DEAD TO THIS WORLD Old Logo + Warrior on Chariot” Shirt-XL+PicLP

October 29, 2016


(Great Chris Moyen artwork, a demonic warrior riding the chariot, eagle on back)
Size XL


DEAD TO THIS WORLD “First Strike for Spiritual Renewance” Picture Disc in Gatefold LP-sleeve !
(Vinyl Version of this debut album from Norway’s crushing DEAD TO THIS WORLD.  Aggressive Thrash/ Black Metal with grimness and catchy rhythms, delivered by Iscariah, former IMMORTAL mercenary. Sounds like a raging bastard of PENTACLE and IMMORTAL, but with the typical unique style that DEAD TO THIS WORLD already managed to create. Already a classic!)

(Picture Disc has totally different design, specially made for this format. Mighty eagle, designed by Chris Moyen)

Special package deal: Shirt + PicDisc !!!

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