of Fallen Angel" CD ¬ 11,50
(Old pure sonic malevolence Death Metal from 1993, evilness in the vein of TREBLINKA, old ASPHYX/ SEMPITERNAL DEATHREIGN vibe and haunting sorrow in the vein of PARADISE LOST's "Gothic")
NETHERMANCY "Weakening Divinity" CD     ¬ 11,50***
( Portuguese High speed Black Metal with DECAYED member!)
NETHERREALM "The Occultist Omnibus" CD    ¬ 7,50***
(Debut album of this one man band from Singapore. Intense, fast & chaotic traditional Black Metal with an epic feeling.)
NEUROSIS "Mas Alla de la Demecia (Demos)" Colombian CD     ¬ 11,50
(The old demo from 1991 + 4 bonus songs! Good quality and South American Thrash/Death spirit)
NEVERMORE "Enemies of Reality" CD ¬ 5,00 (Special price!)
NEX "Zero" US-CD €11,50 
("Zero" is the debut album of the Swedish doom constellation NEX. The band makes its effort to pay tribute to some of the pioneers of the doom/death genre, such as Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, and Anathema. Features present and past members of NOMINON, IN AETERNUM, WATAIN, FUNERAL MIST, etc)
NEXION –"Nexion" US-MCD Digipack €9,00
(5 songs, 30 minutes of furious black metal from Scotland with Swedish black metal influences)
NIDINGR "Sorrow Infinite and Darkness" CD     ¬ 11,50
NIDSANG (Swe) "The Mark of Death"CD ¬ 11,50
NIGHTMARE "Misterium Przekleństw"  CD €11,50
(after 19 years for the first time on cd "Mistrium Przekleństw" with bonus tracks demo Kyrie Eleison from 1989 with crush of pure thrash medness. THICK booklet!)
NIGHTMARE "Cryptic Songs 1993" CD €11,50
(The CD contains 6 unique bonus tracks, four of which are the whole "The Evil" demo from 1992 and remaining two are rare live tracks from that period. Album contains rich booklet including the band's history and a lot of rare photos)
NIGHTMARE "High Speed Venom" Colombian CD €11,50
(Total old school Metal invasion from Latin Americargh featuring members of WITCHTRAP)
NIGHTMARE LODGE "Blind Miniatures" US  CD    ¬ 9,50***
(Ambient! Soul-stiring, dark string orchestral architectures building into an orgasmic frenzy of floating beats, maddening juxtaposed rhythms, and many unidentifiable sound creatures. It is a moody trip through a red terrain of distorted filled thoughts and sensations, haunting passages of subdued and quiet minimal soundscapes)
NIGHTMARE LODGE "Tentacled"  US-CD 9,50***
(This is a compilation of previous material totally re-worked and updated for 2000. The work is very interesting and takes your mind into a different listening arena&  Includes an updated version of John Carpenter's The Shape (Halloween Theme).
NIGHTSHADE "Men of Iron" CD       ¬ 11,50***
(A true jewel of US Metal with total skill. True 80s Metal style, sometimes a bit like LEGEND and even THE DEVIL'S BLOOD. A Must!)
NIGHTSHADE "Stand and be True" CD   ¬ 11,50***
NIHILISTIC KAOS (France) "Les Homélies du Vice" CD      ¬ 11,00
(Pure insane Metal !!!)
NIHIL NOCTURNE "Entheogen" CD ¬ 11,50
NIHIL NOCTURNE "Necrohell" CD              ¬ 11,50***
NIHIL NOCTURNE "Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat" CD     ¬ 11,50***
NIHILIST "Demos 1987 - 1989" CD €11,50
(Incl. the "Premature Autopsy" Demo 1988, "Only Shreds Remains" Demo 1988, "Drowned" Demo 1989, "The Head Not Found"-Session 1989, "The Drowned Sessions" 1989, "But Life Goes On"-Demo 1989")
N. I. L. "s/t" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
NILE "Legacy of the Catacombs" US-Digipack Double-CD ¬ 15,00
(Very fold out Digipack CD with booklet, etc. True value for money)
NILE "Annihilation of the Wicked " US Digipack CD     ¬ 12,00
NILE "In their darkened Shrines" US-CD   ¬ 12,00
NILE "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" US-CD  ¬ 12,00
NILE "Black Seeds of Vengeance" US-CD   ¬ 12,00
N.M.E. "Unholy Death" US-CD €11,50
N.M.E. "Unholy Death/ Machine of War (Demo) Double CD €13,50
(Official re-issue, including the rare album, the demo and one hour of bonus material like rehearsals, live and unreleased trax)
NOCTIVAGUS "Venture In Sombre Passion" CD ¬ 11,50
NOCTURNAL "Thrash with the devil" CD €11,00
(Re-release of the MLP from 2002 + the "rites of the black mass" Demo as bonus. Comes with 16 page booklet))
NOCTURNAL BREED-“The Tools of the Trade” Brazilian CD €11,50 
(Remastered version with 03 bonus tracks. Metal to the Bone!!!)
NOCTURNAL BREED-“Fields of Rot”Brazilian CD €11,50
(Last album from Norwegian Speed Black/Thrash Metal masters)
NOCTURNAL BREED "The Tools of the Trade" US-CD ¬ 11,50
NOCTURNAL BREED "Fields of Rot" CD+ Slipcase ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album!! Total Trash, total Metal!)
NOCTURNAL BREED "Black cult" CD       ¬ 11,50
(All their demos stuff (12 tracks) compiled on one CD)
NOCTURNAL BREED "Aggressor" CD    ¬ 11,50
(Norwegian Black/Thrash Metal. First album including 2 bonus tracks)
NOCTURNAL BREED "Triumph of the Blasphemer" MCD  ¬ 9,00
(MCD featuring a W.A.S.P. cover, unreleased track + live tracks including 1 bonus live track) 
NOCTURNAL BREED  "No surrender..." CD        ¬ 11,50
(2nd album of the masters including 3 bonus tracks)
NOCTURNAL BREED  "The tools of the trade" CD  ¬ 11,50
(3rd album of the masters including 3 bonus tracks)
NOCTURNAL FEAR "Metal Of Honor"  US-CD ¬ 11,00
(Exterminating Thrash Metal! Very harsh full Thrash attack with vocals à la GOSPEL OF THE HORNS/ KREATOR)
NOCTURNAL FEAR"Code of Violence" US-CD ¬ 11,00
NOCTURNAL GRAVES "Satan's Cross" US-CD ¬ 11,00***
(Hard hitting album, raging DeathThrash like a mix of first SEPULTURA/ VOMITOR; etc  with Ex-DESTRÖYER 666's "Deceiver"!)
NOCTURNAL TORMENT "They Come At Night" US-CD €11,50
(Old school death metal from Indiana, USA. Featuring members of SKULLVIEW and THANATOPSIS. 9 tracks.)
NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Divine profanation" CD ¬ 11,50***
NOCTURNUS "The Key" CD (sealed) €11,50
(AFTER DEATH'S Mike Browning with his original  band, NOCTURNUS!)
NOCTURNUS "Ethereal Tomb" CD       ¬ 9,50
NOCTURNUS "The Demos" CD ¬ 7,00
(The legendary Demos on CD, with Ex- MORBID ANGEL's Mike Browning and now ACHERON veteran Vincent Crowely! Totally unique music, comes with nice booklet with liner notes,  photos, etc. A piece of history that no Death/ Occult metal fan should miss in this collection)
NOISEHUNTER  "Time To Fight" CD   ¬ 13,00
(Cult release from "Federal Republic Of Metal"!  German Heavy Metal like JUDAS PRIEST meets ACCEPT, incl. 4 live videos on the CD!)
NOISEHUNTER "Spell Of Noise" CD       ¬ 13,00 
(One of the very best from the Gama years!  Complete "Too Young To Die" LP added!)
NOISEHUNTER "Rock Shower" CD      ¬ 13,00
(an unreleased album by German Metalheads from NOISEHUNTER.12 songs)
NOKTIIS ETERNA (Fra) "Les Larmes du Tyran" CD ¬ 11,50 
NOMAD "Demonic Verses" US-CD     ¬ 11,50
(Overwhelming, monstrous crushing Death Metal from Poland with great production, packaging and presentation)
NOMED "Thrashing Insanity" Double CD €13,50
(The discography from this insane French Thrash Metal band, from 1984 to 1989. This double CD gathers 4 demos, the "Troop of Death" MLP, the "Like..." album, the live 7"EP, and some rare recordings. 30 tracks on each CD, 2h35 of music, 32 pages booklet! )
NOMINON "The Cleansing" US Digi CD €12,00
(Comes with 12 page booklet)
NOMINON "Diabolical Bloodshed" US-CD €11,50
(Official re-issue of their debut CD.  Crushing old school Swedish death metal, recorded at the infamous Sunlight Studio! Finally back in print!)
NOMINON "Monumentomb" CD €11,50
(The fourth studio album! Old school death metal played with conviction and aggression)
NOMINON "Omen" US- MCD €9,00
(Old school Swedish metal of death!)
NOMINON "Terra Necrosis" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
NOMINON "Reccremation" CD + Slipcase ¬ 11,50
(Back in stock! Singaporean Import. Great release with noble Slipcase. Old Swedish Death Metal style) 
NOMINON "Remnants of a Diabolic History" Singapore CD     ¬ 11,50
(8 own deathly compositions plus 3 covers of WHIPLASH, REPULSION and VOIVOD!) 
NON OPUS DEI "The Quintessence CD" digipack      ¬ 11,50
NORDOR (Gre) "Honoris Causa" CD + Slipcase ¬ 11,50
(the old Greek band returned!!! Dark occult Metal in the old style with lots of mystical intros)
NORDOR (Gre)  Nordorian Manifestations  CD    ¬ 9,00***
(Cult black/death metal band from Greece since 1989. Their 3 demos together for the first time on cd.)
NORTH "Na Polach Bitew" CD   ¬ 7,50***
(the old Polish Pagan Black Metal band returns!!!)
NORTHSTREAM (RUS) "Time of Triumphal..." MCD  ¬ 8,00 
(This is an outburst of RAW Russian bestiality with all that comes with those words. Slow depressive tracks, together with a voice from the deepest levels of hell)
NORTT  Galgenfrist  CD       ¬ 11,50
NORTT "Ligaerd" CD ¬ 11,50
(Black Funeral Doom Metal!)
NO TROUBLE "Looking for Trouble But Watch out!" CD     ¬ 11,50
(German Metal re-release, 17 tracks of teutonic Steel!)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT "Atomic Waste! (Demos & Rehearsals)" CD €12,00
(Great collection, 23 songs in total, comes with ultrathick booklet, true value for money)
NUNSLAUGHTER "The Devils Congeries - Volume 1" US-Double CD €13,00 
NUNSLAUGHTER "DemoSlaughter [2011 Edition]"    US-Double CD  €13,50
NUNSLAUGHTER "Hells Unholy Fire"    US-Double CD   €13,50
NUNSLAUGHTER "Hexx"  US- CD    9,50*** 
NUNSLAUGHTER "Goat"  US- CD    9,50*** 
NUNSLAUGHTER "One Night In Hell  US- CD    ¬ 7,00*** 
(Live CD, incl. unreleased track. Imported from USA / Warhammer Rec.) 
NYC MAYHEM "The Metal And Crossover Days" US-DCD €13,00
(The complete anthology)
OBSCENE GESTURE "Living In Profanity" CD   ¬ 11,50***
(Debut album with 21 songs in 37 raging min. of this band from L.A. featuring three ex-AGENT STEEL members!! Pure motherfucking old school Thrashcore for lovers of CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, D.R.I., CRUMBSUCKERS, SLAYER, S.O.D., NUCLEAR ASSAULT, LETHAL AGGRESSION, THE ACCUSED...)
OBEISANCE "Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil" CD     ¬ 11,50***
(Finally their new album! Great old school thrashing Black / Death Metal)
OBEISANCE “Hellbent On Slaughter” US-CD €11,50
(The first 3 demos on CD + 1 exclusive track, & 3 live videos. Evil thrashing Black Metal from Hell Paso, Texas!)
OBLIVION KNIGHT "s/t" CD ¬ 11,50
( Two demos from 1987 and 1990 are packed on one CD. US Power Metal on a high technical level with the typical high type of vocals)
OBSCENE EULOGY "A Portal Into Fire" US-MCD         ¬ 9,00***
(dominant Black / Death Metal .  The enormous double bass saturation pierces through an mega heavy harmonious guitar line, while shattering blazing vocals, and ominous, sullen keyboards harden the rest of the experience.  OBSCENE EULOGY features members of IMPALED NAZARENE)
OBSCENE EULOGY "Defining the Hate" US-CD      ¬ 11,00***
(Obscene Eulogy is a project designed to create the essence of pure horror through the medium of extreme metal with Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene on vocals)
OBSECRATION "Sins of the Flesh" CD ¬ 11,00
(Greek Death Metal)
OBSESSION "Methodes of Madness" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
OBSESSION "Scarred for Life" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
OBSKURE TORTURE (Den) "Necro Rituals" CD ¬ 9,00***
(total Necro Metal in vein of WINTER, HELLHAMMER, CIANIDE and NECROSCHIZMA)
OBTEST "Gyvybes Medis" Digipack CD  ¬ 11,50
OCCULT "Prepare to meet thy doom + The enemy within" DoCD ¬ 11,00
(Now the highly praised band LEGION OF THE DAMNED.The first 2 classic albums finally available again including the Studio Demo '93 as bonus tracks; essential. Aggressive Black Thrash attack with touches of old ACHERON)
OCCULT "The Enemy Within" CD        ¬ 7,00
(Now LEGION OF THE DAMNED! Total blackened Thrash attack)
OCCULT "Prepare to meet thy Doom" CD  ¬ 7,00
(the Debut album.. sounds like old ACHERON in a Black Metal disguise)
OCCULT "Elegy for the Weak" CD        ¬ 5,00
(Real thrashing aggression for a ridiculous price. Officially this should be rare, so here you go!)
OCCULTAN "Regnum Infernalis" Brazil CD          ¬ 11,50
OCCULTAN "Lembrancas do Mal, a Crucifiacao" Brazil CD     ¬ 9,50
OCCULTATION "Three and Seven" CD €11,50
(Heavy Occult Rock feat. NEGATIVE PLANE member. Very professional and dark)
OCTINOMOS "Welcome to My Planet" CD (sweden Black) ¬ 4,00
OCTOBER 31"Stage Fright" US-CD     ¬ 7,50***
OCTOBER 31"No Survivors" US-CD ¬ 7,50***
(Brandnew Heavy Metal Attack from the USA)
("Immersed" features brand new songs by each band for a total running time of 40 minutes)
OLC SINNSIR "The Throne Of Dead Emotions" CD    8,00 ***
OLD WAINDS  "Where the Snows are Never Gone" CD  ¬ 11,50
OLD WAINDS  "Scalding Coldness" CD     ¬ 11,50
OLD WAINDS  "Religion of Spiritual Violence" CD   ¬ 11,50
OLD WAINDS /NAV "We Aré The North" Split CD ¬ 11,50
OLD YRON "s/t" US CD  ¬ 11,50
(Italian 80 s metal. IRON MAIDEN meets YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, but without going overboard with the guitar shredding)
OLDE CRONE "s/t" CD   ¬ 11,50
(A psychedelic doom band from the Shire born strong and true to each other out of a glorious haze of weed and BLACK SABBATH worship. High heaviness and loudness factors. Seven songs in over 70 minutes of slow doom madness.)
OMEGA "Second Coming - Second Crucifixion" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Greek old Black Metal with a doze of Thrash. à la old NECROMANTIA, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, etc)
ONSLAUGHT "Power from Hell" Brazil CD €11,00
OPERA IX "Maledentum" Digipack CD    ¬ 11,00***
OPERA IX (Ita)  Amphisbena  CD    ¬ 11,50***
OPHIS "Effigies of Desolation" CD €11,50
OPHIS "Stream Of Misery" CD ¬ 11,50
(Death Doom with dark and devious influences of bands like MY DYING BRIDE, EVOKEN, Tiamat, but also bands like ASPHYX, SAMAEL, etc)
OPTHALAMIA "A Journey in Darkness" CD        ¬ 11,50
OPUS LEVIATHAN / ASSUR Split Cd ¬ 9,50***
(Split album with these two dark and mysterious bands...Dark raw but melodic Black Metal)
ORLOFF "Apparitions Among the Graveyard Skies" US-CD €11,50 
(debut album of atmospheric, dark horror Death Metal)
ORODRUIN "Claw Tower ... and Other Tales of Terror" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Included in this release is the very first and second demo plus new material. 62 minutes of mighty DOOM)
ORODRUIN "Epicurean Mass" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Loads of  downtuned monster SABBATH-y riffs, CANDLEMASS-like clean vocals, and mournful lyrics)
OSSIAN "Az Utolso Lazado" CD       ¬ 11,00
OSSIAN "Arnyekbol a Fenybe" CD    ¬ 11,00
OSSIAN "Femzene" CD      ¬ 11,00
OSSIAN "A Szabadasag Fantomja" CD (inkl.5 bonus tracks) ¬ 11,00
OVERDRIVE "Metal Attack" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Strong Scandinavian Heavy Metal from 1983, with informative booklet and 5 bonus tracks,. HIGH VAULTGE., Pricy but value for money) 
OVERDRIVE "Swords and Axes" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(..From 1984, with informative booklet and 6 bonus tracks,. HIGH VAULTAGE., Pricy but value for money) 
OVERDRIVE "Reflections" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(A look back in history, with 19 songs, from 1978, 1980, 1981, etc. with informative booklet, family tree, exclusive photos, etc. HIGH VAULTAGE., Pricy but value for money) 
OVERDRIVE (UK) "On wizard Ridge" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(rare NWoBHM,lmtd to 1000)
PACTUM "Staining the White Veils.." Brazilian CD       7,50***
PAGAN "The Decade of the Blackwings of hate" CD ¬ 9,50***
(old Demos '95, '96, '97.. cruel Black Metal grimness) 
PAGAN ALTAR "Judgement of the Dead" CD €11,50
(The great first album from the 70s. Like BLACK SABBATH versus LEGEND) 
PAGAN ALTAR "The Time Lord" MCD €8,50
(Another blast from the past with rare ancient recordings incl. the unreleased titletrack)
PAGAN RITES "Hellcome Back to Earth" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(10 live trax plus 5 bonus songs!)
