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Several earmelting new albums and re-releases (RIPPER, VENUS TORMENT, DESASTER, MORTEM, SABBAT and more ) are boiling in the cauldron and will be unleashed step by step when the time is right (Covid and lockdowns and pressing plant “traffic jams” delayed several releases).

As always, no release overkill – only some selected kick ass albums!

Thanks to all of you for your iron support, especially the loyal ones out there! All Hail!



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“Twilight of Dark Illumination” is the title of the upcoming FORCE OF DARKNESS album.
Expect nothing but a thunderstorm of pure Chilean Black Thrash Aggression in the band’s furious style.
The album was delayed due to covid related postal problems between Germany and Chile.
Anyway, the time to strike has come – the wait will be over soon!!!
The album will FINALLY be out on 13th October on CD/ Gatefold LP (+ booklet) !

FORCE OF DARKNESS is Chile’s hidden jewel when it comes to high quality Black Death Metal in the vein of old SARCOGAFO, INCUBUS, SADISTIC INTENT, MORTEM and explosive bands of similar caliber.



RIPPER (Chile)

New RIPPER material will be released at the end of the year, a Split album with lead guitarist’s second band VENUS TORMENT.
On these recordings, RIPPER go back to their roots, pure Death Thrashing aggression.

And these RIPPER releases are still hot and burning…

RIPPER (Chile) „Experiment of Existence“ CD (European edition)

Second album. Total storm of high quality hard Thrash Metal in a furious style, a mix of SADUS, MORBID ANGEL, old SEPULTURA. etc, considered one of the best releases during the last years.
A true milestone!
European version with different layout.

RIPPER (Chile) “The Exit/ Destroy the World” CD

The two crushing demos of Chile’s supreme Death thrashing megaforce RIPPER!
The demos have a great sound, raw raging Thrash Attack, for fans of old SEPULTURA, KREATOR, ATTOMICA, etc.
Incl. a rare rehearsal session as bonus tracks!




The King in Heavy Metal Hell hath returned!

The new METALUCIFER strike is called  “HEAVY METAL TÄNK” is OUT NOW!
Special Teutonic Japanese Line Up version, featuring the two axemasters Elizabigore and Elizablumi, plus Gezolucifer (Vocals), Mamonohunter (bass Guitar) and Zorugelifar (Drums)!
Featuring new songs and various re-recordings of old and rare classics.
Great masterful guitar solos and excellent riffs as always.


Originally released in November 2000, „TYRANTS OF THE NETHERWORLD“ now marks its 20th Anniversary.
A milestone in the band’s and also label’s discography!
Finally available again on CD, LP and a beautiful PIC DISC!
DESASTER’s third full-length album, considered their best work by many. The Vinyl comes with special rare Bonus track “Darkness and Evil” that was recorded with Gezol (SABBAT) and Okkulto on vocals late 2000.


From the valleys of hades comes EURYNOMOS’ long awaited debut album. Dark Metal mayhem the way it was meant to sound, from traditional Metal to a fierce dark storm. Hammering drums, total axe-energy, full bass and the unique, powerful and raw volcanic vocals of „Okkulto“. 


DESTROYER 666 Terror etched

A rarity and true milestone from 2003 finally out again on CD and VINYL, this time as a beautiful one sided silkscreened LP.
Considered one of the very best DESTRÖYER 666 releases by many fans! Incl. „A Breed Apart“, „Trialed by Fire“, etc. !



Ancient Death Metal returns!
FINALLY, a brand new studio album from PENTACLE! Heavy, traditional, deathly, twisted and without any compromise!
Recorded at Toneshed (PESTILENCE, DEAD HEAD, etc). Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans.
Out on Gatefold LP and CD! 



UNHOLY LUST are currently forging deathly material for a new album release! Stay tuned!
Their current “Humanity And its End” CD is still hot and smoking!
Total dark unholy Death Metal!



After many requests from Maniacs worldwide,
HELLBRINGER’s debut strike is available again on Vinyl.

Originally released in 2011, when HELLBRINGER arrived deep from the Depths of the Australian underground…



The debut release of a new dark force.