PAGAN RITES "Pagan Metal - Roars of the Antichrist" Mexico CD  ¬ 11,00
(Some new exclusive tracks, some old re-recorded ones and 3 songs from a 7"EP! A "forwarning" for their real new studio album "Hellcome Back to Earth")
PAGAN RITES "Mark of the Devil" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Finally back in stock!!! PAGAN RITES' last studio album. Pagan Heavy Metal mayhem with the necessary ugliness and venomous touch)
PAGAN WINTER "The Cult of the Flesh" US-MCD      ¬ 6,00
PAGANIZER "World Lobotomy" CD €11,50
PAGANIZER "Into the Catacombs" CD €11,50
PAGANIZER "Death Forever" Mexico CD ¬ 11,50
PAGANIZER "Scandinavian Warmachine" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew crüshing album)
PAGANIZER/ DEPRESSION Split CD       ¬ 11,00
PALE DIVINE "Painted Windows Black" US-CD €11,50
PALE DIVINE "Crimson Tears" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Their first Demo  Crimson Tears  re-mastered with 2 rare bonus live tracks with liner notes)
PALE DIVINE "Thunder Perfect Mind" CD    ¬ 11,50
(Heavy, 70's flavoured doom with the onus on songwriting, and fluid wah-wah drenched solos. A modern day equivalent of the wondrous PENTAGRAM. Re-release of the out of print debut album on Game Two Records w/ two lengthy live cuts in time for their Euro tour)
PALE DIVINE "Cemetery Earth" CD        ¬ 11,50
(in a PENTAGRAM mould under the influence of THE OBSESSED, VITUS, CANDLEMASS, PRIEST, etc)
PANDEMIA "Riven" Chilean CD        ¬ 9,50***
(New album from this old Czech Death metal band. Brutal and straight, sometimes like VADER)
PANIC "Rotten Church (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD €11,50
(Thrash from Brazil from 1987 incl. both demos as bonus)
PANZER "Toca Madera" Ecuador CD ¬ 9,50***
(classic Spanish Heavy Metal, includes Bonus Live songs) 
PARADISE LOST "Lost Paradise" CD (slipcase) ¬ 8,00
(the debut when the band still was heavy and dark)
PARIA POSEA "Hagase La Oscuridad" US CD €11,50
(BlackDeathPunkMayhem de Peru. Evil Metal Crust, drunk with purest Alcohol)
PAUL CHAIN "Park of Reason" CD (EX-DEATH SS)       ¬ 11,50
PEK "Preaching Evil" CD ¬ 11,50
(Brutal Death Attack from Belgium!)
PENANCE "The Road Revisited" CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Direct from the 1st Master comes the original version of The Road Less Travelled. The band actually recorded that LP twice, the latter version was released on Rise Above Records. This is the 1st "shelved")
PENTACLE "Ancient Death" US-MCD ¬ 9,50
(The rare Mini Album finally back in stock from Death Metal beast PENTACLE. Includes the rare "Soul's Blood" bonustrack)
PENTAGRAM (Chile) "The Malefice" Double CD  €15,00
(Great CD version of the new album plus bonus material)
PENTAGRAM (US) "First Days Here Too" US-DoCD (sealed!)     ¬ 13,00
(Great brandnew DoCD, with rare 70s material such as "Teaser", "Under My Thumb", "Yes I do", etc.)
PENTAGRAM (US) "First Days Here Part 1" US-CD (sealed!)        ¬ 12,00
(Great CD, with rare 70s material such as "Walk in the Blue Light", "Last Days Here", "Starlady", etc.)
PENTAGRAM (US)"Sub-Basement" Digi CD    ¬ 12,00
(Perhaps the heaviest and darkest PENTAGRAM so far. RE-ISSUE With bonus trax)
PENTAGRAM (US)"Review Your Choices" Digi CD        ¬ 12,00
(RE-ISSUE With bonus trax!)
PENTAGRAM (US)"Sub-Basement" CD (original Black Widow!)        ¬ 12,00
(Perhaps the heaviest and darkest PENTAGRAM so far. Incl. the great "Bloodlust". The last album with the classic LIEBLING/ HASSELVANDER line up)
PENTAGRAM (US)"Review Your Choices" CD (original Black Widow!)    ¬ 12,00
(What a dark and obscure album! If you call yourself a fan of real obscure and  HEAVY Metal, then this is your album)
PENTAGRAM (US)"Show 'em How" CD (original Black Widow!)        ¬ 12,00
(Back in stock, with the ORIGINAL kick ass evil coverartwork, not the new issue)
PENTAGRAM (chile) "Under the Spell of the Pentagram" CD + DVD ¬ 15,00
(All of PENTAGRAM's recordings and a live DVD!!! this is harsh 80s Death/Thrash from Chile! DVD includes 4 shows. 20 page booklet, noble packaging, total value for money!)
PERISYNTI (Fin) "Hiilenmusta Lammas" CD      ¬ 11,50
PERSECUTOR "Wings of Death" CD ¬ 9.50 (SPECIAL PRICE)
(Thrashing Death, very professionally done. Bit like old OCCULT / LEGION OF THE DAMNED and ANGEL CORPSE,etc.)
PERSIAN RISK "Rise Up" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(NWoBHM classic, with very thick booklet and three bonus tracks. Old band from MOTÖRHEAD's Phil Campell) 
PERVERSOR "The Shadow of Abomination" US-MCD €9,00
PERVERSOR "Cult of Destruction" US CD ¬ 11,00
PERVERSOR "Demon Metal" US-MCD €8,50
PESSIMIST "Evolution Unto Evil" US-CD €11,50
("Evolution Unto Evil" features 12 rare and previously unreleased tracks, early demos and live studio tracks, including cover versions of songs from POSSESSED, KREATOR, MEGADETH and DEATH. The CD (which clocks in at over 52 minutes in length) will also feature a CD-ROM version with videos, live photos, etc).
PEST (FIN) "Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(These are the Finnish PEST, old school Blackness in the Finnish tradition)PEST (Swe) "Rest in Morbid Darkness" CD ¬ 11,50
(total NIFELHEIM-ish Blackness!)
PEST (Swe) "In Total Contempt" CD    ¬ 11,50
PEST (Ger) "Ära" US-CD       ¬ 11,00 
(Harsh German Black Metal,  with obsessed shrill voclas! US - version comes with bonus songs!)
PEST (Ger) "Vado Mori" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Newest Attack of the Black necromancers!)
PESTILENCE "Chronicles of the Scourge" US-CD      ¬ 12,00
(Two great live shows from 1988 and 1989 with Martin van Drunen plus one unreleased bonus track)
PESTILENCE "Malleus Maleficarum + Demos" CD   ¬ 11,50
(The debut album, and the two killer demos as bonus. Death Thrash highlight, especially the demos are a true delight for fans of old POSSESSED!)
PHARAOH "After the Fire" US-CD    ¬ 12,00
(Old style Heavy Metal in the NWoBHM/ IRON MAIDEN/ US Metal style with great quitarsolos and finally a singer with a good voice without sounding like his balls got squeezed)
PHARAOH "The Longest Night" US-CD               ¬ 12,00
(Great new band, 110% professional, sounding like a mix of IRON MAIDEN and JAG PANZER. With a very good and skilled singer)
PICTURE "Old Dogs New Tricks" CD ¬ 12,50
(NEW album from one of Netherland's first high class Heavy Metal band!)
PILEDRIVER "Metal Inquisition" CD ¬ 14,00
(HIGH VAULTAGE Records. Incl. the rare tape-interview with the "Pile Driver" from 1986)
PLACE OF SKULLS "Love Through Blood" US-Digipack MCD €9,50
(Awesome mini-album from PENTARGAM's axeman Victor Griffin. Features some of the best PLACE OF SKULLS recordings. Comes with two bonus trax)
PLASMATICS "Coup de Grace" CD ¬ 9,50
POEMA ARCANUS "Buried Songs..." Colombian CD    ¬ 7,50*** 
(One of the leaders of dark doom death in the  south american territory)
POISONDEATH "Poison Metal" Peru CD €11,50
(Old school as hell Black Thrash with typical South American vocals with wrath and thunder)
PORTAL "Seepia" CD ¬ 11,50 
PORTAL "Outre" CD ¬ 11,50
PORTAL "Swarth" CD €11,50
PORTRAIT "s/t" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Total MERCYFUL FATE/ KING DIAMOND worship from Sweden)
POSSESSED "Live in San Francisco 1984/ Live in San Diego 1986" Mexico CD €11,50
(15 live songs from the "Seven Churches" era with one of the most brutal vocals in Death Metal)
POSSESSED "Beyond the Gates/ The Eyes of Horror" CD (sealed) ¬ 8,00 
(The second album and the crushing "The Eyes of Horror" Mini-LP on one CD for a nice price)
POSSESSED "Agony in Paradise" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Live soundboardrecording from the 80s)
PESSIMIST "Evolution Unto Evil" US- CD €11,50
(12 rare and previously unreleased tracks, early demos and live studio tracks, including cover versions of songs from POSSESSED, KREATOR, MEGADETH and DEATH.).
POWER FROM HELL "Sadismo" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 333 copies)
POWER FROM HELL "The True Metal" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 333 copies. Old style Black Thrash like old BATHORY versus KREATOR)
POWER FROM HELL "Spellbondage" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 333 copies)
POWER FROM HELL "Lust and Violence" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 333 copies)
PRAYING MANTIS "Predator in Disguise" CD ¬ 13,00
(For fans of the soft side of NWoBHM. With Ex-IRON MAIDEN axeman Dennis Stratton!)
PRAYING MANTIS "Time tells No Lies" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(BACK IN STOCK!!!! NWoBHM , a mixture of old IRON MAIDEN and 70s Hard Rock.  The band were MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton found his new home after he left Steve Harris & Co. 2 bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
PRELLUDE "A Estrada Do Rock"               Chinese CD (+OBI)     ¬ 11,50
(Portugese  80s heavy metal, NWOBHM style. Thick booklet) 
PRELLUDE "Máquina do Tempo" Chinese  CD (+ OBI) ¬ 11,50     
(Portuguese 80s heavy metal, NWOBHM style, thick booklet. Incl. "the Great War" Demo as bonus)
PREYER "Terminator" Brazil CD     ¬ 12.00
(late NWoBHM attack with three bonus tracks!)
PRIMIGENIUM "Art of War" US-CD     ¬ 8,00 
PROCESSION "Destroyers of the Faith" CD €11,50 
PROCRESSION "To Reap Heavens Apart" CD €11,50PROCLAMATION "Nether Tombs of Abaddon" US-CD €11,50
(New album!)
PROCLAMATION "Advent Of The Black Omen" US-CD €11,50 
(BACK in stock. Spain's answer to BLASPHEMY)
PROCLAMATION "Messiah Of Darkness And Evil" US-CD €11,50
PROCLAMATION "Execration Of Cruel Bestiality"US-CD €11,50
PROFANATICA "Profanatitas De Domonatia" US-CD     ¬ 9,50***
(One of the first US Black Metal bands is back in the old style of their profanation)
PROPHECY OF DOOM "Total Mind War" CD €11,00
(Compilation of an unreleased radio session from 1991 plus the "Ego Death Grind" Demo from 1996)
PROSCRIPTOR "726" US-Digipack CD     ¬ 11,00***
(12 songs from ABSU's Proscriptor)
PROTECTED ILLUSION "Watching The Wake" Brazil CD €11,50
PROUD "Fire Breaks the Dawn" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(US Metal from 1984 with strong axe-power! Bit like AVENGER (UK), etc. If you love 80s Metal, this is a release to consider) 
PSICOSIS "The sound of the leaves" Argentinian CD    ¬ 11,50***
(1st  release of this professional Death Metal From Venezuela)
PSYCHOBOLIA "Fisting You All"CD ¬ 11,50
(1st album of this french band of fast, intense and ultra-brutal Death Metal with a totally astonishing female vocalist, influenced by bands like ANGEL CORPSE, KRISIUN, HATE ETERNAL, DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, VADER...)
(Ex-DEVRAVITY members return with a new old style Death Metal in the vein of UNLEASHED, ENTOMBED and BOLT THROWER)
PUTERAEON "The Esoteric Order" CD ¬ 11,50
PUTERAEON "Cult Cthulhu"  CD €11,50
PURE EVIL "Chapter III: Dedication" CD ¬ 11,50
(For fans of the old creations of DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL and HYPOCRISY, for those who want their death metal Satanic, malicious and pure evil!)
PUTRID "Re-Exhumation"  Chile CD  9,50***
(Finally re-exhumed the Cult Finnish Death Doom Metal act from the early 90's. AUTOPSY, ASPHYX, NIHILIST,etc were their contemporaries!.  Fully remastered, lyrics, unseen pics etc)
PYÖVELI "Not A God, Just An Executioner" CD €11,50
(New album, total thrashing speed, mix of SODOM, RAVEN, etc)
PYÖVELI/ WOUNDS "Storming Thrash Vengeance" Thai-CD       ¬ 9,50***
(Split CD of two Finnish old school bands! Numbered to 1,000)
QUARTZ "Stand up and Fight" CD  (NWoBHM) ¬ 11.50
Q5 "Steel The Light" CD (High Vaultage!) ¬ 14,00
(Pre-NIGHTSHADE! Great high professional US Metal/ AOR album. Incl. 7 bonus demotracks)
Q5 "When the Mirror Cracks" CD (High Vaultage!) ¬ 14,00 
(The follow up album. Includes one excellent bonus track)
RAATE "Sielu, linna" Digipack CD €11,50
RABID "Annihilation" US-CD    ¬ 11,50***
(Old style Thrash Metal with raw vocals. Bit like SODOM, old HOLY MOSES versus US thrash)
RAILWAY "Railway" CD       ¬ 14,00
(Deluxe HIGH VAULTAGE Release. Includes several bonus Tracks. Pure German 80s Heavy Metal Attack!)
RAILWAY "Railway II" CD                ¬ 14,00
RAILWAY "Climax" CD ¬ 14,00
RAM "Forced Entry" CD ¬ 11,50
(JUDAS PRIEST style Heavy Metal from Sweden! Well done!)
RAM "Sudden Impact" CD ¬ 11,50
RAMSES "Guerreros de Metal" Mexico CD   ¬ 12,00
(Powerful Heavy Metal with Spanish lyrics)
(Ex- Electric Wizard members' new band RAMESSES, a psychedelic space blues doom band with massive volume versus NEGATIVE REACTION, a doom / sludge metal with new dose of crushing low-tuned BLACK SABBATH-molded riffage)
RAMPAGE "Veil of Mourn" CD+DVD €18,00
(Limited to 1000. rare Australian Cult thrash band, full discography from 80s)
RAPTOR "Worship the Goat" CD    ¬ 11,00
RAVEN "Nothing Exceeds like Excess" CD ¬ 7,50
(The first RAVEN album with Joe Hasselvander behind the drums. Released 1988)
RAVENCULT "Morbid Blood" US-CD €11,50
RAZOR FIST "Metal Minds" CD ¬ 11,50
REALMBUILDER "Summon the Stone Throwers" CD ¬ 11,50
REALMBUILDER "Fortifications of the Pale Architect" CD €11,50
(The second full-length. Epic metal  (Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Legend (US), Thin Lizzy))
(superrare MCD from the Brazilian technical masters REBAELLION. Original HAMMERHEART pressing)
REDIMONI "The Onset Of Chaos" CD   ¬ 11,00
REDRUM "Power Corrupts" US-CD     ¬ 11,50
REENCARNACION "Se Puede Vivir Sin Dios" Colombian CD + DVD €14,00
(Brandnew album, incl. some classic trax. the DVD includes the 888 METAL Documentary plus 16 live videos (6 different shows from 1987 to the 90s), 4 rehearsal and 1 promotional video)
REFLECTION (Greece) "The Fire Still Burns" CD       ¬ 8,00 
(Greek Metal with an epic touch, sometimes reminding of CLOVEN HOOF) 
REGURGITATION  'Backwash' US-CD     ¬ 11,50
(total fuckin' Death/Thrash aggression from the late 80s. Sounds like old INCUBUS mixed with 1st MERCILESS and the violent side of  KREATOR)
REINO ERMITANO "Brujas Del Mar" CD       ¬ 11,50
(It's hard to desribe this, but there's everything here from Hellhound-label depression to 90s underground hard rock to pop to prog to straight metal to Renaissance madrigals to folk, with lots of epic moments of drama, with a "DOOM" stamp! Recommended for lovers of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, ACID KING, and all things doomy and groovy)
RELEASED ANGER   Faces of Fate  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(Debut album, 11 Thrash sounds including a cover of  "Power Thrashin' Death" by mighty WHIPHASH)
RENEGADE "The narrow way" CD   ¬ 12,00
(2 Gama-Classics on 1 CD!) 
REPENT "Vortex of Violence" CD €11,50
(German Thrashers with their debut album. Bay Area Style Thrash with a touch of KREATOR)
REPUGNANT "Hecatomb"  MCD  (digipack) €9,00
REPULSION "Horrified" US-DoCD  (sealed)        ¬ 14,00
(Total legendary material. The debut album, the two demos from '84/'85/'86, an EP and Live. One of the most extreme Death Metal bands back then, total speed and roaring vocals. Great release!)
REQUIEM AETERNAM "Philosopher " Chilenean CD    ¬ 11,00***
(Deathrash with touches of KATATONIA, sometimes it all sounds quite Swedish although this band hails from USA)
RESUSCIATOR " Warrior's death" CD    ¬ 11,50
(Veteran Californian occult black death force! )
RETALIADOR "Levantando Da Timba 2004- 2012" Colombian CD €11,50
(lim. 333 copies)
RETALIATORY "Retaliatory Attack" Brazil CD ¬      9,50***
(Old school Death Thrash with South American flair)
REV. KRISS HADES "The Wind of Orion" AustralianCD        ¬ 6,00 
(Australian Import CD, SADISTIK EXEKUTION's Kriss Hades going solo! Cool price) 
REVELATION "Never Comes Silence" US-CD €11,50
REVELATION "s/t" CD ¬ 11,50
(Unreleased album from 1988)
REVELATION "Release" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(The legendary US Maryland Doom band's comeback attack)
REVELATION "...Yet So Far" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(The legendary US Maryland Doom band's 3rd rare album re-issued)
REVELATION "Revelation" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(the rare debut re-issued)
REVELATION "For the Sake of Non One"" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(The legendary US Maryland Doom band with a BRANDNEW album!)
REVELATION OF DOOM "Shemhamforash" CD      ¬ 9,50***
REVENGE "Metal is Addiction and Obsession" Brazil CD €11,50
(Speed Metal in the vein of old ANGEL DUST/ VIOLENT FORCE, etc)
REVENGE "Scum, Collapse, Eradication" CD €12,00
REVENGE "Infiltration.Downfall.Death" CD ¬ 11,50
REVENGE " Triumph, Genocide, Antichrist" CD   ¬ 11,50
(New album, now with ANGEL CORPSE's Pete helmkamp!)
REVENGE "Victory, Intolerance, Mastery" US-CD     ¬ 11,50
REVOLTING "The Terror Threshold" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
(new 2nd album of oldschool Swedish death metal like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, etc. includes 8 unreleased bonus tracks!)
RIBSPREADER "Rotten Rhythmns and Rancid Rants" Japanese CD ¬ 12,00
RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Apocalypse Damnare" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(Funeral Doom with Ex-EVOKEN member)
RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Principia Sardonica" US- CD  ¬ 11,50***
(An opus of Apocalyptic Doom. Imagine THERGOTHON, early SKEPTICISM, WINTER, etc stripped to its barest elements. Only for the truest of DOOM enthusiasts)
RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Ego Diligio Vos" CD €11,50
(crushing heaviness that comes from the void)
RIMFROST "A Frozen World Unknown" CD    ¬ 11,50
RIOT "Restless Breed" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Classic US Metal from 1982, a mixture of old WASP and NWoBHM, very good.  6 bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
RIOT "Inishmore" CD   ¬ 8,00
RIOT "Sons of Society" CD    ¬ 7,00
RIOT "Through the Storm" CD ¬ 9,50
(From 2002 but very classical in style and sound. Bit like BLACK SABBATH with Tony Martin, for rough orientation)
RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE "Ode to Sin"US- CD       ¬ 11,50
(Canadian attack!!)
RITUAL (Peru) / TORTURER (Chile) "Eterna Tortura/ Devastacion" Peru CD €11,50
(Total Underground battlecry from the South American jungles)
RITUAL "Widow" US-CD  ¬ 11,50
RITUAL "Valley Of The Kings" US-CD ¬ 11,50
( If you love old 70's rock and metal like DEEP PURPLE, JUDAS PRIEST, and old N.W.O.B.H.M. like ANGEL WITCH, QUARTZ, HOLOCAUST, etc... the RITUAL experience is what you need!  Vocals remind a bit of DIAMOND HEAD)
RITUAL NECROMANCY "Oath of the Abyss" US Digipack CD €11,50
(Debut album, filled with sinister Death Metal)
RITUAL SACRIFICE "The Early Years 1988- 1992" Chinese CD    ¬ 12,00
(Includes the first 3  demos plus a mega rare WRIU Radio Session. A total of 17 blasting technical thrash metal! Incl. a 12-pages booklet, a  postcard, poster with Chinese translations and OBI strip) 
RITUAL STEEL "Blitz Invasion" CD      ¬ 11,50
RITUAL STEEL "Invincible Warriors" CD    ¬ 11,50
RIVERGE "Rebirth of Skull" Japanese CD + OBI  ¬ 11,50
(re-union album of this Japanese band. 80s Thrash Metal in the US style like M.O.D., NUCLEAR ASSAULT, FORBIDDEN, S.O.D., etc. with more punk-style vocals. Very professional release)
ROK "Burning Metal" Australian CD ¬ 11,50
(back in stock. ROK, the master's voice of SADISTIK EXEKUTION, here with his second solo attack. Like old VENOM, SARCOFAGO, Rock'n'BATHORY. Essential! Incl. "Warpower" and "Satanic Slut")
ROOT "The Revelation" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(The debut album "Zjeveni" as an English version. Very rare recording. Comes with nice booklet)
ROOT "the Book" CD ¬ 11,50
ROOT "Zjevení" CD  ¬ 11,50
(the Legendary debut album, all sung in Czech language, with the mad vocals and laughter of Big Boss. Includes 4 bonus trax) 
ROOT "The Temple in the Underworld" CD ¬ 11,50
(One of the rarest ROOT albums. Their third strike, this time more epic, with influences from BATHORY's "Twilight...". Includes 3 bonus tracks)
ROOT "Hell Symphony" CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50
(A total classic of Czech Black Death Metal!)
ROTTEN "Troopers of Midnight" CD €11,50
(After few EPs and splits time has come for debut album of mexican ROTTEN. 14 songs of crazy heavy n' roll with addition of thrash metal and punk rock in the vein of MOTÖRHEAD, TOXIC HOLOCAUST or MINDIGHT. Incl. extra 2 bonus tracks!!!!!)
ROTTING CHRIST "Theogonia" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
ROTTING CHRIST "Passage to Arcturo" Mexico CD        ¬ 11,50***
(The legendary Mini album plus the rare "Dawn of..." EP and one demosong, total Hellenic Darkness. One of THE most infuential releases for Hellenic Black /Death Metal without any doubts) 
ROTTING CHRIST "Non Serviam" Brazil CD      ¬ 11,50***
(Re-release of a mighty classic of Hellenic Black Metal! The album after "thy Mighty Contract", really great one!)
RUTHLESS "Metal Without Mercy" CD ¬ 11,50
(Mid 80s US Power/ Speed Metal)
SABAOTH "Windjourney" Argentinian  CD***   9,00***
(Melodic Black Metal from Paraguay. The most well known coming from Southamerica. This 2nd album innovates into the gothic metaller scene. For the KATATONIA Lovers)
SABBAT "Sabbatical Blasphemous Gospels" Bolivian CD €11,50
(Collection of the rare 80s EPs plus bonus crushers like "Splatter", "Bloody Countess", etc)
SABBAT "Sabbatrinity" US-CD (different artwork)  + OBI  €11,50
(Different , white artwork and design + difference in songs. Very ice American version)
SABBAT "Karmagmassacre" US CD €11,50
(Total different artwork + coverdesign plus different tracks)
SABBAT "Live In San Franciscoslaught" Thailand CD €11,50
(lim. 1000 copies, live gig from SABBAT's US tour in 2005. With Liner note from Gezol himself. Incl. "Splatter", "Plasma Goat", "Gokkanma", etc etc)
SABBAT "Charisma (English Version)" + TRIBUTE TO SABBAT Bonus CD ¬ 13,50
(The originally "Vinyl-only" Version of "Charisma" with ENGLISH lyrics on CD. PLUS a bonus CD with 12 bands playing SABBAT songs, like SUPERCHRIST, SERPENT SAINTS, etc)
SABBAT "Karisma (Japanese Version) CD (SEALED) €11,00
(Some last copies found... one of the most unique studio albums by Japanese Samurais SABBAT! )
SABBAT "Sabbademonical Liveslaught" CD         ¬ 11,50
(live 9th September 1991 + 5 live attacks from 28th August 2004, numbered to 500)
SABBAT / SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Sabbatical SiameseChristBeheading" Thai-Split CD ¬ 12,00
(Two forces from the East sharing one CD! Numbered to 1.000)
SABBAT "Live Sabbatical Hamaguri Queen" US-CD  ¬ 11,00
(Very nice looking 17 track Live CD from  09/2004 with "Snow Woman", "Hell Fire", "Bowray Samurai", etc. NWN Rec.)
SABBAT  "Karmagmassacre" CD       ¬ 9,50*** 
(IRON PEGASUS Version with thick 5 coloured booklet, etc. for a great price for those without a mega-wallet)
SABOTAGE "Hoka Hey" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Spaghetti Metal from 1989, one of the best bands from Bella Italia)
SABOTAGE "Behind the Lines" CD ¬ 11,50***
(their second album, originally released 1986)
SACRARIO  Catastrophic Eyes  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50
(13 aggressive songs molded in the old and Brazilian Thrash Metal school)
SACRED OATH "Darkness Visible" US-CD     ¬ 11,50
(Very well played traditional US Metal with a good singer. Reminds of QUEENSRYCHE and IRON MAIDEN)
SACRED REICH "American Way" CD ¬ 11,50
SACRIFICE "The Ones I Condemn" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
(The ultimate Comeback album from Canadian Thrash legend SACRIFICE. Hard as f*ck type of 80s Thrash Metal, a real heavy and intense album!)
SACRILEGE (UK) "Within The Prophecy"  Chile CD ¬ 11,50
(The album, licensed from the band, this edition was remastered and packaged with the original Artwork, lyrics, unseen pics, Band's liner notes and several bonus stuff)
SADISTIK EXEKUTION "We're Death , Fukk You" CD ¬ 11,50
SADIST "Sadist" CD        ¬ 9,50***
(The Italian force strikes back! For those who like it a bit more professional)
SADIST "Crust" CD €11,50
(Professional re-issue with two bonus trax)
SADIZTIK IMPALER "Sadiztik Syonan to Surpremacy" CD     ¬ 11,50***
(chaotic old school Black Metal from Singapore) 
SADUS "Visions of Misery + DVD" CD          13,50
(The third attack, includes a BONUS DVD with 13 songs from a show from 1992)
SALACIOUS GODS (NL) "Piene" CD ¬ 11,50
SALEM "Playing God and other Short Stories" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
SALEM SPADE "Witch Hunt" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Lim. 1000 copies, 13 songs of finest US Metal, recorded between 1988 /1989, well-played with skill and power.)
SALUTE "The Underground" CD €11,50
(Imagine CELTIC FROST versus Stoner Rock of the heaviest kind)
SAMAEL "Blood Ritual" CD {sealed) ¬ 8,00
SAMMATH (NL) "Dodengang" (Furious Black Metal) CD       ¬ 11,50
SAMSON "The BBC Sessions" CD ¬ 14,00
(Deluxe HIGH VAULTAGE release. Thick booklet, 4 sessions with 16 tracks in total. Purest NWoBHM, total classics) 
SANCTIFIER  "Awaked By Impurity Rites"Japanese CD  ¬ 11,00***
(Cthulhu is rising from from R'lyeh and conquer the world again! These Brazilian Shoggoths plays brutal death metal with hyper speed blast beats, technical but also heavy riffs,
SANCTIFIER "Awaked by Impurity Rites" Brazil CD       ¬ 9,50***
(Brazilian Death Metal with deep brutal vocals and hacking drums, very cool. Incl. cover of ACHERON's "Thou Art lord")
SANGUIS IMPEREM "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom" US-CD €11,50
SARCOFAGO "Hate" Brazil CD       ¬ 12,00
(FINALLY, the rare fourth album re-released. The logo has again the 3 crosses back so be forewarned. Extreme fast warfare!)
SARCOPHAGUS  "For We...Who Are Consumed...." US CD    ¬ 7,50*** 
SARGATANAS "Knights of the Southern Cross"        ¬ 7,00*** 
(Brutal, raw, satanic Death Metal that only a band from Latin America can come up with. Old Death Grunts with Power. Lim. 666) 
SARGATANAS REIGN "Euthanasia ... Last Resort"        ¬ 7,00*** 
(Swedish Death Metal crossfire, brutal and mean) 
SARGEIST "The Rebirth of a Cursed Existense" CD €11,50
SARGEIST "Tyranny Returns" US-CD    ¬ 11,50
SARISSA "Masters of Sin" CD (+ Slipcase) ¬ 5,00
(80s Greek Heavy Metal band. Kitschy but still well done, with a bit of VIRGIN STEELE/ MANOWAR. Nice price)
SATANIC WARMASTER "Revelation" MCD (back in stock) €8,50
SATANIC WARMASTER "Strength and Honour" CD ¬ 11,50
SATANIC WARMASTER "Black Katharsis" MCD     ¬ 8,00
SATANIKA "Satanikattack"Peru CD €11,50
(Speed Thrash powerplay from the eternal city of Rome!)
SATHANAS "Crowned Infernal" Singapore Digipack CD ¬ 12,00
(Absolute Masterpiece of the Underground. Hail SATHANAS! Comes with awesome layout and fold out digipack. Feat. ex-early ACHERON member)
SATHANAS "Armies of Charon" CD  ¬ 11,50
(the rare first official SATHANAS album finally back in stock!)
SATHANAS / BATHYM "Jaws of Satan"CD    ¬ 11,50 
SATHANAS "Flesh for the Devil" MCD     ¬ 8,00
SATHANAS "Entering the Diabolic Trinity" Singaporean CD   ¬ 12,00
(iin the unique SATHANAS style. Black Thrash mayhem all the way)
SATHANAS "Cruentus Diabolos" MCD        ¬ 9,00 
SATHANAS "Thy Dark Heavens" US -CD    ¬ 11,50 
SATHANAS "La Hora de Lucifer" CD €11,50
(SATHANAS prevails! One of the die-hardest Underground Black Thrash forces delivering another great album)
SATAN'S HOST "By the Hands of the Devil" US-CD €11,50
(Brandnew album. Harry Conklin is back behind the mircophone, the man who is on "Metal From Hell". SATAN'S HOST return in old glory, evil US Metal!!)
SATAN'S HOST "Metal From Hell/ Midnight Winds" Chile CD    ¬ 12,00
(Awesome 80s classic of occult Metal! Includes the rare unreleased "Midnight Winds" album-session where the spirits and drama of MERCYFUL FATE and even CELTIC FROST are evoken!)
SATAN'S HOST "Assault Of Evil Tour 666" DVD  ¬ 15,00
(True US Black Death Thrash Metal from old veterans SATAN'S HOST. More than 4 (!) hours of footage)!
SATAN'S HOST "Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection ...999" US-CD ¬ 11,00***
SATAN'S HOST "The Great American Scapegoat" US-CD ¬ 11,00***
SATAN'S HOST "Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick" US-CD ¬ 11,00***
SATAN'S HOST "Burning The Born-Again" US- CD ¬ 11,00***
SATURNALIA TEMPLE "Aion of Drakon" CD €11,50
(Psycholdelic Doomy Occult Heavy Rock, for fans of old BLACK SABBATH,ELECTRIC WIZARD, etc )
SATURNALIA TEMPLE "UR" Digipack CD ¬ 11,50
(Ultra slow, sluggish and heavy psychedelic/spacey music, features members of THERION and KAAMOS. For everyone into PENTAGRAM, ELECTRIC WIZARD, BLACK WIDOW, etc)
SAVAGE DEATH    "Crucified after the Genocide"   Chinese CD (+ OBI) ¬ 11,50***
(Pionner of US death /thrash metal from 1985!! Killer demos  + bonus, authentic and raw as they can be. 2o ripping trax. Incl. nice booklet. Essetional for every 80s Headbanger)
SAVAGE GRACE "After the Fall From Grace" CD ¬ 11,50
(the 2nd album, including 4 bonus trax)
SCAREMAKER "What Evil Have They Summoned..." US-CD ¬ 11,50 
(debut of morbid and haunting death metal with killer female vocals and guitar playing! like AUTOPSY meeting DERKETA)
SCYTHE "On My Way Home" CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
(The first release of the new label WITCHES BREW from the BARBARIAN WRATH camp. German Death Metal somewhere in the vein of THE CHASM or old TIAMAT)
SCYTHE "Poetry Of Illusions" CD         ¬ 9,50*** 
(2nd album. Contains 9 tracks plus the 'On My Way Home' video) 
SEAR BLISS "Forsaken Symphony" CD      ¬ 11,00***
(The new album from SEAR BLISS. Prime yourself for something special from this six demon ensemble. It is sinister, wintry and ethereal Black Metal music for those who have the courage to cross the threshold into the magical world of SEAR BLISS)
SEAR BLISS "Glory & Perdition" CD  ¬ 11,00***
(Well produced, fast Hungarian Black Metal with trumpet and freezing atmosphere. Features Atilla (ABORYM/MAYHEM) on some moments)
SEKHMET "Opus Zrudy" (Opus of Monstrosity) CD ¬ 11,50 
(Czech Black Metal, mix of first wave of 80's Black Metal,Norwegian Black Metal and of course the obscure magic of their fellow countrymen MASTER'S HAMMER.12 page booklet)
SENTENCED "Shadows of the Past" CD 11,50
(The ultrarare first album when the band still played pure Dark Death Metal)
SEPTIC FLESH "Communion" CD ¬ 11,50
SEPTIC FLESH "Sumerian Daemons" CD ¬ 11,50
SEPULCRAL "Anthropophagy of Doom" US-CD €11,50 
(debut of doom filled oldschool Death Metal from Italy)
SERPENT CULT "Trident Nor Fire"  MCD     ¬ 9,00
(SERPENTCULT was formed  out of the ashes of THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN)
SERPENT'S KNIGHT "Silent Knight... of Myth and Destiny" US-Double CD ¬ 15,00
(CD 1,  Pre-SANCTUARY from 1983-1985, and CD 2 with recordings from 1989 with a different singer.  Especially the first CD presents high class Dark 'n dangerous US Metal mayhem!!! Comes with very thick booklet with lots of supergreat photos, text, etc. True value for money)
SERPENT OBSCENE "Chaos reign supreme "CD     ¬ 11,50***
(3rd old school death metal album from this swedisch killercomando with KAAMOS/MAZE OF TORMENT members)
SERPENT OBSCENE "Devastation "CD        ¬ 11,50
SERPENT OBSCENE "s/t" CD     ¬ 7,00
SETH "Era Decay" Slipcase CD ¬ 11,50***
SEVENTH SON "Immortal Hours" CD ¬ 11,50
(NWoBHM- from 1983/84/85, hard rocking and ass kicking. Good band!)