Incl. the members of EURYNOMOS and the original voice of CRUEL FORCE.
Traditional Metal mayhem, like a mix of HELLHAMMER, SLAYER, SLAUGHTER (Can) and a touch of raw punk energy.

MEGATHÉRION will record their debut full length album in Autumn 2021, beware!




Young uprising teutonic force INFERNAL ASSAULT with a new 6 Song recording.
INFERNAL ASSAULT sold their souls to the old school Metal sound.
Imagine a dangerous mix of old BATHORY/ MOTÖRHEAD/ CRUEL FORCE!
Fresh, wild and powerful!

This CD comes with 4 bonus tracks from their „Forced by the Flames“ Mini album.






VENOMWOLF „Stormriding Power“ Debut Album!

From Scotland hails VENOMWOLF. Total early BATHORY / VENOM / DARKTHRONE -style raw and primitive Black Metal crossed with D-Beat energy.
No trigger, no edit, no mercy.
Mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST).




“De Natura Daemonum” Gatefold LP

New edition of a Vinyl rarity is OUT!
This time with an alternative frontcover and updated layout.
Hails to the South American Death Metal Patriarchs.

A warm up release for a possible European Tour !



Two Sabbatical classics… out now !!!

SABBAT “Disembody” LP

New Vinyl version of the third hard to find studio album. Silver print this time, incl. lyrics. Comes with special bonus tracks. Essential for true old school Black Metal maniacs!

SABBAT „Envenom“ CD + OBI

SABBAT’s legendary debut album, finally on CD with 4 bonus studiotrax! One of the most popular releases from the land of the rising sun. Black Metal in the old venomous tradition, with NWoBHM influences and TOP guitarsolos. Incl. Classics such as „Evil Nation“, „Satan Bless You“, etc. ESSENTIAL for all true traditional Headbangers!





“DEINÓS NEKRÓMANTIS”, the brandnew studio album from the South American Death Metal patriarchs MORTEM, is out on CD and VINYL!

High quality evil n’ daemonic hymns with possessed vocals and total tremolo solo attack. One of the last pure Death Metal bands in the old style à la POSSESSED, early MORBID ANGEL, SLAYER, old DEATH, etc

Regarded as the “Best Death Metal Album in 2016” from VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE Magazine and many Headbangers worldwide!




SADISTIC INTENT / PENTACLE „Invocations of the Death-ridden“ Split MLP

Two Death Metal veterans sharing one 12’inch. SADISTIC INTENT’s side includes brandnew headsplitting high quality recordings with songs that will crucify all disbelievers, PENTACLE’s side contains the missing vinyl songs from their last deathly recording session.





VENUS TORMENT is the band of RIPPER’s vocalist/ axeman Patricio Spalinger.
The debut album „Overdose of Suffering“ is out now on LP and CD.
Total lethal Death/Thrash Metal from Chile’s glorious underground, with fast riffing and deadly riffs, reminding of RIPPER, old KREATOR, SEPULTURA, FLAMES, CARRION etc


POISON (Germany)


“Further Down Into The Abyss” new updated LP Version is out.
Also a cool as hell Shirt (see photo)

POISONs satanic and dark Thrash Metal was full of fresh influences back then which were VENOM, SLAYER and all the wicked bands from that time, but with an even harder and more extreme expression. This CD should kick the bootleggers asses and offer best quality possible, with old photos, liner notes, etc., done by Guitarist Uli.

Without a doubt, POISON were the most extreme German band in their time when they attacked 1984 with their poisonous Black Steel!





A new classic deep from the depths of the underground on Vinyl! AFTER DEATH (feat Mike Browning of NOCTURNUS/ INCUBUS/ Ex- MORBID ANGEL) needs no introduction, and UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN are known to the black hordes into occult ‘n’ dark Death Metal.
Comes in beautiful gatefold sleeve.


MEGIDDO (Canada)


Canadian MEGIDDO are back from the abyss and have recorded a new album, “the Holocaust Messiah”.The Vinyl (LP) is out and available in the shop

Also, the two grim demos “Hymns to the Apocalypse” / “The Heretic” are released on LP!

MEGIDDO are prepaing a European Tour. Originally the band intended to invade Europe this Summer, but they decided to wait until “The Holocaust Messiah” is out first