SDI "Satan's Defloration Incorporated" CD   ¬ 11,50
(BACK IN STOCK. The mid 80s Debut album filled with purest German Speed Metal racing)
SDI "Sign Of The Wicked" CD     ¬ 11,50
SDI "Mistreated" CD      ¬ 11,50
SHACKLES "Traitors' Gate" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(The first and also last album from this dark Australian Thrash storm) 
SHACKLES "Coup de Grace" CD ¬ 11,50
(Oz Thrash Metal in the vein of DESTRÖYER 666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, etc)
SHADOWBREED  The Light of the Shadow MCD        ¬ 4,00 
SHADOW DANCERS "Dying for Love" MCD        ¬ 8,00 
(Norwegian band, old Gothic meets Heavy / Black Metal)
SHADOW OF THE TORTURER "Marching into Chaos" CD €11,50
(Ritualistic Doom. This is the new, re-recorded version of the album)
SHINING (Swe)  III- Angst     A5 digibook CD      ¬ 12,00
SHINING (Swe)  IV- The eerie cold     A5 digibook CD      ¬ 12,00
SHINING "V/ Halmstad" LP             ¬ 12,00
SHINING "IV - The Eerie Cold" CD ¬ 11,50
SHINING "The Darkroom Sessions" CD ¬ 11,50
SHINING "Through the Years of Oppression" CD ¬ 11,50
SHROUD "Chamber of Suicide" MCD    ¬ 8,50 
(traditional raw Black Metal with a guitarsound like on the first BURZUM album) 
SHUB NIGGURATH "A Deadly Call from the Stars" lim. Digipack CD €11,50
(lim 300 only)
SHUB-NIGGURATH "Evilness & Darkness Prevails" Mexico CD ¬ 11,50
(Re-release of this old rarity. Mexican Death Metal unholiness, bit like old MORBID ANGEL!  Includes two bonus trax) 
SHUB NIGGURATH/ TORMENTOR "Hybrid Race" Mexico CD  ¬ 11,50***
(SHUB N. official reh. 30-10-90m TORMENTOR live 20-08-89 The ancient cult from Mexico sinfónico)
SHUB NIGGURATH "Horror Creatures" Mexico CD      ¬ 11,50***
(The true infernal Death Metal Cult from Mexico . Incl. the demo "Horror Creatures", the two 2 EP´S (91 & 92), 
Live Tracks from ´93 + 3 tracks from session in 1990) 
SICK VIOLENCE "Metal Bitch" Colombian CD €11,50
(Dirty Thrash Metal from Chile) 
SILENT DEATH "Before the Sunrise" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Underground Death Metal from the Early 90s! Includes the album from 1992, a demo, 4 EP trax and two compilation songs)
SILEXATER "Mad Sorcerer" CD ¬ 11,50***
(the  Cassette recording plus the rare EP on one CD. Harsh stuff from 1996/1997)
SINISTER "The Blood Past" CD €11,50
SINISTER REALM "s/t" US -CD ¬ 11,50***
(Early 80s styled Doom/ Heavy Metal by ex-PALE DIVINE member)
SINOATH   Forged In Blood   CD     ¬ 9,50***
(Old early 90s black death metal from Italia, the first cult demo on cd plus 4 live tracks version and one  unreleased tracks)
SJODOGG (Norway) "Landscapes of disease and decadence" CD ¬ 11,50
SKELETAL REMAINS "Beyond the Flesh" CD €11,50
SKELETAL SPECTRE "Occult Spawned Premonitions" US-CD €11,50 
(2nd album out now!)
SKELETAL SPECTRE "Tomb Coven" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(debut album of heavy crushing Swedish Doom Metal!)
SKITZO (USA) "Mosh Till Vomit" Chinese DoCD         ¬ 13,50
(Collection feat. ALL their recordings from 1984 to 1991. "Evilution" tape album included here and published on cd for the first time! A thrashing Rage. The early stuff sounds like a mix of the punky side of old SLAUGHTER, some SODOM-demo-stuff and perhaps DRI)
SKULL "Beer, Metal, Spikes"  US-CD        ¬ 11,50***
(SKULL from Colombia play total speed Metal with bit ACCEPT/EXODUS kind of vocals. Well played and total 80s-US style)
SKULLVIEW "Consequences of Failure" US CD €11,50
SKULLVIEW "Metalkill the World" CD ¬ 11,50
SKYFORGER "Semigalls' Warchant" CD      ¬ 11,50***
SKYFORGER "Thunderforge" CD      ¬ 11,50***
SKULLFUCK "The Supreme Ugliness" CD ¬ 9,50***
(fucking old school Death Metal from Finland. Deeply influenced by the first wave of north american Death Metal scene like SLAUGHTER, NME, DEATHSTRIKE, MASTER, etc Raw yet powerful production à la  "Strappado")
SLAUGHTER "Strappado" Brazilian Double CD €15,00
(25th Anniversary edition, includes the ORIGINAL and new mix of this Cult album plus includes the live show from 1986 when they played with CELTIC FROST + the "Bloody Karnage" and "Meatcleaver" demos. A very cool release)
SLAUGHTER “one foot in the grave” limited to 666 Digipack CD € 12,00
(Rare demo recordings and the classic “F.O.D.” reh. featured Evil Chuck on guitars)
SLAUGHTERED PRIEST "World Wide War" CD €11,50
(Straight ahead Thrash with a touch of Punk)
SLAVERY "Immortal Dismalness" Brazil CD (sealed/ '94, Cogumelo)        ¬ 7,00
SLOUGH FEG "Animal Spirits" CD €11,50
SLOUGH FEG "Ape Uprising" CD €11,50
SLOUGH FEG "Atavism" CD ¬ 11,50 
SNÖTARAR (Swe)"Vredeslusta" CD   ¬ 11,50
(Northern Black Metal in the vein of early '90)
SPEEDWOLF "Ride with Death" US-CD €11,50
(Imagine MOTÖRHEAD mixed with Punk and NWoBHM-sounds)
SNAKESKIN ANGELS "Follow the Snake to the Core" CD €11,50
(Swedish Occult Rock band reminding of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD and THE CULT.)
SLUTVOMIT "Swarming Darkness" CD €11,50
(Satanic Speed Metal for fans of DESTRÖYER 666, NIFELHEIM, WATAIN; etc)
SODOMIZER "More Horror and Death Again"       Japan CD 11,50
(Brazilian Thrash/Power Metal assault, 15 songs, pre-production for later albums plus trax from the very first demo  "Hellkult and Sodomy" demo(2003)!)
SOL "I Am Infinity" Digipack  ¬ 12,00
(Black / Funeral Doom Metal), w.20 page booklet)
SOLITAIRE "Extremely Flammable" CD       ¬ 11,50
(High Speed Metal race from Finland, old in style and raging as hell!)
SOLITAIRE "Predatress" CD ¬ 11,50
(Speed Metal race from Finland, old in style)
SOLSTICE "New Dark Age" CD     ¬ 11,50
(The U.K. Doom battalion!)
SOLSTICE "Lamentations" CD   ¬ 11,50
SOLSTICE "Halycon" CD      ¬ 11,50
SORCERY (swe)  "Unholy Creations" US-Double CD €13,00 
SORCERY (Swe) "Bloodchilling Tales" CD ¬ 11,50
(Old Swedish Death Metal classic. The crushing dark album and both demos from 1988 + 1989!!!)
SORROWS PATH "Resurrection" CD      ¬ 11,50
(Greek epic Doom metal band. Contains material from the 90's period!)
SORTILEGE "Heroe's Tear" CD ¬ 11,50
SOULBURN (ASPHYX) "Feeding On Angels" CD €8,50
(Perhaps the deathliest of all the albums. Heavy as hell! Includes 7 (!) rare bonus trax from an old rehearsal session)
SOULLESS "Agony's Lament" Japanese CD      ¬ 12,00
(Extreme Thrash/Death with very extreme nasty vocals! Old school heads beware!)
SOUNDER "Praise be to Death " CD ¬ 11,50
(Brazilian 80s Thrash assault with a Slaytanic/ Sepulturian touch, well played, heavy and aggressive)
SPARTA "Use Your Weapons Well" Double CD €13,00
(NWoBHM, comes with thick 20 page booklet)
SPARTAN WARRIOR "s/t" CD       ¬ 12,00
SPAWN OF SATAN/ BLOOD SICK US-SplitCD    ¬ 11,00*** 
(For fans who still worship sounds à la old ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, old DEATH, etc,) 
SPEARHEAD "Theomachia" CD €11,50
SPEARHEAD "Decrowning the Irenarch" CD ¬ 11,50
SPEARHEAD "Deathless Steel Command" CD    ¬ 11,50
(Mix of  relentless brutality of early 90 s Death Metal with classic Black Metal, SPEARHEAD deliver a punishing, thrashing, bestial aural attack)
SPECKMANN PROJECT "s/t" Chinese CD €11,50
(Rare album. One of Paul Speckmann's coolest releases, total double-bass overdoses like "Funeral Bitch" will blow your wig away)
SPETÄLSK (swe) "Perverted Commandment" MCD      ¬ 9,00
SQUAD "Gallinazeous Death" Chinese CD €11,50
(Chilean 80s Thrash combined with South American Punk aggression. Mix of SARCOFAGO meets CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, etc. Originally released in 1989, comes with 8 bonustrax. Lim. 1000) 
STARCHASER NETWORK "s/t" US Digipack CD   ¬ 11.50
STARCHILD "Born into Eternity" CD
(A lighter version of early BLACK SABBATH, that's  what this new STARCHILD is what this album is all about! )
STARGAZER "The Scream that tore the Sky"  CD (back in stock!) ¬ 11,50
STARGAZER "Occidentale Magick" Japanese CD    ¬ 11,50
(CD with songs from old EPs and unreleased materials) 
STATETROOPER "2002" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Feat ex MSG vocalist Gary Barden. Re-release of their 1986 album to CD for the very first time)
STEEL ANGEL "And the Angels Were Made of Steel/ KIss of Steel" CD (+ slipcase) ¬ 13,00
STEEL ASSASSIN "War of the Eight Saints" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(US Metal à la JAG PANZER, but heavier. With great guitarwork. Thick booklet)
STEEL PROPHET "Shallows of Forever" CD ¬ 11,50
(80 minutes of three different singers and previously unreleased versions of classic songs plus unreleased tracks!)
STEEL ASSASSIN "From the Vaults" CD (+ Slipcase) ¬ 11,50
STEELRAGE "Engraved In Steel" Chilean Digipack CD     ¬ 12,00
(Chilean power metal band, influenced by BLIND GUARDIAN and old HELLOWEEN. Contains 9 tracks of solid and technic power metal)
STIELAS STORHETT  (Rus) "Vandrer..." CD  ¬ 11,50
STIKKI FYKK ""Takez You Tonite" CD  7,50***
STILLBORN "Satanas El Grande" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Brandnew wicked album!!!)
STILLBORN (Pol) / AZARATH (Pol) split CD        ¬ 9,50***
(two Raw, Satanic Death Metal acts) 
STILLHET (Nor) "Gjemt i skyggene" CD      ¬ 11,50
STINY PLAMENU "Opadni Galerie" CD    ¬ 9,50 (Special Price!)
STINY PLAMENU "Zelezo Krváci" CD  ¬ 11,00
STORMTROOPER "Armies of the Night" CD ¬ 14,00
(The mega-rarity now on CD, with great booklet and 10 (!!!) bonus tracks, high quality again from HIGH VAULTAGE!!)
STORMING STEELS "Aggression Thrashing Fist" Thaiiand CD ¬ 9,50***
(Aggressive Thrash played with skill and a good technical level. Numbered to 666 copies)
STORMWITCH "Walpurgis Night CD ¬ 11,50
(Mid 80s German Metal rarities finally on CD. A mix of old IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST! incl. 4 bonus songs) 
STORMWITCH "Tales of Terror" CD       ¬ 11,50
(Incl. 1 live bonus song and 3 previously unreleased studio songs!!!)
STORMWITCH "Stronger than Heaven" CD  ¬ 11,50
(The album with the fantastic "Dorian Gray". CD incl. 4 Bonus Live songs)
STORMWITCH "The Eye of the Storm" CD (+ 8 bonus tracks!)  ¬ 11,50
STORMWITCH "The Beauty and the Beast"(+ 9 bonus tracks!) CD       ¬ 11,50
STORMY NIGHT "Ball of Thunder" CD ¬ 9,50***
(heavy Metal from Belgium)
STRANGER "The Bell" CD  ¬ 11,50
(German 80s Metal re-release, with9 bonus tracks)
STRANA OFFICINA "The Faith"  CD       ¬ 11,50***
(The return of the italian metal band who made hystory of Metal in the '80. The cd contains all the best songs re-recorded in 2007 plus 2  unreleased tracks for a total of 74 minutes of music.Great booklet! 80s Metal with a drive like ACCEPT / CROSSFIRE. Good singer!)
STRESS (Brazil) "Atomic Flower, Brazilian Metal Explosion" CD €11,50
(Contains their 1985 LP "Flor Atomica" + 7 Bonus trax)
STRESS "s/t" Brazil CD      ¬ 12,00
(Great old motorbike-ridin' Heavy Rock from 1982, straight to the point and very professional. WIth Portuguese lyrics)
STRESS "Live in Memory" CD ¬ 11,50
(11 songs, live in 2005, plus 4 rare Demosongs from 1985. Very detailed, thick booklet, a true fan release!)
STRESS   Amazon, First Metal Attack!" CD ¬ 11,50
(This release contain their ultra -rare  LP 1982 (08 Tracks) + 09 Bonus Tracks from 1984/85/96 and 2003)
STRIBORG "Nefaria/ A Tragic Journey Towards the Light" CD    ¬ 11,50***
STRIKELIGHT "Same" CD ¬ 11,50 
(NWoBHM inspired greek metal band,  like TOYKO BLADE, HEAVY LOAD; etc.)
STRIKE MASTER "Up for the Massacre" Mexico CD        ¬ 12,00
(strong and very professional Thrash Metal, old DESTRUCTION meets US Thrash. No cheap uninspired retro but skilled music)
STUMM "I" D     ¬ 11,50***
(total doom and depression)
STYGIAN SHORE "The Shore Will Arise" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
(Classic Metal/Rock like MANILLA ROAD originally recorded 1989. Produced by Mark Shelton)
SUBROSA "Strega" CD   ¬ 11,50
SUDDEN IMPACT "No Rest From The Wicked" Brazil CD       ¬ 11,50***
(Punk Thrash Metal from the 80s, incl. rare Demos , etc. 32 songs, with thick booklet. etc! If you want to get pissed, this is the soundtrack to help you with that)
SUFFOCATION "Human Waste" US-MCD      ¬ 9,00
SUFFOCATION "Despise the Sun" US-MCD    ¬ 9,00
SUFFOCATION "Souls to Deny" US -CD   ¬ 11,50
SUICIDAL WINDS "Total Death 'n Live" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
(14  Assaults by the Swedish Thrashers)
SUICIDAL WINDS "Chaos Rising" Digipack CD       ¬ 12,00
SUICIDAL WINDS "Victims in Blood" CD        ¬ 8,00 
(Old school mayhem for a try it out -price) 
SUICIDAL WINDS "Crush us with Fire" CD        ¬ 8,00 
(Swedish Black Speed. .... limted to 900) 
SUICIDAL WINDS "Wrath of God" CD        ¬ 11,50 
(Brandnew album of the Black Speedsters)
SULPHUR AEON "Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide" CD €11,50
(New rotten Death Metal Hammer in the vein of ASPHYX)
SUMMON "Fallen" US-CD + DVD      ¬ 13,00
SUMMONING "Dol Guldur" CD ¬ 11,50
SUMMONING "Let Mortal..." CD  ¬ 11,50
SUMMONING "Minas Morgul" CD  ¬ 11,50
SUMMONING "Oath Bound" CD  ¬ 11,50
SUMMONING "Stronghold" CD  ¬ 11,50
SUN O ))) "Monoliths & Dimensions" US CD ¬ 11,50
SUPERCHRIST "Holy Shit" US CD €11,50
SUPERCHRIST "Defenders of the Filth" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
(BRANDNEW album by these motörheadbanging US Metal Freaks. High professional as always!)
SUPERCHRIST "Back & Black" US-CD   ¬ 11,50
(Raw beerfilled album from these American Motörheadbangers!)
SUPREME LORD "Kill your Enemies" CD     ¬ 11,50
(Total old school Death metal Attack!)
SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Oriental Hell Rhytmics" Mexico CD (lim. 500)   ¬ 11,50***
SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Manifest Blasphemy" CD     ¬ 11,50
(Unholy and lustful furious black metal from Thailand )
SVARTSYN "Bloodline" Digipack CD €11,50
(Re-issue with the "Tormentor" EP from 1998 so bonus, which have been sold out for many years. Recorded 1997-98 remastered and released at CD first time 2005. No changes, only the layout is re-newed to digipack)
SWAMP "Nuclear Death" CD €11,50
(Primitive Thrash/ Crust in the South American vein)
SWAZAFIX "Anthem of Apostacy" CD €11,50
(Obscure and rare Dutch Death Metal from the early 90s, feat. ASPHYX's original singer Theo Lomans. SWAZAFIX was his new band after he left ASPHYX. For fans of ASPHYX (Embrace the Dath) , MASTER and PENTACLE. 8 morbid trax in total)
SWORDMASTER "Deathrider" MCD        ¬ 5,00 
(Old school Thrash/ speed from Sweden)
SYRUS "s/t" DoCD ¬ 15,00
(lim. 1000 copies. 12 songs of straight ahead mid 80s style US Metal. Includes a DVD as bonus)
TAAKE "Nekro" Digipack CD ¬ 12,00
TANGORODRIM Those Who Unleashed CD 
TANK "War of Attrition" Live 1981 + Demos" US-CD   ¬ 12,00
( 8 Live songs and 10 fuckin' cool old Demo trax!!! Essential for NWoBHM and MOTÖRHEAD fans)
TANK "War Machine" Argentinian CD €11,50
TANKARD "Alcoholic Metal" CD €11,50
(17 demotrax from these Alcoholic Thrashers. Comes with real nice 24 pages booklet)
TANKE  "Globalizacion y barbarie" Argentinian CD €11,50
(Traditional Metal from Argentinia. Spanish lyrics) 
TARANIS (Poland) "Obscurity" CD       ¬ 11,50***
(this here is the Polish TARANIS. Early 90s mystical Black Metal in the old SAMAEL "Worship Him" evocation!)
TARCHON FIST "Tarchon fist "CD   ¬ 11,50
(Pure Heavy Metal.  Strong riffs and good productions. Bit like the old German "Gama" bands)
TARTAROS "Darkened Destiny" MCD €8,50
(The rare MLP from Dutch Black Metal band TARTAROS, released on CD for the 1st time. Numbered to 500 copies only)
TAIST OF IRON "Resurrection" Double CD (sealed) €13,50
(Includes the rare album plus the "Metal Beast" demo 1984 as bonus. Very early US Metal) 
TAURUS "Pornography"  Brazil CD €11,50
(Third album , released originally in 1989 and shows a more mature band, totally Thrash oriented. Includes bonus tracks, extensive liner notes and rare pictures)
TAURUS “Fissura” CD  €11,50
(9 new tracks and 6 live bonus trax from 2007)
TAURUS "Signoi de Taurus" Brazil CD     ¬ 11,50
(Great old Speed Metal band from Brazil with Portuguese vocals, the 80s album + demo/ live attacks)
TEARSTAINED "There Is No Hope" CD      ¬ 11,00*** 
(Combining the ancient traditions of MERCYFUL FATE and harsh Black Metal you can await epic, old school BM. Lim to 666 copies) 
TEARSTAINED "Homicidal Tendencies" CD        ¬ 11,00
(Brandnew Album!!!)
TEITANBLOOD  "Black Putrescence Of Evil' CD  ¬ 11,50
(Bestial and Obscure Death/Black Metal from Spain. This release will feature the very sought demo and their split EPs) 
TEMPLE OF BAAL "Servants of the Beast" CD    ¬ 11,50 ***
(Extreme Black Metal rawness from France)
TENEBRIS (Pol) "Catafalque   Comet" CD ¬ 11,50
TERMINATE "Ascending to Red Heavens" CD €11,00
(Mix of BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY and early 90s Swedish Death Metal)
TERRA FIRMA "Harms Way" CD        ¬ 11,00***
(The sons of OZZY OSBOUNRE/ SABBATH, very well done! With Ex-MERCILESS members!)
TERRORAMA "Omnipotence" US-CD ¬ 11,00
TERRORDOME "We'll Show You Mosh Bitch" CD €11,50
(13 Tracks of Thrashing Speed and Agression in the vein of CRPYTIC SLAUGHTER, DARK ANGEL, SOD, SLAYER, etc)
TERROR OF THE TREE "Devil Worship" US-MCD    ¬ 9,00
(old school Blackness like old BATHORY/90s BM mixed with traditional Metal influences)
TERROR SQUAD "Chaosdragon Rising" Japanese CD        ¬ 12,00
TERROR SQUAD "The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin" Japanese CD        ¬ 9,50 ***
(Raging Thrash Metal from Japan, like DARK ANGEL when they raced with speed!)
THANATOS "Angelic Encounters + Demos " Chinese DoCD  ¬ 13,00
(The album + 4 Demos (15 songs) + 8 Video Clips!!!)
THANATOS "Angelic Encounters" CD (HAMMERHEART Pressing!) ¬ 9,50
THANATOS "Undead Unholy Divine" CD    ¬ 11,00
THARGOS "Salem City" CD ¬ 11,00
THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT "s/t" CD    ¬ 11,50
(From the Austrasian wastelands come this slothful creature cloaked in a trance inducing, suffocating veil. Slow, despairing Blackness for those dwelling in NORTT and XASTHUR territory. Funeral/Black)
THE BATALLION "Stronghold of Men" CD         ¬ 11,50
THE BEAST "Fixed by the Devil" MCD ¬ 6,00
(Perverse Black metal from Belgium)
THE BLACK "Alongside Death" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
(Comeback album by legendary Swedish Black Metal force THE BLACK)
THE CARNIVAL / ENORMITY split MCD    ¬ 8,00***
(Two death squads from Finland )
THE CHASM "Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm" US CD ¬ 11,50
(BRANDNEW Studio album from the supreme battalion of THE CHASM!)
THE CHOSEN "For the Glory of the Empire" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Primitive Black/ Pagan Metal from Netherlands. Straight and simple. On BLAZING Prod.)
THE FORCE "Nations Under Attack" Brazilian CD €11,50
(Second attack of this powerful Paraguayan Speed Thrash Metal band with NWOBHM influences)
THE GROTESQUERY "The Facts and Terryfying Testament of Mason Hamilton" CD €11,50
(Horror Death Metal from the new band of MANTAS'/ MASSACRE's Kam Lee)
THE DEVIL'S BLOOD "Come, Reap" MCD Digipack  ¬ 9,50
THE GATES OF SLUMBER  "The Awakening" CD ¬ 11,50
(Old School Doom à la  ST:VITUS, PENTAGRAM, SABBATH and add to this a certain amount of CELTIC FROST) 
THE GIALLOS FLAME US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
(The Giallos Flame was created to keep the sound of 70s giallo & Italian horror soundtracks alive!! THE GIALLOS FLAME influences are the classic italian artists like  GOBLIN , FABIO FRIZZI, DE ANGELIS BROTHERS , METAMORFOSI , ALPHATAURUS, etc. )
THE GREAT COVEN "Viaticum" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Heavy Doom in the vein of old CANDLEMASS and SAINT VITUS)
THE HERETIC "Gospel Songs In E Minor" CD       ¬ 11,50
(3rd album of this Spanish band of high-class symphonic Black/ Death!! Lovers of bands like ARCTURUS, COVENANT, EMPEROR and even DEATH & DISSECTION will love this on their dish!! Top quality design, production and musicianship!!)
THE HIDDEN HAND "Mother, Teacher, Destroyer" US-CD  ¬ 12,00
(Ex- SAINT VITUS/ THE OBSESSED mainman Wino strikes back with another ultraheavy mission!)
(The other 50% of the classic DEATH ROW/ PENTAGRAM line up here with veterans Joe Hasselvander and Marty Swaney. They keep up the the heavy and sinister and disharmonic sound of PENTAGRAM. "The Ninth Hour" is a definite Must for all maniacs into the early 80s stuff and "Sub Basement"/ "Review Your Choices" + the classic BLACK SABBATH. This new studio album includes a monster song  with "Restless Soul" that will put Joe right on the top of the Doom Metal Olymp.)
THE KRUSHERS "Omonimo" CD ¬ 7,50***
(Old school attack from bella Italia. Fast Death Thrash, late 80s underground style)
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG "The Slay Stack Crows (Early Demos and Live Recordings)" US-DoCD ¬ 15,00
(Collection of the band's past on two Cds. Comes with thick booklet! Sealed!)
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (GB): "Damascus Steel" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Unique, atmospheric pagan Black Metal from the UK)
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (GB): "Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua" CD  ¬ 11,50
THE NEW PLAGUE "Shackled and Enslaved" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Raw Black Thrash attack, sometimes on a higher technical level)
THE RAVENOUS "Three on a Meathook" US-MCD    8,00 
THE RAVENOUS "Assembled in Blasphemy"CD    ¬ 7,00***
(Debut album by Ex- AUTOPSY/ DEATH/ ABSCESS   Madman Chris Reifert. Nice price) 
THE RODS "Vengeance" CD €11,50
(BRANDNEW album from these ancient Hard Rockers with DIO as guest singer on one track, one of his very last recordings ever)
THE RODS "Wild Dogs" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Classic US Metal , a mixture of old RIOT and perhaps mighty THOR.  5 bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
THE RODS "s/t" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Classic debut album, US Metal .  2 bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
THE RODS "The RODS in the Raw" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(US Metal from 1983, this time with 5 rare bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
THE RODS "Let Them Eat Metal" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(From 1984, this time with 4 rare  bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
THE RODS "Live" CD    ¬ 14,00 
(Powerful Live attack from 1984, this time with 5 rare bonus tracks, thick booklet with lots of info. Quite pricy but definitely value for money! HIGH VAULTAGE) 
THE SCOURGER "Blind date with Violence" CD ¬ 11,50
THE STONE (Serbia) "Magla" CD    ¬ 11,50***
THE UNKIND "Violence is...." CD ¬ 4,00
(Punk Metal for Beer orgies)
THE WIZAR'D "Follow the Wizard" US-CD       ¬ 11,50***
(Total old style Doom Metal!)
THE WOUNDED KINGS "The Shadow over Atlantis" CD  ¬ 11,50
(Britain's occult heritage of spectral doom and psychedelic horror)
THE WOUNDED KINGS "In the Chapel of the Black Hand" CD €11,50
(epic and apocalyptic doom)
THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN "Primula Pestis" CD       ¬ 11,50
THESYRE "Exist" Cd      ¬ 11,50***
THIRST "Per Aspera Ad Astra" CD ¬ 11,50***
(Symphonic Black Metal, sometimes bit like old EMPEROR) 
THOR "Unchained" CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50
(LAST COPIES!!! The rare Mini-album with bonus material from Metal weightlifting champion Jon Mikl Thor. Great re-issue, incl. Bonus track "MUSCLE ROCK (The Vulcans Arrive)")
THOR "Live in Detroit" CD  ¬ 9,50***
(THOR´s Live in Detroit is one of the Greatest Lost Milestones in the Saga of Heavy Metal. This special re-release, originally from 1985, includes exclusive bonus tracks, some of them never heard before. "Live in Detroit" is a guaranteed power trip with a good sound to the Golden Age of Metal Madness)
THORNAFIRE - "Vorex Deconstrucción" US-CD ¬ 11,50
THORNESBREED "the splendour of the repellent" CD    ¬ 11,50
(German hyperblast Death Metal without any compromises! Incl. video clip)
THOU ART LORD "Orgia Daemonicum" Digipack CDA (sealed) €8,00
THOU ART LORD "DV8"   CD    ¬ 5,00
(The Greek Black Metal machinery returned with Necromayhem, Magus, etc... celebrating new a cult. Great price!)
THRALLDOM "Beast Eye Opened to the Sky" US-CD    ¬ 12,00***
(Furious Blackness from BESTIAL ONSLAUGHT Productions)
THRALLDOM "Black Sun Resistance" CD ¬ 11,50
(The newest release is an exercise of absolute Resistance and occult power)
THROES OF DAWN "Binding of the Spirit" CD    ¬ 11,50
THRONEUM "Deathcult Conspiracy" CD + Slipcase   ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album!) 
THRONEUM / REVELATION OF DOOM "Total Regression" Split CD ¬ 11,50
THRONEUM  "Bestial Antihuman Evil" MCD    ¬ 5,00 
THRONEUM "Death Throne Entities" CD €11,50
(BRANDNEW album! Comes with huge 8 page booklet)
THORNSPAWN "Sanctified by Satan's Blood" CD        ¬ 11,50
THORNSPAWN "Wrath of War" CD ¬ 5,00
(Super price for a merciless Black Death Hammer! With old NECROVORE member)
THRONES "Pay Late, Dollar Short" US-CD        ¬ 12,50        
THROWN "The Suicidal Kings Occult" CD ¬ 11,50
(Almost stoner type of melancholical Doom with dirty vocals. With interesting ideas and riffs)
THRUST "Fist Held High" CD       ¬ 14,00
(Another HIGH VAULTAGE Release with great booklet and bonus material)
THUNDERBOLT "Apocalyptic Doom" CD  (NEW!)  ¬ 11,50 
THUNDERBOLT  "Inhuman Ritual Massmurder" CD    ¬ 11,50***
THUNDER RIDER "Tales of Darkness & Light - Chapter I"  CD       ¬ 11,50
THUNDER RIDER "Tales of Darkness & Light - Chapter II"  CD ¬ 12,50
(with Guitar pick up + cool sticker!)
THUS DEFILED "Through The Impure Veil Of Dawn" CD  ¬ 11,00***
THUS DEFILED "Wings of the Nightstorm" CD  ¬ 9,50***
THUS DEFILED "Weeping Holocaust Tears" CD   ¬ 9,50***
THY ANTICHRIST "Wicked Testimonies" Colombia CD   ¬ 6,50***
THY ONLY FORGOTTEN "Mythos Daemonium" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
TIGER JUNKIES "D-Beat Street Rock 'N' Rollers" US-CD €11,50
TIMEGHOUL "Compilation" US CD €11,50
(early 90s US Death Metal, reminding a bit of NECROPHAGIA/ INCUBUS with a deathlier touch)  
TOKYO BLADE "Genghis Khan Killers" DoubleCD €13,50
(includes rare material such as both demos from 1981 and 1982 and a session from 1983. 16 page booklet, OBI)
TOKYO BLADE "Black Hearts & Jaded Spades" CD ¬ 11,50
TOKYO BLADE "Warrior of the Rising Sun" DoCD ¬ 15,00
(Incl. 6 bonus tracks from the very old demo)
TOKYO BLADE "Black Hearts & Jaded Spades" CD ¬ 11,50
TOKYO BLADE "Tokyo Blade" CD       ¬ 14,00
(NWoBHM with 5 bonus tracks, deluxe as always from HIGH VAULTAGE. Value for money)
TOKYO BLADE    "Night of the Blade - The Night Before" CD ¬ 14,00
(NWoBHM with original singer Alan Marsh and 5 bonus tracks, deluxe as always from HIGH VAULTAGE. Value for money)
TONDRA / NORDIC MIST "Cracking The Hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve"  US-Split MCD  ¬ 6,50  
(Two bands created by the members of NUNSLAUGHTER, 8MM OVERDOSE, SPAWN OF SATAN, CRUCIFIED MORTALS and SOULLESS.  TONDRA is a slow deathly Metal project created by Don of the Dead and Robb Graves...  NORDIC MIST trying to sound like  CELTIC FROST sound with riffs and vocals that try to copy Tom G.!)
TORGEIST (Fra) "Devoted to Satan"LIMITED MCD 9,00*** 
TORGEIST (Fra) "Time of Sabbath"LIMITED MCD  9,00***
TORK RAN "Tales of Death" Double CD €15,00
(Very intense and rich Thrash Metal, influenced by CORONER, MEKONG DELTA, SLAYER, DEATHROW, BLESSED DEATH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, S.O.D., etc!  This release features the "Tales of Death" demo from 1990, the "Haatrrh" live demo from 1988, and many bonus tracks (live and rehearsal). Around 2h 35 of music! A complete 32 pages booklet features the original artworks, pictures, lyrics, articles and a biography).
TORMENT "Forgive the Ignorant" Digipack CD      11,50
(Death Metal cult à la MORBID ANGEL)
TORMENT (ger) "Experience a New Dimension of Fear..." CD  ¬ 5,00
TORMENTED "Graveyard Lust" Digipack MCD €9,00
(Swedish TORMENTED with a new dose of old school Swedish Death attack. A mix of CARNAGE, DEATH REATH and AUTOPSY)
TORMENTED "Rotten Death" Digipack CD €12,00
(Total old school Death attack with crust aggression)
TORMENTOR (Mexico) "Visions from the Ancient Darkness" CD €11,50
(Mexican cult, pre SHUB NIGGURATH, Thrash à la KREATOR, SEPULTURA, etc)
TORMENTOR (Hungary) "Anno Domini" CD €11,50
(no words needed for this awesome classic!)
TORTURE "Storm Alert" CD €11,50
(Late 80s Thrash Attack in the old SLAYER/ NASTY SAVAGE vein. Incl. the smasher "Terror Kingdom" that brings every die hard Thrasher down on his knees!)
TORTURE KILLER (Fin) "For Maggots to Devour" CD ¬ 8,50***
TORTURE KRYPT "Resurrecting the Crypts" US-CD €11,50
(Compilation of 90s material. US Death Metal. Their rare MCD from 1993 plus two demos) 
TORTURER (Chile) "Rise from The Ashes" Brazil CD    ¬ 12,00 
(Brutal old Deathrash racing from Chile !!) 
TORTURER (Chile) "The Flames of Purification" Chile CD    ¬ 12,00 
TORTURIUM "Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds" CD     ¬ 11,00
(New band of ex- SATANIC WARMASTER guitarist, extreme and obscure Black Metal comparable with early BURZUM as well as old greek bm of VARATHRON and ROTTING CHRIST)
TORTURE SQUAD "Death, Chaos and Torture Alive" Brazilian CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Live plus crazy studio versions of AC/DC, JUDAS PRIEST, etc)
TOTALSELFHATRED "Strength Through Pain" CD ¬ 11,50
TOTAL HATE "s/t" Colombian CD    ¬ 7,50***
(Black Metal racing, but like the old French stuff like MUTIILATION. Numbered to 999)
TOXAEMIA "Buried to Rise complete discography" Double CD €15,00
(After 20 years, TOXAEMIA's complete material is finally released on CD. During their tenure from 1989 to 1991, Toxaemia released two demos (Kaleidoscopic Lunacy and Buried to Rot) and one classic 7" on Seraphic Decay titled Beyond the Realm. This recording later appeared on the legendary "Seraphic Decay" CD sampler,)
TOXIC BONKERS "Seeds Of Cruelty" CD ¬ 9,50***
(Powerful, well produced Death Metal with a grindy touch and deep vocals. Influenced by BOLT THROWER, later NAPALM DEATH and SEPULTURA)
TOXIC BONKERS "Progress" CD   ¬ 9,50***
TOXIC HOLOCAUST "An Overdose of Death" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album! Non-stop Thrashing from start to finish!)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Evil never Dies" US CD    ¬ 11,50
(Re-issue of this debut)
TOXODETH "Phantasm" Mexico CD ¬ 11,50
(If you like true late 80s Death Thrash Undergropund sound, this is your album to pick up! Great violent Thrashing Rage!)
TOXODETH "Demons Black Metal Demons" Mexico CD €11,50
(The "Black Metal Guru" Demos 1990-2004, 33 trax in total. A piece of true Mexican Underground history. Limited to 999 copies)
TRAITORS GATE "Devil Takes the High Road" CD €11,50
(NWoBHM raritiy, re-released. Includes three bonus trax from the old band "QUEST") 
TRAPJAW "Virushuman" CD       ¬ 9,50
(Death Metal with some thrashing riffs and screamy, bit SATHANAS/ OCCULT- style vocals)
TRASH AMIGOS "Hijos de la Chingada" CD €11,50
(Behind this strange name is a new Swedish band who very much sound like SLAYER in their "South of Heaven"/ "Seasons in the Abyss" era. Very well done)
TREDEGAR "Remix and Rebirth" CD ¬ 11,50
(Progressive NWoBHM)
TRELLDOM "Till Et Annet" CD €11,50
TRENCH HELL "Southern Cross Ripper" MCD ¬ 9,00
TRIBULATION "The Horror" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
TRIBULATION "The Formulas of Death" CD €11,50
(Brandnew album, atmospheric Death Metal reminding of TIAMAT during their "Astral Sleep" era, mixed with Swedish Death Metal and a bit of DISSECTION)
TRINAKRIUS "Inquisantism" CD ¬ 11,50
(Old-school, arcane, powerful Doom truly worthy of the term Epic. Well executed music with clean vocals, powerful riffs and catchy melodies)
TROUBLE "Dallas, Texas, Alive" CD (lim. 500)      ¬ 12,00
(3rd December 1990, great sound. 12 songs with intense HEAVINESS!)
TROUBLE "Unplugged" CD €9,00
TROUBLE "Live in Los Angeles" CD €9,00
TRUPPENSTURM "Fields of Devastation" CD ¬ 11,50
TSJUDER "Kill For Satan" CD      ¬ 11,00***
TSJUDER "Demonic Possession" CD     ¬ 11,00***
TUDOR (CZ) "Bloody Mary" Thailand CD ¬ 11,00
(The album from 1991 plus two demo trax as bonus. Booklet with lyrics, etc. Numbered to 666 copies)
TWISTED SISTER "Club Daze Volume 1 - The Studio Sessions"  CD  ¬ 13,00
(Rare or never released studio versions of songs performed in club circuits from 1978 to 1981 before they got signed!  Comes with massive foldout booklet with tons of photos and many  interesting liner notes!)
TWISTED SISTER "Club Daze Volume 2  - Live in the  Bars" CD ¬ 13,00
(New studio tracks from 2001 plus 11 radio broadcast live songs from 1979! Another extensive foldout booklet and lots of great material)
TWISTED TOWER DIRE "Crest of the Martyrs" CD  ¬ 11,50
TYGERS OF PAN TANG "First Kill" CD  ¬ 11,00***
("First Kill"  is a collection of original demos made before the band were signed to MCA in 1979/80, Includes 4 bonus tracks)
TYMAH "Transilvanian Dreams" CD        ¬ 11,50
TYPHUS "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" US-CD    ¬ 11,50***
TYRANT (US)  "Legions of the Dead" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(The debut album from 1985 of this US Heavy Metal band. Powerful and full of strong compositions. For the ones who love the spikes and black leather!)
TYRANT (ger) "Fight for your Life" CD ¬ 11,50
TYRANT (ger) "Running Hot" CD ¬ 11,50
TYRANT (ger) "Rulin' the World" CD ¬ 11,50
(German 80s Metal in its purest form, with the typical "Gama" production = pure Metal mayhem!)
TYRANT (UK) "s/t" DoCD ¬ 15,00
(NWoBHM band, with a singer who sounds like a mix of TROUBLE and CIRITH UNGOL.  Awesome quality recordings. Musically typical NWoBHM style  and a bit of WARLORD)
TYRANTS BLOOD "Prophecy" MCD ¬ 9,00
(Canadian Attack, raw stuff, bit like ANGEL CORPSE versus Australian Hammering. With Ex-INFERNÄL MÄJESTY member)
TYRANTS BLOOD "Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" CD ¬ 11,50
ULCER "Chant of Death" Singapore CD €11,50
ULVHEDNER (Nor) / GALDRER (Nor) "Ferdasyn/Trolldomsanger" CD  ¬ 11,50
UNBURIED "Murder 101" CD €11,00
(Death Metal for freaks into REPULSION, OBITUARY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, etc...a brutal assault with deep vocalzzz)
(The complete discography! - Formed in Sweden in 1990, UNCANNY released two demos (1991's Transportation To The Uncanny and 1992's Nyktalgia), a split release in 1993 with ANCIENT RITES and one full-length in 1994 titled Splenium For Nyktophobia)
UNCREATION S DAWN "Holy Empire of Rats" CD €11,50
UNCREATION S DAWN "Lightning Hammer Falls" CD ¬ 11,50
(Devastating Black Metal, some comparisons could be older DESTROYER 666 and GRAND BELIAL'S KEY!)
UNDEAD CREEP  "The Ever-Burning Torch" US-CD  €11,50
(Crushing down tuned tracks reminiscent of early 90s Sunlight Studio bands.Swedish death metal . Comprised of 10 new tracks, the CD version also contains their 2009 demo as a bonus (15 TRACKS TOTAL!). Sure to please fans of bands such as DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED)
UNGOD "Chaos, Conquest, Defiance" Colombian CD €11,50
(German Black Metal history! Includes the rare trax from the Split EPs with DESASTER, SADISTIC INTENT, the MLP and the rehearsal-session for the last album. Comes with thick 16 page booklet with lyrics, photos, etc)
UNGOD "Circle of the Seven Infernal Pacts" CD ¬ 11,00
(One of the first albums of German Black Metal re-released. With a touch of old SAMAEL. Incl. 9 rehearsal-bonus-trax) 
UNGOD "Conquering What Once Was Ours" CD   ¬ 11,00
(Re-release with new artwork and 4 unreleased songs from an unholy rehearsal. Piece of German Black Metal history)
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "The demos" CD         ¬ 9,50*** 
(Fans of BLASPHEMY, BESTIAL WARLUST, etc. will fall in love with this unholy Greek band)
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "The Wrath of Kosmosistis" MCD + Sticker ¬ 7,50
(Numbered to 1000 copies. Unholy Black Death. Like BLASPHEMY versus old fast Greek Blackness) 
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "Obsessed by War" CD ¬ 11,50
UNHOLY LUST "Taste The Sin, Through The Fire" CD €11,50
(Old school spikes'n' leather Death Metal attack in the vein of the 1st POSSESSED, SADISTIC INTENT, CARNAGE, etc. Usually sold out at the label)
UNLEASHED "Shadows in the Deep (+ bonus)" CD    ¬ 10,00 
UNLEASHED "Across the Open See (+ Bonus)" CD    ¬ 10,00 
UNLEASHED "Sworn Allegiance" CD    ¬ 12,00 
UNLIGHT ORDER (Swe) "Through the gates of torment" MCD  ¬ 9,00
(ltd to 1000.  Swedish Black Metal in the way of WATAIN or MARDUK)
UNORTHODOX "Awaken" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Great Doom album. Feat. PENTAGRAM member)
UNORTHODOX "Asylum (+ Bonus)" US-CD ¬ 11,50
(Heavy Mid Tempo/ Doom Metal from 1992 with 2 bonus tracks from 2003. Fans of OBSESSED/ PENTAGRAM should like this)
UNPURE " World Collapse" CD         ¬ 11,50
(Old school Black Heavy attack in the typical UNPURE-ish manner)
UNPURE " Trinity in Black" CD          ¬ 11,50
UNREAL OVERFLOWS "Architecture Of Incomprehension"CD ¬ 11,00
(Debut album of this awesome spanish band of highly technical Death Metal in the vein of DEATH, CYNIC, ATHEIST, PESTILENCE... Awesome production!)
URGEHAL "Atomkinder" CD ¬ 11,50
(Back in stock!)
URGEHAL "Arma Christi" CD ¬ 11.50
URGEHAL "Rise of the Monument" CD ¬ 11.50
URGEHAL "The Eternal Eclipse" CD        ¬ 11,50
URGEHAL  Massive Terrestial Strike  CD ¬ 11,50 
URGRUND   "The Graven Sign" US- CD    ¬ 12,00 
(Australian Bombers!) 
URN "Soul Destroyer" CD €11,50
URN "666 Megatons" CD + DVD €13,50
(The debut album! With ex-members of old BARATHRUM and FLAME. Sounds like a mix of old BEHERIT, SARCOGFAGO and Thrash)
URN "Dawn of Devastation" CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Explosive Black/Death Metal! Finland's master from URN. Fans of BEHERIT, FLAME, DESTRÖYER 666, etc. have another fave album to celebrate!)
URN / DECAYED "Morbid Death/ The Nameless Wraith" CD         ¬ 9,50*** 
(URN sounds as if a vulcano exploded and thick magma flows through your speakers. Total Black Death mayhem. DECAYED finally sent their drummachine to hell and attack with real Drummer Tormentor of DESASTER now which turnt out to be a manifest of pure Black Metal in the typical DECAYED style, with more power and some parellels to the early days SAMAEL.)
URSHURARK "Pandemonium Theory" US-digipak-CD ¬ 11,50***
(Hailing from Italy, Urshurark meld Black, Death, and Thrash Metal and mix in orchestral pieces that sound like they are straight out of a horror flick. Dark Funeral meets Thirdmoon meets Twilight Opera!)
URUK-HAI "The Battle" CD      ¬ 11,50***
URUK HAI "Unholy Medieval Congregation" CD   ¬ 11,50***
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 3 "UPPER ECHELON/ LIQUID MIRROR/ LETCHEN GREY"   ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 5 "SHIRE/ TRAITOR/ FIRSTSTRYKE"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 7 "CRISIS/ RHOADS/ AMETHYST"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 8 "BLITZKRIEG/ ASSAULT / MC BLADE"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 9 "RATED X/ NYTRIX/ WIZARD"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 10 "MYSTIQUE/ WARSZWOLF/ STRIKE FORCE"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 11 "RAVEN BITCH/ ORPHAN ALIES/ LEATHER ANGEL"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
U.S. Metal Attack Serie  Volume 12 "DARK AGE/ METAL WOLF/ QUEST"  ¬ 11,50
(Obscure 80s US Metal serie with rare albums/ mini-albums of those three bands)
USURPER "Visions of the Gods" CD    ¬ 11,00 
USURPER "Visions of the Gods" Digipack-CD    ¬ 11,00
USURPER "Twilight Dominon" CD €11,50
(back in stock.Chicago's deathly CELTIC FROST!)
USURPER "Cryptobeast" CD  ¬ 11,00
USURPER (USA) "Threshold of the Usurper" CD (new edition with bonus trax) ¬ 11,00
USURPER (USA) "Threshold of the Usurper/ Skeletal Season" CD ¬ 6,50
(A full length and  a mini album on one CD. Chicago's old school beast, in the vein of CELTIC FROST/ CIANIDE/ SCEPTER)
UTGARD "Thrones and Dominions" CD ¬ 11,50
UTUK XUL "The Goat of the Black Possession" Colombian CD ¬ 11,00***
(Black Hardware from the South American wilderness)
VADER "De Profundis / Future of the Past" Double CD (sealed) €13,50
(A Death smasher from a time when VADER killed!)
VADER "Black to the Blind/ The Darkest Age Live 1991" Double CD (sealed) €13,50
VADER "The Ultimate Incantation" CD    ¬ 12,00 
VADER "Revelations" CD (poland)        ¬ 11,50 
VALEFAR "Abominate The Temple of Misery" Colombian CD €11,50
VALHALLA (USA) "Valhalla" CD €11,50
(Awesome Epic Metal classic from 1984. Like old SARACEN meets US Metal)
VAMPYR "Cry Out For Metal" US- CD ¬ 11,50
(German Mid 80s Metal attack with every cliche that made it so popular or unpopular)
VANHELGD "Church of Death" US-CD €11,00
VARATHRON "Walpurgisnacht" CD €11,50
(Last copies back in stock. VARATHRON's second album from 1995. 8 page booklet incl. lyrics, etc)
VARATHRON "Crowsreign" CD   ¬ 8,50***
(studio album of this old Hellenic mystical Black Metal legend)
VARATHRON "Lament of Gods" MCD   ¬ 8,00
(The Greek cult band with their classic Mini album)
VARGSANG "Call of the Nightwolves" CD    ¬ 8,50*** 
(true Black Metal on UNDERCOVER Records.....) 
VARGSANG "Werewolf Of Wysteria" CD ¬ 8,50***
VASSAGO (Swe) "Knights from Hell" CD   ¬ 9,50***
(solo album of LORD BELIAL s front man, black metal)                 
VASTATOR "Hell Only Knows" Mexico CD ¬ 11,50
(Old style Thrash Metal on a higher technical but still brutal level)
(10 songs in total, Live at Milwaukee Metalfest. Limited to 300 copies only)
V/A: "...For All hate in Man"  CD           ¬ 9,50*** 
(Compilation CD with SATANIC WARMASTER, ETERNITY, RITES OF CLEANSING, etc.... 18 tracks in total!)
(Perverse Three way split featuring:EVIL DAMN(Peru) with Neyra from GOAT SEMEN, pure  death metal in the barbaric South American vein. Similar to ANAL VOMIT / MORTEM. TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Rare rehearsal recorded in 2003 , full of  old blackened Thrash Metal.And from Colombia, CHAINSAW KILLER:raw  thrash metal in the vein of ARTILLERY, MUTILATOR, WITCHTRAP)
("tribute to Hawkwind" with THE MEADS OF APHODEL, SIGH, BEDOUIN, AMORPHIS, etc etc etc. Comes with a very thick informative booklet.)
V/A - DREAMS OF WHAT LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN - Doom Metal CompilationCD  ¬ 11,50
(Never heard before recordings from SOULPREACHER (US), FISTULA (US), GRIEF (US), THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN (B), NEGATIVE REACTION (US), RAMESSES (UK), MOSS (UK). Ultra heavy, crushing, dark, grim, and doomy)
V/A : METAL ON METAL  "The Finnish Underground Metal Attack" CD 2005/ Privat pressing   ¬ 11,50***
(Rare and unreleased material from FLAME, EVILANGEL, HELLBOX, EVOKED CURSE, SLUGATHOR etc. with great booklet, 20 songs, etc...really cool!)
V/A : METAL ON METAL II  "The Finnish Underground Metal Attack" CD 2006/ Privat pressing   ¬ 9,50***
(NEW!! Rare material from Finnish hordes such as HEATHEN HOOF, SOLITAIRE, MORNINSGSTAR, WITCH TIGER, MINOTAURI, BLOODY HELL, etc etc,)
(An compilation from around 2001/2002 (?!) with tracks from several Eps, etc, like NOCTURNAL; NATTAS, UNHOLY ARCHANGEL, CREMATION, etc... with cool booklet + info on each band, etc.! For a very nice price!)
V/A : Southern Warriors Cult - Brazilian Underground Compilation CD  ¬ 9,00***
(Brutal and rare compilation from 1999. With BLAZING CORPSE, MAUSOLEUM, IMPERIAL LOUFYER, ARKHON DON DALMONION, etc...) 
V/A: Britannia Infernus      DoCD ¬ 9,50
(30 track (145 minute) double album covering the history of the UK Black Metal scene over the last 30 years including Black Widow, Atomic Rooster, Warhammer, Antichrist, Black Sabbath, Angel Witch, Venom, Witchfynde, Onslaught, Sabbat, etc.) 
V/A :Hordes of Darkness (with LORD BELIAL, BESTIAL MOCKERY, etc...) ¬ 11,50***
( Thrash metal compilation with rare and unreleased tracks from eight worlwide bands! with TOXIC HOLOCAUST, SABBAT, RIOTER, KAT, STRIKE MASTER, EXECUTION, SLAVER, etc)
V/A : TORMENTING LEGENDS II Digi CD + 24 pages booklet   ¬ 11,50***
V/A :  TRIBUTE TO POSSESSED "Seven Gates of Horror" Digipack CD   ¬ 5,00
(With  strong forces such as PENTACLE, ABSU, ANGEL CORPSE; SINISTER, SADISTIC INTENT, etc. playing unholy POSSESSED tunes. Special price!)
V/A :  TRIBUTE TO MORBID ANGEL "Tyrants from the Abyss"  CD ¬ 9,00
V/A : "TRIBUTE TO DEMON - Day of the Demon"  CD           8,00*** 
(Cool compilation with WITCHFYNDE, IRON RAINBOW, MADD HUNTER, etc.) 
V/A : LEGIONS OF IRON & STEEL "Angel Dust Records Compilation Vol. 1 US-CD(Angel Dust Records) ¬ 11,00***
(Incantation, Brimstone, Windir, Morpheus Descends, Subconscious, Det Hedenskk Folk, Gates Of Ishtar, Maniac Butcher, Sorath, Funeral Pyre, Dawn, Tormentor, Black Funeral, Werewolf) 
VECTOM "Rulers of Mystery/ Speed Revolution" CD €11,50
(Mid 80s Speed Metal from Germany. Their two albums on one CD. 22 Songs)
VENENUM "s/t" Digipack MCD €9,50
(New great dark Death Metal band from Germany, reminding a bit of NECROS CHRISTOS/ old ASPHYX)
VENERAL DISEASE (Ger)  "Sworn to hate" CD         ¬ 11,50***
(Brutal & catchy Death Metal in the early 90's way from Germany. Think of early MONSTROSITY or SINISTER.)
VENERAL DISEASE (Ger) "Perpetual pain procedure" CD   ¬ 11,50***
VENOM "Prime Evil" CD €13,00
(RARE CD version of one of VENOM's most underrated albums. Jeff Mantas, Abaddon and Demolition Man line up)
VENOM "Metal Black" CD + Slipcase   ¬ 9,50
VEXED "Endless Armageddon" Thailand-CD     ¬ 12,00 
VEXED "Nightmare Holocaust" CD     ¬ 11,00 
(Manic Italian Thrash Metal in the vein of KREATOR / BLOODFEAST / NECRODEATH)
VEXED "Destruction Warfare" CD    ¬ 11,00 
VEXED "Hellblast Extinction" CD      ¬ 11,00
(A new strike of the thrashing beast!)
VICE HUMAN "Set me free" CD     ¬ 9,50***
(limited to 500, rare old Greek metal with great skilled guitarist. Perfect early /mid 80s-styled Metal for people who are looking for more obscure stuff! )
VICTIMIZER ""Resurrected Abominations" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
VICTIMIZER "The Final Assault" US-CD ¬ 11,50***
VICTIMIZER   Rabid Thrashing Violence   US-CD   ¬ 11,50***
(New strike with 4 new songs and 10 live attacks!)
VICTIMIZER   Unholy Banners Of Victimizer  Colombian CD ¬ 11,50
(New album from this old school Danish horde. Black Thrash!)
VICTOR GRIFFIN "Late For An Early Grave" US- CD    ¬ 12,00
(Ex- PENTAGRAM / DEATH ROW axeman with old PENTAGRAM/ PLACE OF SKULLS demo versions, unreleased tracks, etc... Incl. bonus material!!) 
VIDRES A LA SANG "Vidres A La Sang" CD    ¬ 11,00***
(Extreme Death Metal, like SUFOCATION meets DEMIGOD, but a bit more melodical)
VILLIANS "Lifecode of Decadence" US CD ¬ 11,00
VILLAINS "Road to Ruin" US-CD €11,50
VIOLATOR "Annihilation Process" Brazilian CD €11,50
(new album, Thrash inferno from Brazil)
VIOLATOR  Chemical Assault  Brazil CD ¬ 11,50 
(Finally available, Violator's first full length. "Chemical Assault" brings 10 songs of old School Thrash Metal for insane moshing and stage dives!)
VIOLATOR "Violent Mosh"Brazil CD €11,50
(Finally back to stock !  Re-release with new booklet and with bonus tracks. Includes TAURUS cover song: “Massacre”. Total Thrash.)
VINTERRIKET "Winterschatten" Slipcase CD ¬ 7,50***
(Very nice Slipcase CD with sticker)
VIOLENT ATTACK "The Final Massacre" Chile-CD        ¬ 11,50
(Fuckin' heavy wicked fast Thrash Attack in the old vein, surprisingly well played and produced. With influences from  SLAYER, WARFARE, BULLDOZER, etc.)
VIOLENT FORCE/ ASSASSIN "Nuclear War Conspirators" Brazilian CD €11,50
(The two VIOLENT FORCE Demos that lead to the 1st album deal, and both demos of ASSASSIN. True teutonic Thrash from 1985-1986, 19 f*ckin' trax in total)
VIRGIN STEELE "Vision Of Eden" CD ¬ 11,50
(The last album. Not the heaviest, but perhaps the most worked out and epic one)
VITSAUS "Läti Vihassa ja Kunniassa" DoCD  ¬ 13,00
(from the "Black Legions" demo, "Dans Notre Chute" demo and a rare compilation track)
VOICIFERIAN "Triumphant Usurper Beast" CD               ¬ 11,00
(maniacal, brutal old school Black/Death Metal)
VOIDD "Desperate Truth" DoubleCD€14,00
(All Time Masterpiece of Japanese Underground Metal History, lim. 1000)
VOIDS OF VOMIT "Veritas Vltima Vitae" US MCD ¬ 9,00
VOIVOD "Voivod Lives" DIGIPACK CD ¬ 4,50
(Legends never die! Super price.) 
VOMITOR - Bleeding The Priest CD ¬ 11,50
(2010 re-edition of the first SODOManiacal Attack)
VOMITOR "Bleeding The Priest/Roar Of War" Chile-CD        ¬ 12,00
(The rare Demo and the 1st album on one CD)
VOMITOR "Escalation" CD €11,50
(New album, another disharmonic orgy created by heavy axes, reverb vox and pounding drüms) 
VON "Satanic Blood" MCD €8,50
(Official re-issue)
VON BÖÖM "Punkrock Terrorists" CD ¬ 11,00
(The swedish Crustpunks  VON BÖÖM are back to blow your brain away with 16 new dirty crustattacks !)
VOODOO SHOCK "Voodoom" CD       ¬ 11,50
( Re-release of the classic VOODOO SHOCK promo w/ two bonus tracks. Includes the mighty SAINT VITUS cover "Patra". Total traditional Doom!)
VORGUS (Swe)  "Vorgusized"  Mexico CD       ¬ 9,50***
(Limited pressing and hand numbered to 999 pieces! Fast, hard Swedish Thrashin' Assault....  MOTORHEAD / SODOM influences with a  GUILLOTINE / CRANIUM edges!!!  this hard to find Demo stuff now re-released)
VORTEX "Welcome to Metalland" CD ¬ 11,50
(Dutch 80s band with anotehr dose of traditional Heavy Metal)
VORTEX "Hammer of the North" CD  ¬ 11,50
VUKODLAK "Blackest Autumn" CD     ¬ 11,50***
(Straight forward Black Metal hammering!) 
VULCANO "Tales from the Black Book" CD (sealed) ¬ 11,50
(The new Hammer back in stock!)
VULCANO "Anthropophagy + Bonus" CD   ¬ 11,50   
(The  "Anthropophagy" , the rare second studio album by Brazilian shreeding wicked THRASH-force.  Included is also the 1983 demo Devil On My Roof, showing VULCANO s musical roots)
VULCANO "Live" Brazil CD        ¬ 12,00 
(The official Debut album from 1985 although it's "Live", with songs like "Witches Sabbat", "Riding in Hell", "Satanic Legions", etc.. Raw and Deathrashed as hell) 
VULPECULA "In Dusk Apparition" CD        ¬ 11,50***
(Great full -length album , powerful and atmospheric. With Ex-ORDER FROM CHAOS veteran!)
VULTURE LORD "Profane Prayer" CD    ¬ 11,00*** 
(Norwegian unholy Black Thrash, well done and evil in its feel!) 
VULTYR "Monument of misanthropy" CD    ¬ 11,00*** 
(Grim Black Metal from France) 
VULTYR "Leviathan dawn" CD    ¬ 11,00***
(Very professional but still grim and extreme!)
VULTYR"Philosophy Of The Beast" CD      ¬ 9,50***
(Finnish Black Metal)
WALL OF SLEEP "Overlook the All" MCD        ¬ 9,00
(WALL OF SLEEP raises from the ashes of the totally underrated MOOD - Hungary`s premier Doom band till the band`s split )
WALL OF SLEEP "Slow, but Not Dead" CD    ¬ 11,50
(The voice is absolutely doom perfection, and guitarists proudly carry  on the Wino and Iommi legacy with distinction) 
WALLOP "Metal Alps" CD ¬ 11,50
(German Mid 80s Metal !)
WALPURGISNACHT (NL) "Die derwaert gaen en keeren niet" CD  ¬ 11,50***
(Sompich Braebantsch Swartmetael)
WAPENSPRAAK & DRINKGELAG  Onder de banier van het gewei   CD ¬ 8,50***
( This is an unique Heathen Pagan Thrash band from Belgium with two sold out recordings on one CD. Feat. TARANIS' drummer)
WAR "Ex Tenebris Nascervis At Deleas"  CD   ¬ 7,50***
(Polish Black Metal, atmospheric, fast and grim! Limited and numbered to 500 copies only)
WARDEATH "Confronto Bestial"  Brazil CD €11,50
(Brazilian Old School raw Thrash Metal that could be released back in 1985)
WARHAMMER "No Beast so Fierce" Brazil CD €11,50
WARHAMMER "The Winter of Discontent" Chile-CD      ¬ 9,50***
(The hard to find first album finally back in stock from Chile! Total Death Doom in the hellhammering way!)
WARHORDE "Satanic Lust" CD   ¬ 7,50***
(Hell has vomited forth the WARHORDE to sing, howl and gnarl the praise of the Horned One with rusty Death Thrash, primitive as hell. Bit like MEGIDDO versus GRAVEWÜRM) 
WARLOGHE "The First Posession" CD official re-press      ¬ 11,50
WARLOGHE "Womb Of Pestilence" CD official re-press  ¬ 11,50
WARMONGER "Rites of Vengeance "Mexico CD ¬ 11,50
WARNING "The Strength to Dream" CD   ¬ 11,50
WARNING "Watching from a Distance" CD ¬ 11,50
(Very praised UK Doom band)
WARRIOR (UK) "Live in a Dive" Chile CD     ¬ 9,50***
(NWoBHM- Live attack from an obscure hard rocking band that unfortunately never managed to record a real studio album. For fans of SATAN; etc)
WASTELANDER "Wardrive" US-CD       ¬ 11,50
(Punky alcoholized  heavy Thrash, like VENOM meets D.R.I. and SUPERCHRIST! But played with skill, no cheap garage-styl stuff )
WATAIN "Sworn to the Dark" Digipack  ¬ 11,50
WATAIN "Casus Luciferi"CD      ¬ 9,50***
WATAIN "Rabid Death's Curse" CD ¬ 9,50***
(the dark debut album!)
WEAPON 13 "Monster Reborn"  Brazil CD €11,50
(A US Thrash metal act formed by veterans of the 80´s Thrash Metal scene as WARGOD; HIRAX ,PHANTASM, etc... Here they present us with 3 new Thrashing Anthems plus the extremely rare "the Cold Blood" demo from 1987)
WEHRMACHT (USA) "Shark Attack" Digipack CD  (+ booklet) €11,50
(The debut album plus 11 bonus songs from the 1st Demo from 1985. Incl. a 20-page booklet. True value for money)
WEHRMACHT "BIermacht" Digipack + Booklet ¬ 12,00
(The second invasion. With the "beermacht" Demo 1986 as bonus + a Live show from 1986. Incl. a 20 page booklet)
WELTBRAND "Radiance of a Thousand Suns" CD  ¬ 5,50***
WHEEL "s/t" CD €11,50
(traditional Epic Doom Metal in the CANDLEMASS/ SOLITUDE AETURNUS vein from germany)
WHIPLASH "Unborn Again" Singapore CD ¬ 11,50
(BRANDNEW album by cult Thrashers from WHIPLASH!)
WHIPLASH "Messages in Blood" CD (re-issue)   ¬ 11,50
(Re-issue of the sold out CD with all the legendary WHIPLASH Demos and lots of live songs!)
WHIPLASH "Insult to Injury" CD (re-issue)   ¬ 11,50
(Re-issue of the sold out third album plus a Live show from 19.10. 1986!)
WHIPSTRIKER / POWER FROM HELL "Brazilian Bestial Attack" Brazilian CD €11,50
WINDS OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" US-CD    ¬ 9,50*** 
(the old US Black Metal summoning horde. With songs from 1992 to 1996. Grim, simple, dark....... Black Metal!!!) 
WITCHBURNER "Bloodthirsty Eyes" CD €11,50
WITCHBURNER "Demons" CD ¬ 11,50
WITCHBURNER "Blasphemic Assault" CD        ¬ 11,50*** 
(an early Attack of WITCHBURNER. Old German Thrash style)
WITCHBURNER "Final Detonation"CD        ¬ 11,50
WITCHCRAFT "Firewood" CD ¬ 13,00
(This is the Swedish 70s style band)
WITCH CROSS "Axe to Grind" US-CD €11,50
(NEW Album!)
WITCHCROSS "All Fit for Fight" US-CD €11,50
(True authentic Metal from the past, for headbangers into HEAVY LOAD, MSG, SAXON, 220 VOLT; etc)
WITCHERY (Swe) "Don't Fear the Reaper" CD ¬ 5,00
(the comeback album from 2006! A mix of Heavy/Thrash and Black riffs in an old school way. Now for a supernice "check it out" price)
WITCHFINDER GENERAL "Buried Amongst the Ruins" US-CD    ¬ 12,00
(Compilation of the ultra rare "Soviet Invasion" 12'inch, the "Burning a Sinner" EP and rare live songs from 1981!) 
WITCHGRAVE "The Devil's Night" MCD ¬ 9,00
(First BATHORY/ VENOM type of dark Metal crossed with rocking NWoBHM/ IRON MAIDEN double-lead guitars)
WITCHGRAVE "s/t" CD €11,50
WITCHING HOUR "Rise of the Desecrated" CD ¬ 11,50
(New German Thrash band in the old school raw 80s style)
WITCHING HOUR "Past Midnight..." CD ¬ 11,50
(Brandnew album from these old school German Thrashers)
WITCHFYNDE "Cloak and Dagger" CD      ¬ 11,00***
(dark NWoBHM "creme de la creme" for all fans of old satanic MERCYFUL FATE!!! A MUST!!!!)
WITCHFYNDE "The Witching Hour" Cd     ¬ 9,50***
(The occult NWoBHM masters' newest sacrifice! Incl. many old re-recorded tracks) 
WITCHES  SABBATH "Darkness kingdom coming" CD    ¬ 9,00*** 
WITCHES HAMMER "Dead Forever" DoCD €13,00
(55 songs from the 80s. The demos, the unreleased LP, the MLP and Live. Raw Thrash, a must for old school ironheads) 
WITCHHAMMER "1487" CD ¬ 12,00
WITCHMASTER "Trücizna" CD ¬ 11,50
(new album!)
WITCHMASTER "Violence and Blasphemy"CD    ¬ 9,50
WITCHMASTER "Masochistic Devil Worship"CD    ¬ 11,50***
WITCHMASTER "Witchmaster"CD    ¬ 11,50***
(Their brandnew album at full steam!) 
WITCHRIST "Beheaded Oubouros" CD €11,50
WITCHRIST "Curses of Annihilation" US-CD €11,50
WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT "Manifest of Evil" CD     ¬ 11,50
WITCHTRAP "Vengeance is my Name" US CD €11,50
WITCHTRAP "Witching Metal" US-MCD ¬ 9,00
(The first strike in the total first BATHORY/ old KREATOR vein)
WITCHTRAP "No Anesthesia" US-CD   ¬ 11,00
(Brandnew, razorsharp 80s Thrash Metal speed-demon!! à la DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, etc)
WITCHTRAP "The First Necromancy" Japan-CD  ¬ 11,50
(Colombian 80s-style Thrash Metal!! Rare 2 Demo tapes on CD!! 22 songs including BATHORY cover)
WIZZARD "s/t" CD        ¬ 11,00
(Great debut. Sounds like Canadian EXORCIST versus powerful 80s Speed/Heavy Metal! Very well done and strong songwriting)
WOLFHEAD "s/t" Digipack CD €11,50
(MOTÖRHEAD-ish Metal /BLACK SABBATH-ish Stoner Rock mix from Spain)
(over 40 minutes of new material from these 2 American Doom Metal bands!)
WOODEN STAKE "Dungeon Prayers" US-CD €11,50
WOODEN STAKE-"At the Stroke of Midnight" US-CD €11,50
WOODS OF INFINITY (Swe): "Hopplös Väntan" MCD ¬ 9,00
WOODS OF INFINITY (Swe) "Hamptjarn" CD    ¬ 11,50
WOODS OF INFINITY "Hejda" CD (back in stock) ¬ 11,50
WOODS OF INFINITY (Swe): "Hopplös Väntan" MCD ¬ 9,00
WORLD BELOW "Repulsion" CD ¬ 11,50
(Real Riff-Doom with a little epic touch. Strong melodies, great guitar work, and clean vocals make "Repulsion" to one of the highlights of the Doom . The third album of the Swedes)
WORLD BELOW "Maelstorm" CD      ¬ 11,50***
(Classic Doom Metal atmosphere that began with BLACK SABBATH  in the 70´s, adding some epic touch in the vein of CANDLEMASS, DOOMSHINE to its music)
WORLD DOWNFALL "Last Step before The Fall" CD  ¬ 9,00***
(German Death in the vein of TERRORIZER!)
WOUND "Inhale the Void" CD €11,50
(Death Metal from FDA Rekotz)
WOUNDS "Chaos Theory" CD    ¬ 11,00 
(Brutal thrashing death metal from Finland in the lines of most classic (old) CARCASS, MORBID ANGEL and a bit of old SLAYER) 
WRATHBLADE "War of the titans" cd single   ¬ 7,00 
( Greek epic/barbaric metal!!! 2 songs + 2 live videos!! great packaging! 500 copies!)
WRECK OF THE HESPERUS "The Sunken Threshold" CD    ¬ 9,50***
(Total Doom, total depression. Now winter can come...)
WRONG "Memories of Sorrow" CD €11,50
(Black Metal, weird and cold)
WYRD  Kammen  CD       ¬ 8,50
WYRD "Rota" CD      ¬ 8,50
WYRD "Vargtimmen Pt 2"  CD     ¬ 8,50***
(The infernal Battle continues...)
WYRD"Heathen" CD    ¬ 8,50***
(Raw Finnish Pagan Metal)
WYRD "Wrath & Revenge" CD            ¬ 8,50***
WYRD "The Ghost Album" CD    ¬ 8,50***
XASTHUR The Funeral of Being" US-CD ¬ 11,50
XASTHUR "Nocturnal Poisoing" US-CD ¬ 11,50 
XASTHUR / LEVIATHAN US-Split CD          ¬ 11,50
XASTHUR "Telepathic with the Deceased" US-CD ¬ 12,00
XASTHUR "To Violate the Oblivious" US-CD ¬ 11,50
XIBALBA "Ah Dzam Poop Ek" Mexico CD ¬ 11,50*** 
ZARATHUSTRA "in Hora Mortis" CD (new album)  ¬ 9,50
ZARATHUSTRA "Perpetual Black Force"  CD  ¬ 9,50*** 
ZARPA (Spain) "Luchadores de la Paz" CD €11,50
(17 songs of  Heavy Metal a la BARON ROJO with Spanish Lyrics)
1917 "Neo Ritual" CD ¬ 9,50
(Death / Thrash From Argentinia)
ZAVORASH "s/t" CD  ¬ 9,50
ZESS "Et in Arcadia Ego"  CD    ¬ 13,00
(80s recording in the vein of BLACK SABBATH/ DEATH SS. Heavy!)
ZOMBIFIED "Carnage Slaughter and Death" CD €11,50
ZÜÜL "To the Frontlines" CD  €11,50 
ZÜÜL "Out of Time" CD €11,50
(European version, strictly limited to 500 copies only)
ZWARTKETTERIJ "Cult of the Necro-Thrasher" CD     ¬ 9,50***
(80s Black Thrash with touches of SABBAT/ Japan) 
1349 "s/t" US-MCD ¬ 8,50
40 WATT SUN "The Inside Room" CD ¬ 11,50
(The successor of WARNING. Traditional, atmospheric Doom Metal at its finest)
This US version of the new METALUCIFER Album, recorded by Gezolucifer , Eliabigore and Elizaveat.
(Eastern-Version with Japanese Line up and English Lyrics. Different layout and coverdesign)
and a DIGIPACK that was made in THAILAND
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Bulldozer" Thailand DiGIPACK CD (JAPANESE LINE UP)  ¬ 11,50
(lim. to 1000)
AFTER DEATH/ DIE UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN Chile Double CD (GIANT EP size fold out Sleeve) €16,00
(FINALLY, the long awaited Double CD with Mike Browning's unique AFTER DEATH and Chilean UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN. Comes inside an 7" EP size fold out CD Digipack with awesome design plus a POSTER!)
INCUBUS "God Died on His Knees" Fold out EP-Size Digipack CD + Poster €12,00
(Super-deluxe CD release of this legendary Demo from 1987, with Ex-MORBID ANGEL/ AFTER DEATH's Mike Browning and Ex-MORBID ANGEL member Sterling von Scaborough)
THRASH FORWARD "Thrash Forward Alliance" Fold out EP-Size Digipack CD + Poster €12,00
(A 10 track demo from 1990 on CD. Raging Thrash Metal,like DESTRUCTION meets SOD/ DRI) 
COMMUNION (Chile) "Communion" 7"EP-size foldout Digipack format CD €12,00
(Evil old Black Metal style from Chile. Sounds like old BATHORY/ TARANIS/ SAMAEL, etc)
DIABOLICAL MESSIAH "Satan Tottendemon Victory"  7"EP-size foldout Digipack format CD €12,00
(9 track brutal and evil Death Metal debut assault from Chile.)
TOTTEN CORPS "For the Infernal Insurrection/  Our Almighty Lords"  7"EP-size foldout Digipack format CD €12,00
(12 Tracks, almost one hour of the most obscure Evil Death Metal ever recorded in the Chilean Golden Death Metal era. Incl the MLP from 1992 and the demo from 1991)
COMMUNION "Communion" CD (regular version) €11,00
(Ruthless raw Black Metal artillery fire from Paraguay)
RAWRIDE "Caceria Humana/ No Esperes Piedad" Chile CD €11,50
(Received from PROSELYTISM as a distributed item. Two demos from 1987 and 1989 from RAWRIDE, a band from Paraguay. Typical 80s Thrash, very well played, musically reminding of SEPULTURA, with Spanish vocals  / lyrics)
Hellish Cult-Shirts 
ABSU "Red Logo" Shirt (Logo like on "The Third Storm...")       ¬ 13,00
ABYSMAL GRIEF The Samhain Feast" TS €13,50
AFTER DEATH "Winged Logo/ pentagram" Shirt (S,M,L,XL) ¬ 11,00
(Front: Winged logo in silver, 10 inch from left to right, Back: Pentagram and "Retronomicon")
ANAL VOMIT / GOAT SEMEN T-Shirt  XL     ¬ 13,00
(Bothsided print. Design from the Double Album)
ANGEL CORPSE "Of Lucifer and Lightning"  bothsided, fullcol. Shirt ¬ 15,00
ANGEL WITCH Logo + Baphomet on Throne + "Sinister History"(Gold print) XL ¬ 11,00
ANGEL WITCH  Logo + Guitarist (like Sinister History LP-Backcover, only few. Gold print!) XL ¬ 12,00
ARMAGEDDA "Only True Believers" Shirt XL    ¬ 13,00
ASPHYX "Death the Brutal Way" RED Shirt (S,M,L, XL) ¬ 13,00
(Red shirt with Black/ white logo + "Death the Brutal Way", back. Lyrics. Great print quality)
ASSASSIN "The Upcoming Terror" S, M, L,XL  ¬ 15,00
(Full coloured cover!)
AUTOPSY TORMENT   "Tormentorium" Shirt (both sided, full colour)    ¬ 10,00 
BESTIAL MOCKERY "Sepulchral Wrath" Shirt (M)    ¬ 13,00
BEYOND "Fatal Power of Death" Shirt (M, L) €15,00
(Bothsided print. Official shirt)
CHARON Black shirt, bothsided print in BRONZE (M L, XL) €15,00
(Front: Logo + winged dead saint, old gate + "Sulphur Seraph" on back., Very nice shirt)
COUNT RAVEN "Raven" S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
(Logo + Raven sitting on a tree with the sun in the background, colour print. Very nice design)
COFFINS "European Invasion" Tourshirt L, M €13,00
DEATHEVOKATION "The Chalice of Ages" L, XL €15,00
(Full coloured coverartwork on front, bandpic and slogan on back)
DEATH BREATH "Red Logo" One sided Shirt (M, L, XL)    ¬ 13,00
(Official merchandise. Red logo on Black Shirt. Simple but really cool!) 
DEATH ROW (USA) Silver Logo on Front + "Kings of Doom" on back (black Shirt) XL, XXL ¬ 12,00
(The original CULT band that later in the 80s changed their name to PENTAGRAM. Big original silver logo on fronf, 4 shadows and "Kings of Doom" on back)
DEATH ROW (USA) Silver Logo on Front + "Kings of Doom" on back... DARK RED SHIRT ¬ 13,00
(The original CULT band that later in the 80s changed their name to PENTAGRAM. Big original silver logo on fronf, 4 shadows and "Kings of Doom" on back)
DEATH ROW (US) "Logo + bandpic" S,M,L,XL ¬ 12,00
(Design as the recently released DoLP "Alive in Death". Logo in Red, surrounded by the 4 bandmembers Liebling, Hasselvander, Griffin and Swaney)
DEMIGOD "Slumber of Sullen Eyes" T-Shirt L €15,00
(FULL coloured coverdesign on front and 1 coloured logo + Bandpic on back)
DEMONICAL  (swe) "Logo"/ "pentagram" Shirt       ¬ 13,00
(Big logo on front, Pentagram + "Servants of the Unlight" on back)
DENIAL OF GOD "Death and the Beyond" Tourshirt (S, M, L, XL) €15,00
(Bothsided print. Official shirt, fullcoloured)
DENIAL OF GOD "Tu fui, ego eris" T-Shirt ¬ 14,00 
(High quality black t-shirt with skull design and latin phrase + "The Dead must live again" writing on back! Available in sizes M, L and XL!)
DENIAL OF GOD  "White logo/Live Ghouls" T-Shirt ¬ 14,00
(High quality black t-shirt with big white logo on front and live photos on back! Available in sizes M, L and XL!)
DENIAL OF GOD "Red logo/Live Ghouls" T-Shirt ¬ 14,00
(Brandnew high quality black t-shirt with big red logo on front and live photos on back! Available in sizes M, L and XL!)
DESTRÖYER 666 "Terror Abraxas" Shirt (official)  S, M, L, XL, XXL ¬ 13,00
(Logo + Terror Abraxas design on front, DESTRÖYER 666 and Destroyer Guitars on Back. Coloured print!)
DESTRUCTION "Infernal Overkill" S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
(Full coloured cover!)
EQUINOX "Journey into Oblivion" full coloured Shirts       ¬ 13,00
(only few, official full coloured Shirts! Import!)
EVOCATION (Swe) "Tales from the Tomb" full-coloured shirt L, XL ¬ 14,00
(Great quality. Bothsided print, cover on front, Pentagram on back)
FLAME (Finland) "Dark Demonic Decade" M, L ¬ 15,00
(Limited shirt. Classic Logo and demons on front!, logo and slogan on back)
GASKIN "Stand or Fall" Shirt XL       ¬ 9,50
(Full colour + golden Logo, NWoBHM!)
GUNSLINGER "Gunslinger Engeland" RED Shirt S, M, L. XL ¬ 13,00
(only 20 (!) made, Coverartwork on front and "GUNSLINGER ENGELAND" written)
HALLOWS EVE "Tales of Terror" (Full coloured print) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
HELLBRINGER "Dominion of Darkness" M €15,00
(Front: Logo + Albumcover (colour) , Back: Logo + Songtitles)
HELLWITCH "Omnipotent Convocation" T-Shirt L €15,00
(FULL coloured coverdesign on front and 1 coloured logo + pill-pentagram on back)
HOODED MENACE Shirt €15,00
IMPETIGO "Giallo" TS (1 coloured print) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,00
IMPETIGO "Stevo 1987" TS (1 coloured print) S, M,L,XL ¬ 13,00
IMPETIGO "Logo + Zombie" TS (1 coloured print) S, M,L,XL ¬ 13,00
INCANTATION "Logo + Primordial Domination" S,M,L,XL ¬ 13.50
(Logo + rotten warrior with flag on front, Pentagram flag and "Axe Thrash Metal" on back)
LAAZ ROCKIT "City's Gonna Burn" (Full coloured) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
LAAZ ROCKIT "Know Your Enemy" (Full coloured) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
LAAZ ROCKIT "Annihiliation Principle" (Full coloured) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
LIVING DEATH "Vengeance of Hell" (Full coloured!) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
LIVING DEATH "Protected from Reality" Shirt M,L €15,00
(Awesome design! Coloured)
MANILLA ROAD "Crystal Logic" S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
(Cover in full colour, very nice qualty)
MANILLA ROAD "The Courts of Chaos" S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
(Cover in full colour)
MASTER "Collection of Souls" bothsided M, L ¬ 15,00
MASTER "Master Logo" bothsided  XL ¬ 15,00
MASTER "On the 7th Day..." bothsided XL ¬ 15,00
MASTERS HAMMER "The Filimnice Occultist" TS (M, L) €15,00
MELECHESH "Emmissaires" fullcoloured, bothsided Shirt     ¬ 15,00 
MELECHESH "Sphynx" Shirt     ¬ 12,00 
MERCILESS "The Awakening" TS (M, L) €15,00
(Bothsided print. no words needed for this classic. Only few Shirts in stock)
MESSIAH "Powertrash/ The Infernal Thrashing" T.Shirt (XL)  ¬ 13,00
(Bothsided Black Shirt, Coverdesign in silver on front, old logo + "Powertrash" on back. LAST Shirts)
MESSIAH "Powertrash/ The Infernal Thrashing" Sweat-Shirt (S, XL)  ¬ 25,00
(Classic thick Black Sweatshirt, Coverdesign in silver on front, old logo + "Powertrash" on back)
MORDANT "Suicide Slaughter" RED shirt   ¬ 13,00
NECROMANTIA "Ancient Pride" bothsided grey Shirt   ¬ 10,00
NECROMANTIA "Ancient Pride" bothsided Longsleeve    ¬ 14,00
NEGATIVE PLANE "Stained Glass Revelations" M €13,50
(Dark grey print, Logo + skeletton. One sided. Official shirt)
NOCTURNAL BREED Logo Shirt     ¬ 13,00
NUNSLAUGHTER "European Tourshirt" bothsided ¬ 14,00
(Great frontdesign, logo + eating demon, Tourdates on back)
PENTACLE "Logo" GREY  Shirt XL     ¬ 11,00
(Special logo for this shirt. Black Print on Grey shirt. Logo from left to right is circa 26  cm but looks smaller. 20 shirts made. last 2 shirts)
PENTAGRAM "Living in a Ram's Head" XL ¬ 12,00
(Big Logo + "Living...", all in dark blue print. One sided, for big guys only)
PENTAGRAM "Show 'em How"  L ¬ 14,00
PENTAGRAM "Review your Choices" L    ¬ 13,00
PILEDRIVER "Metal Inquisition" Shirt M, L €15,00
(Full colour print, exactly like the album. Awesome shirt!)
PILEDRIVER "Stay Ugly" Shirt M, L €15,00
(Full colour print, exactly like the album. You will stay ugly with this shirt!)
PRIMORDIAL "Logo" bothsided Shirt (M,L,XL) ¬ 13,00
(Logo on front, crying figure + scythes on back)
RITUAL STEEL "Logo"         ¬ 13,00
(Front: Small logo as pocketprint, Back: Full coloured cover)
R.U. READ? "Completely Dead" Shirt (M,L,XL) €13,50
(Post-POISON (Ger). The CD Backcover of the booklet with the logo and the collage on Front, and Frontcover with the riding skeleton on Back. Official shirt)
SABBAT "European Tour 2008" T-Shirt (M, L, XL) ¬ 12,00
(Black Shirt with white print.  Skeletton on throne with old logo on front, "Seven Battles of Harmageddon" + Tour-Dates on back)
SADUS "Ilusions" bothsided Shirt XL ¬ 15,00
(Full coloured, cover on front, old logo + skull on back)
SADUS "Swallowed in Black" bothsided Shirt XL        ¬ 15,00
(Full coloured, cover on front, Bandphoto on back)
SACRILEGE "Reapin the Demons" T-Shirt XL €15,00
(Coloured logo + coverartwork on front, old logo + Reaper on back)
SAINT VITUS "Purple Logo"  S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
SAINT VITUS "Hallows Victim" (Full coloured!) S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
SAINT VITUS "Mournful Cries" (Full coloured!) S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
SATAN "Court in the Act" T-Shirt (full colour!) M, L €15,00
(A Must for NWoBHM worshippers!)
STORMWITCH "Tales of terror" S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
(This great evil cover full coloured !!!)
STORMWITCH "Walpurgis night" S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
(This great cover full coloured !!!)
STORMWITCH "Stronger Than Heaven" S,M,L,XL ¬ 15,00
(This great cover full coloured !!!)
SUFFOCATION "Human Waste"(Full coloured) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
TARANIS "Flandriae" Shirt (XL) ¬ 12,00
(ONLY 20 made. Logo + medieval circle of "Flandriae" below, like in the inside of the Gatefold LP)
THOR "Blue Logo" S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
THOR "Keep the Dogs Away" S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
(Killer cover as a blue print on black shirt! Weightlifting Heavy Metal cult)
THOR "Only the Strong" (Full Coloured!) S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
THOR "Into The Noise" S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
(Logo plus THOR as drawn superheroe with guitar and lightning)
TROUBLE "The Skull" LP (Bothsided) MEDIUM €15,00
(Full coloured cover on front, "The Skull"-logo on back. Very nice shirt)
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN "Lucifer Poseidon Cthulhu" Shirt (M, L) €15,00
(Bothsided print. Full coloured. Official shirt)
UNLEASHED "And the Laughter..." S,M,L,XL ¬ 13,50
VIRGIN STEELE "Noble Savage" TS €13,50
(Size M, L)
VULCANO "old Logo and Winged Demon" Chilean Shirt L, XL €15,00
(Official high quality shirt from Chile. Red print on Black shirt. Classic VULCANO Design. Only very few copies)
WOLF Logo S, M, L, XL ¬ 13,50 
ZARATHUSTRA "In Hora Mortis" bothsided shirt (very prof.!)  XL ¬ 13,00
METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Samurai" Sweatshirt   L, XL €28,00
(Classic thick sweatshirt like in the 80s, same design as Shirt)
Front: Logo + two samurai swords crossed, "